Friday, March 23, 2012

Why Traveling Makes me Crazy

We've made it, it's finally here.  Yes folks, one of the big perks of teaching...SPRING BREAK!  Although I definitely envy those of you that can travel on weeks that not everyone and their mother is trying to buy flights, I am thankful to get this week.  It is a much-needed break from reality, frustrating students, stacks of grading, the stress of planning to take over AP next year, taxes, household projects, bills, and all that makes me stressed in my daily life. 

Unfortunately...traveling drives me equally bonkers!  It's not exactly a stress-reliever when you have 2 kids under the age of 5, hell, even traveling with 1 kid was so much more elaborate and stressful than when it was just us two.  Oh the amount of crap one family of four needs for a week.  It's virtually insane.  It's times like these I realize why moms often drive mini-vans.  Where the hell are we going to put all this crap?  Not to mention the weather is very middle-of-the-road where we're going.  I have to pack for every situation, every weather pattern, every possible activity.  It's enough to drive me to I need a reason... 

My hubby is a good man, a really amazing father, and just a helluva hubby.  But...when it comes to our trips...he's really not much help.  I admit, I am a control freak.  Yep, me, type-A, firstborn, OCD, organized crazy person, listmaker.  Even if he offered to help (which he knows better after so many years) I probably wouldn't relinquish control.  So, I make lists, check twice, pack, unpack, reorganize, make another list, check it again, rearrange, pack the car like a complex puzzle, walk around the house at least three times before we leave, clean like we're having company, and have every activity/movie/stop/meal/snack planned for the kids along the way.  I'm nuts.  But...these practices also make me so stressed out!  I hope when we finally arrive at our destination I won't start thinking about the preparations for the trip back right away.  ::sigh:: 

I wish I could relax.  I wish I could learn to delegate.  I'm no good at that, at home or professionally, or really socially either.  I'm a do-er.  I can't help it.  Lists make me calm.  They make me feel in control.  They are soothing. 

Does anyone else feel this way when traveling?  Tell me I'm not alone! 


  1. I feel this way with most things in my life too. We have a lot in common!!

  2. I'm the same way! Make sure to relax once you get there, though. Having everything crossed off your list should help bring some peace for a couple of days...hopefully :)

    Yay for March Bloggy Mom Hops!

  3. Umm yes, maybe we should form a support group.


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