Wednesday, February 29, 2012

PYHO: To Have or To Hold

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When you hear the saying "to have or to hold", you probably think about the beautiful marriage vows that two people say to each other when pledging their eternal love.  Normally, I'd agree with you.  Lately, however, this is the saying that's swimming around in my mind when it comes to whether we will expand our family, or if we're content with our two beautiful, healthy children. 

I've been pondering this question more and more lately, as I'm dealing with weaning my baby girl (just another reminder that the infant stage is over...maybe for our house) and as I start to plan her ::gulp:: first birthday party.  If you ask my hubby he would say "absolutely not, we're done".  He clearly does not want another child.  He feels like our family is complete.  Me, however, I'm not so black and white.  I almost wish I was.  It would certainly make this ponderance much easier. 

If I felt like I was a resounding no, I could move on with our lives as a family of four, and start planning to rid ourselves of the baby gear (it's coming over, SIL!!!).  If I knew in my heart our family was complete, I feel like I would have known the day B was born.  I was always told by other friends that you just "know" that you're done.  When your last baby is born, you feel complete, whole and certain that part of your life is closed.  I didn't have that feeling when B was born.  I was over-the-moon to have my girl.  I was elated we FINALLY, after struggling with SIF, could give T a sibling.  But...I didn't feel "done".  Even after going through almost 10 months of sleepless nights and all the struggles of having a newborn fresh in my mind, I still don't quite feel "done".

Maybe the feeling of being "done" is a myth (like a unicorn), or even a flat out lie.  Maybe moms will always question whether they made the right choice in not having another.  Maybe there will always be those pangs of jealousy when your friend gets pregnant, and excitedly awaits their new arrival.  Take my mom, for instance.  I recently had a conversation with her on this topic.  It came about because I have been struggling with the question myself, and I wondered what made my mom stop at two.  Her Dad.  My Dad was the "voice of reason" and he was the resounding "no, we're done", in their early days with kids.  He felt similarly to hubs.  They had one of each, a girl and a boy, and my Dad was content.  He's also a "financial" guy, so having another was just too darn expensive.  (Side note: It's amazing how much my Dad sounds like my hubs......)  My mom told me she always regretted not expanding our family in some way.  She had wanted to have another.  At first, she wanted to have another biological child.  After a while, she wanted to adopt.  Being an educator, as I am, she wanted to adopt an older child who needed a good home.  Neither thing happened.  I do think she has some level of regret about that.  She doesn't, however, fault my Dad.  She doesn't harbor resentment about him reeling her in.  But...she does have some underlying sadness.

So...this brings me to my "to have and to hold".  Should I push hubs to rethink a third, and open that door, just a crack to possibly HAVE another?  Problem is...time is a factor.  I don't want our babies to be as far apart as T and B are now.  I would want B to have someone closer in age to play with.  So...time is ticking away.  Decisions can't be put off for too long.  Or...should I HOLD in that urge, work through it, and close my baby factory for good?  Will I ever know the true and fast answer??  Will I ever feel like I made the "right" decision?  Can I blame this madness on nursing hormones changing as I wean??        

I mean...
Who wouldn't want another one of these?? (Baby T)

or these??  (Baby B)
Bestill my beating ovaries.  ::sigh::

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Boobs Broke up With Me!

...and I'm devastated. 

It happened quite quickly.  I'm in a bit of a shell-shock over the loss.  I was aware we were having problems, but I thought we were working them out.  I was trying to change...I THOUGHT they were working on their issues as well.  I swear I was trying to foster the relationship.  I was providing lots of water, increased calorie intake and twice daily fenugreek.  Alas, one day they were here...the next...GONE...and they packed up and took their milk supply with them. 

Our anniversary was coming up.  We were to celebrate one year together in just 7 short weeks.  I thought we were going to be a success story.  I was wrong. 

I'm trying to pick up the pieces.  I'm trying to collect myself and make a plan.  They've left behind some of their things, 2 lowly bags of frozen stock, that will last me about a week or two.  It's time.  I have to accept it.  I have to welcome someone else into the picture.  I just don't know if I'm ready (read HERE about my irrational fear).

As an act of defiance, I still lugged my pump to work with me today.  I'm praying for a miracle.  Stay tuned...........

Monday, February 27, 2012

Our Weekend at Home

Stricken with a pesky virus since Tuesday, we were holed up at home trying to get in some family time.  B did say her first two-syllable word, "doggie", and did her second baby sign, "doggie".  Stay tuned later in the week for my post on why I'm a baby signing believer.  Here are a few photo highlights of our low-key weekend:

We got out the tunnel, and B loved it!  No fears here.
 T was a great big brother, cheering her along...and even giving her a tutorial. 
 We tried kid-friendly recipie #3 from pinterest (obsession!)...spaghetti monsters!
T was soooo proud of his eating them...he wasn't too fond.  ::sigh::
 T also needed to find a handy place to put his lightsaber ::giggle::

Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Sick Baby Arsenal

So you're kiddo is sick.  It sucks.  It sucks even more when your LO can't tell you how he or she is feeling.  As a parent, you have to make the decision when it's time to take your baby to the doctor.  Often, I guess wrong.  I hear those dreaded words from our ped, "it's a virus", pay the office visit copay and shuffle out the door feeling deflated and without hope for answers or help.  It's amazing how, as a parent, you pray that they bring out that prescription pad and write you a ticket to a better baby(aka "the pink stuff"). 

However, as a science geek, microbiologist and now science teacher, I'm no dummy when it comes to the foreign invaders.  I understand that antibiotics don't do a lick for those pesky viruses.  Regardless, I still curse the fact that the all-knowing doctor can't give me the answers I want or the chance to help my baby.  This is the position we found ourselves in twice in the past month.  This week both B and I were stricken with a doozy of a virus (quite possibly the virus called Hand, Foot and Mouth...not to be confused with Hoof and Mouth).  We have both had fevers off and on for days (and I mean we're on day 5).  It's frustrating! 

I'm no expert, just a mommy of 2, who's been through just about all the sick germies daycare has to dish up.  Although this isn't an all-inclusive list, here's my Sick Baby Arsenal (in no particular order) that I recommend all mommies have available, when faced with a baby who has to just fight a virus without the aide of the pink stuff:

1.  Gentle Vapors Plug-in Unit with Night Light (and don't forget to buy a pad refill pack OR TWO)!
This saved us on the nights when B just couldn't stop snotting everywhere.  It also helps calm coughs.  Although it does seem potent when you walk into the room, I swear by it.  I think I'll use it when T has a snotty nose next time, as well.  The nightlight is nice, too.  I recommend plugging it in about 20 minutes before bedtime.  I believe they last 6-8 hours, which is plenty to get lots of vapors in the room for B to get some shut-eye.  It's as easy as unwrapping the plug-in unit, grabbing a pad, carefully open pack and try not to touch pad, stick pad in the unit, plug in and the pad warms up.  The nightlight is blue, which was hard to get used to, at first, but I just turn off B's normal nightlight on nights we use this.

2.  Little Colds Baby Rub
I rub it on her chest, back and the soles of her feet to help open her airway.  I love the Little Remedies products!

3.  Boogie Wipes (I prefer the Grape scent)
I also stuck a pack in B's baby bag that goes to my MILs, and she told me they are saviors.  No more itchy kleenex or wet paper towels trying to get the crust off.  These saline wipes work wonders, and I love the smell!!!  They come in a handy portable pack or a big cylinder wipes container.

4.  Hylands Homeopatheic Tablets ~ I like the Vitamin C and the Tiny Cold when kiddos are sick, Teething are great ones too!  
They have a great honey elixir for coughs of 12 months+, and some other great products for older kiddos and even moms! It just makes me feel proactive, when an antibiotic isn't the answer.  I might be nuts, but I swear her snotty nose gets better and her sneezing subsides when we use these products. 

5. Froose! 
Judge, if you must, but when your baby is so stuffed up that they won't take in any liquid at all, I would have given her just about anything she would actually drink or eat.  My last resort, Froose Perfect Pair mixed with water.  I am a HUGE FAN of my local Whole Foods, which is where I found this 100% juice product in tiny little juice boxes when we were trying to regulate B's BMs.  I was soooo glad I had it in the cabinet when she got so sick and stuffed up she was not even making wet diapers.  I was so worried about her dehydration, that I felt this was the answer.  I felt great about the product and it was very successful.  So equal parts Froose and water in her bottle...and success.  She kept it down (Hallelujah)!  Read about this product on their website HERE

Hope you all had a wonderful, germ-free weekend! 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Life in a Nutshell

...and I'm so thankful! This was the first time B said "mama". It definitely brightened our difficult week battling our most recent viral invader. Hope this blog update finds you without such unwanted visitor.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Maddox & A Quick Trip Home

This weekend we headed back to my hometown to help one of my BFFs celebrate the 1st birthday of her second son, Maddox.  As a bonus, we got to see all of my HS friends and their families, and spent quality time with my parents, brother and his gf.  I always hate the drive through Indy, but it's always worth it to get just a couple of days at home with the people that mean the world to me.  I was too busy having fun and catching up to take too many are a few:
My BFFs (and what I think are 3 hot moms of 6 total kiddos)!  I could not survive life without their love and support!  xoxo
 Birthday Boy!  Happy 1st Birthday Maddox!
 Marina planned a very adorable Dr. Suess-themed fete.  I wish I would have been more proactive with my photo-taking to get some more of the decor.
 Some of the kiddos in their make-shift "fort"
 My mama (aka Grams) and my boy, having a two-person parade.
 B joining in the parade fun (and yes, these are New Years hats)
 The most hilarious bed hed (and my icky profile)
 A quick photo of my little brother and B

Thursday, February 16, 2012

A New Look & A New Name

 If you remember my post on blogging envy from the Pour Your Heart Out series, I had expressed a need to update my blog.  Although I'm not quite ready to employ someone to personalize my blog, I'm trying to justify the cost (feeling some selfish guilt), I decided to do a little sprucing myself.  So...let me introduce my first few steps towards a blog face lift.  Hopefully I'll keep making strides.  A blog button and some following tools (facebook, twitter, etc) are up next (if I can figure all of that stuff out).  I did contact my first company, and will have my first giveaway coming soon. 

Hope you like the new look and the new name. 

If you missed yesterday's post, go check out   ourstruggles in disciplining a preschooler.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!  Happy Friday all!

How to Disipline a Preschooler

I wish this was a great "how to" post (like one of my most favorite bloggers The How To Mommy), where I give you gobs of helpful advice on how to manage a 4.5 year old, energetic pre-K'er.  Alas, this is just a plea for help.  Any advice, resources, books, websites, personal experiences...anything...would be greatly appreciated.  We just don't quite know what to do.'s the situation.  We have a very spirited little man.  He has always been very energetic and in need of stimulation, but T has always been very well-behaved.  I'm not just saying this because I'm his Mommy (let's face it, I'm slightly biased).  Friends, family, strangers, they have all commented in the past at what a good boy he is, how polite, how sweet and loving, what a good listener he is.  Unfortunately, that seems to be our sweet boy of the past.  We have hit quite a bump in the road ever since T was closer to turning 5 than being 4.  It's like a switch was turned on, and now we have an argumentative, pouty, disruptive firecracker who likes to push our buttons.  We've been having small issues all year with T not listening to his teachers at preschool and daycare.  He plays the "I can't hear you" card, and just flat out ignores requests.  He's also a classic boy, roughhousing with his friends, wrestling, not keeping his hands to himself, you know...being a boy.  I guess this behavior isn't too popular at preschool.  We don't see much of it at home, because he only has a 10 month old to play with. 
Lately, however, we've been having embarrassing blow-ups when we try to take him home from daycare.  I will arrive to pick him up, excited and eager to see my little monster, and what does T do...he ignores me, refuses to come give me a hug or say hello, then when he does acknowledge me, he begs me to let him stay and play.  It kills me every time.  I have even started to dread the pickup process.  How sad is that?! 

This week was the topper.  Hubs and I went together to pick him up from daycare, and we foolishly thought he'd be pumped to see the entire fam there to greet him.  Instead, he did his best ignoring, ran away from us when we tried to collect him (like literally did the na-na-na dance and dodged us), yelled very loudly that he "liked daycare better than home" ::insert dagger in heart:: and stopped using his legs, so we had to drag him out kicking and screaming with each of us holding an arm.  We tried to discuss it with him, reason with him, took away all his "privileges" (books, bath, cartoons, playing with mom and dad, dessert) and we acted hurt and cold, I even cried (legitimately).  Nothing worked.  Case and point...yesterday, after the aforementioned "blow up", we got news from his daycare teachers that he was 1. pushing his friends 2. disruptive at naptime (talking, singing and even growling ::snicker::) and 3. told his new friend Ellis that he was going to "kill him".  ::die::  Then, in his backpack...just to sink the knife in a bit farther...he came home with this...
Now, on a normal day, when we weren't struggling with his behavior, I would think this was HILARIOUS.  But, it just made me burst into tears after all we've been going through.  He just thinks I'm a cook?!?!  As T would say "he broke my heart".

So here we are...struggling with how to discipline our preschool-aged son, pulling our hair out with what might work to help change his behavior, possibly return our sweet little boy to us, and make him understand how bad his behavior has been.  I'm disappointed in him, and this kills me.  I'm embarrassed of his behavior.  This is very hard to admit.  I'm at a loss for how to get through to someone who seems to have an excuse for everything, a very short-term memory and can't truly comprehend the levity of the situation.  What do I do??  Is there a book out there that can give me the answers I crave?  What are we doing wrong?  ::sigh::

How can this sweet boy be so difficult at times???

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

PYHO: Because I Work Hard

I'm thin.  I admit it.  I have been blessed with good genes.  My parents are not overweight, my brother is at average weight and I've always been "tiny".  However, age has caught up to me like everyone else.  I have that loose skin that just won't bounce back on my stomach, my belly button doesn't even slightly resemble its younger version, I have spider veins, busted blood vessels and ingrown hairs resulting from carrying two amazing kids (so worth it, though!).  My body shape has been altered due to childbirth.  I'm not the "old me".  My metabolism isn't what it used to be (unless it's being helped along by breastfeeding...bonus!).  I'm not 100% happy with my body...but who is these days?!

However, I'm incredibly sick of people judging me because I didn't gain and not lose the baby weight.  I'm just fed up with those people that slough off my hard work and dedication so they can make excuses for themselves.  I'm annoyed with those that crab to me about how easy it must have been for me to bounce back and how lucky I am to have good genes.  I do have a great start, but, DAMN IT, I worked my ass off (literally) after both pregnancies to get my body back.  I still have to work incredibly hard to maintain.  It was very important for me to feel like ME afterwards.  Plus, I'm a marathon runner.  I have a lot of patient dedication as a result.  I have resolve, I make a commitment, and I don't waiver (which can sometimes be slightly annoying to the people around me...but take it or leave's who I am). 

When I say I worked really hard, I mean, I was consistent, a bit manic and regimented, from the very beginning.  I worked out my entire pregnancy (both times).  With T I ran until 32 weeks, with B it was 35.  I was walking on the treadmill at an incline of 10 the day before I had B.  I was that crazy pregnant woman getting the bad looks from the older crowd, the "she's crazy" faces as I lifted weights 9 months pregnant.  I didn't care.  I wanted to lay down and give up so many times, but I kept going, because I'm a stubborn, type A, workaholic that wouldn't take no for an answer.  Screw you body, you can do do it. 

I didn't just ::poof:: return to my original size and shape.  Not even close.  Those skinny jeans took months to even get over my hips.  I made getting back to the old me a huge priority.  I went for a run just 2 weeks after having a vaginal birth with T.  I was back in the gym 9 days after having B, even starting P90X shortly after.  Today, as exhausted (understatement of the year) as I am as a working mother of two, I MAKE myself find the time.  I pick a weekly schedule and I do my very best to stick to it.  I get up at 4am 2-3 times per week to run.  I drag myself onto the treadmill 2 times a week AFTER the kids go to bed, dead tired, frequently begging myself to just blow it off today.  I get up on my Saturday mornings, while the rest of the family snuggles in bed, to religiously attend my spin class.  I spend the day of rest (Sunday) working out at least a hour.  I work my fricking ass off!  It DOESN'T come easily to me.  I'm so sick of people making excuses for themselves by throwing me under the bus.  I have worked hard, and will have to continue to work hard, to get back and maintain.

So...don't be jealous of me.  There is nothing to be jealous of.  I'm a crazy, manic, regimented workaholic with an endorphin addiction that I just can't kick.  Do I sometimes wish I gave myself some slack?  Probably.  But will I change?  Probably not.  It's because I work hard...that's why.    

This is my HS friend, a fitness guru, and her new pregnancy fitness DVDs!  Shameless plug for Sara! (and yes, she was actually pregnant and looking THAT good!)

Link up with my girl Shell @ Things I Can't Say for Pour Your Heart Out Wednesdays!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Funny Valentine is 10 months

Age: 10 months!  I can't believe we're in the double digits already!  Slow down time...please!

Stats: 15lbs 5oz at last appt.

Size (diapers, onesies, etc.): Our girl is a peanut.  She can still fit in some 6 months, but is mostly rocking 9 months outfits.  I have been growing bored of her 9 month digs, so I've been pulling out some of the 12 month stuff and trying it on for size.  Most of it is too big, but she can still wear it without stuff falling down.  She's still in size 3 diapers, and they're not snug or at risk of being small right now. 

Sleeping: I'm happy to report, after almost 10 months...B is FINALLY sleeping through the entire night.  We aren't even having to get up to put her binky back in anymore ::big sigh::

Eating: I'm patting myself on the back for making it 10 months with EBM.  I did ask my MIL to start using the formula to mix with her cereal, because I'm not sure how long my supply will hold up.  However, right now...we're still a go on pumping at work (2-3 times) and acquiring enough for 1 bottle, then she gets 1 from my frozen stock.  I have 4 gallon bags left ::gulp:: so that will get me to at least 11 months, I think.  As long as I can keep pumping 1 bottle per day and feeling like I'm satisfying her in the morning and before bed, we'll keep going.  I'm flying high with beating my personal goal of 6 months by a long-shot, and also going well past when I did with T.  From here on's day-by-day. 
She's a table food eating machine, also!  She gets 3 meals and 1-2 snacks now, almost exclusively table foods, very few purees.  I do still have a freezer stock of homemade purees, so I'll either give her some here and there when she's not getting enough veggies -or- I'll give them to my MIL to use in her cereal.  Either way, she's all about moving on to big-people foods.  Her favorites include: mango, any berries (she prefers blueberries), sweet potato pieces, any pasta, peas, carrots, yogurt, bread, cheerios, organic blueberry waffles (plain), perrogis, and cheese.  She isn't too keen on ground beef/turkey, so we're looking for other ways to get her protein.  Ideas???

Milestones: We finally have a crawler!  She started army crawling, now she's mixing army and regular crawling.  We're excited, but scared.  Crib was dropped, as she was flipping and sitting up in bed (that is very new).  B waves and makes kissing sounds.  No progress on the baby signs, but I'm not giving up!  B also likes to play peek-a-boo. 

Favorite toys/activities: We are still trying to break the "hair" habit, but she loves her picnic basket (she loves to pull stuff out), basic ring stacker, activity cube, tea set (open/close/open/close...repeat), her Vtech learning activity walker (she likes to open and close the door and it says "peekaboo I see you") and her vtech laptop (she likes to open and close this one too...see a pattern).

To my sweet little girl,
You will be 1 in just two short months, and I can't believe how much joy you have brought into our lives.  Just a year ago, I was preparing myself to be a mommy of two, enjoying the fun, exciting things girls bring, and so excited to finally meet you.  Now I can't imagine my life without our girl! You're one-of-a-kind, and completely different than your brother in basically every way!  You are a girl who only laughs when things are REALLY funny (like big brother, who you find hilarious), have a very unhealthy obsession with your (and my) hair, you are a huge fan of your nuk binky, you love the car and travel happily everywhere we go, squeal with delight and shake your arms up and down when I walk in to pick you up, eat more than your big brother (huge handfuls), you rub your face/nose in my shoulder when you're tired, then rub your nose with your hand (I know it's "go-time"),  your cry is more of a "huh-aaaaa, huh-aaa" than an actual wail (especially when I can't get the boob out fast enough), you would rather be in my arms than anywhere else in the world (mommy 1st!), when you want more food you DEMAND it with frustrated shrieks, you will only let mommy give you a bath, you will play with mommy's keys and cell phone above all other toys, can smile with your entire face (your eyes just light up), pout and purse your lips out like a duck when you are thinking or timid, wave at everyone and everything, despite my begging you will never reply mama when asked (dada only), hilariously love blowing raspberries/spitting (especially in public), and are truly the most sweet-tempered, laid-back baby who prefers to be with mom, but can go just about anywhere without fuss or risk of a tantrum or blow-up.  I'm so incredibly in love with you, baby girl, and am so thankful you came into our lives.

Your Very Thankful & Blessed Mommy :)

Here's what happens when you try to put a month sticker on a 10 month old... (brace yourself for a baby montage extravaganza :) )

What's this thing, Mommy??
 I'm not a big fan of this sticky's gotta go
 Hmmm...maybe it will taste yummy
 Oh no, I lost it...
 Here, Mommy, do you want a taste?
 Just kidding...I'm outta here.
 What did you do with that thing?  I can't seem to find it. (Mom's last resort)
 You're so silly, Mommy (the first time I successfully photographed those cute lower choppers)
 If I can't have that fun sticker, can I play with your blackberry??
This tastes good.

 Gotta get going...

Monday, February 13, 2012

A Date, a Craft & a Lazy River Kind of Weekend

I can't believe the time has come to start planning B's first birthday party. Where has the time gone? I'm kind of a nutbag when it comes to planning themed parties. I go a bit, or hubs would say wayyyyy, overboard when it comes to my crafty ideas. I decided B would have a spring garden themed party, which sprung (pun intended) out of her nickname Brynleigh Bug and the fact that she was born in the spring so close to Easter. I went a tad, okay completely, overboard buying spring themed items at Hobby Lobby ::swoon:: and this weekend I made her invites with materials from my other craft love, Michaels. So...without much further's my handiwork...

On Sunday, we took the kiddos to the local community center to get B in the water before she starts water tots with her Mimi in a couple of weeks.  She hadn't been in the water since she was a tiny baby, so we thought we should take her a couple of times to lessen the blow.  It's also a plus that T gets completely stoked when we take him to the pool.  He's a fish!  I was happy to finally feel comfortable in a suit after almost 10 long months recovering, so that was also a load off.  Needless to say, T was in heaven and B was in absolute hell!  She was terrified.  I felt horrible she was so afraid, literally clinging to me for dear life.  I forged on, and once we got in the water up to her shoulders and went around the lazy river a few times, she seemed to relax a tiny bit.  T, on the other hand, has no fear.  He even jumped off the diving board (at 4.5) into the deep competition pool.  He's such a fearless boy!  It's quite amazing how different raising a girl is from have a boy.  I'm in awe of the personality differences already...but that's a post for another day.  Here are a few pix of our Sunday splashing around. 

B in her new suit from Target.  I love the green so much on her.  Ooooo, and can I also mention my fabulous new Kate Spade Diaper bag that was originally 345.00, but I got for under 100.00 at the outlets, on major clearance!  Score!
 B and me in the lazy river

My loves and me enjoying our Sunday in the water

 Little miss princess exhausted from clinging to me

T man with no fear on the diving board

Hubs and I also got a date night out of the weekend, our second since B arrived almost 10 months ago.  It was wonderful to celebrate V-day with my hubs at Bonefish.  He even wrote me a love note.  Yes, folks, even me...the V-day cynic...can appreciate a good old-fashioned love note.  It was the perfect gift.  My hubs also always sends me flowers to work, which I admittedly enjoy showing off to my coworkers every year:)  We ended our night with a movie, we opted for the Safe House instead of The Vow, which ended up being a great pick.  Give me a little Denzel mixed with some yummy Ryan Reynolds, some Mike n Ikes and some alone time with my hubs, and I'm a happy happy girl!!  All in all, it was a fabulous weekend of library visits, house cleaning (which makes mama so happy), swimming, craft time, and lots of playing with the kiddos.  Life certainly is good! 

How did you all spend your weekends?  Anything you are looking forward to this week? 

We are headed to Chi-town this weekend to see friends and family, and although I wish I could just wish myself there and skip the ride through Indiana, I can't wait!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Doin' the Slithering Snake

Here's some baby book worthy proof that Brynleigh is, in fact, crawling just shy of her 10 month birthday.  It's so amazing to me how different that B is, compared to T.  By this time, T was crawling like the wind, pulling up on everything in sight, and starting to use a walker to take his first steps.  B is content just slithering along on her belly and folding herself into a pretzel to get what she wants. 

Note the one-armed technique

Video proof...excuse the dog...and my annoying voice...

So I don't forget, B rolled herself from her back to her tummy while fighting naptime today, then she fell asleep.  We had never seen her do that before.  Also, when I went to get her after her nap, there she was (for the first time ever) sitting up in her crib just smiling away at me.  Dropping the crib went to the top of the list today!

And of course and extra look at that adorable face :)  ::smooch::