Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tyler sleeps through the night!

Great Grandma Neida & Bill meeting Tyler!
Tyler with Mimi and Papa Dave at a BBQ!
Cutie Pie Tyler 1 month and 5 days old! Look at those cheeks!

Two big milestones occurred yesterday...1. Tyler smiled a huge legitimate smile at me. It was so exciting. Of course when Mike came home he didn't do it again. I hope that the smiles become more frequent and are a reaction to things we do and not just gas:) 2. Tyler slept through the night!!! He went down at 11:30pm and didn't wake up until 6:00am! It was wonderful. Lets hope it wasn't a fluke!
We attended a BBQ this past weekend and Ty got to meet his Great Grandma Neida and Bill for the first time. How wonderful it is that Tyler has a Great Grandma to love and learn from. He got to spend some time with his Mimi, Papa Dave, and Auntie Cindy! Ty was just so interested in Uncle Mike and loved watching his every move.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Tyler's 1 month appointment!

Daddy reading to Tyler! How cute is that!!??
Ty and Mommy taking a much needed nap!
Sleepy Ty in his party clothes before attending his friend Connor's bday party
Little Miami fan!!
Mommy and Tyler

Tyler went for his 1 month appointment on July 25th and he was a whopping 10lbs 7oz and 22" long! He has gained 2 lbs since we brought him home from the hospital and grown 1". He is in the 75th percentile for height and weight (lets hope he gets his Mommy's height!) and...oddly...the 25th percentile for head size. Mike and I are convinced that it was because he still has a bit of a conehead from the birth. If they measured his cheeks he would be in the 90th percentile:) Otherwise Tyler is smiling more, starting to coo and make noises, and he is so strong! He holds his head up on his own for prolonged periods of time and when he lays on my chest he can push himself up with his feet and we occasionally stand him up and he keeps his legs straight and pushes back. It's amazing how much he's grown and how he is getting a little personality. He had 3 nights this past week where he slept through the night and then 2 nights after where he wouldn't go down to sleep and woke up every 2 hours. He's a little pistol already. He's enjoying the fact that he gets to flirt with all my little cheerleaders who just love him to pieces. We have started our season and I take him to practice with me. It's interesting to try to coach and hold a baby who often cries or demands the boob!! Breastfeeding is still going really well and is obviously working since he has gotten bigger! :) I was away from Tyler for longer than 2 hours the other day. I had my mother-in-law (also known as Mimi) watch him for the afternoon while I attended cheerleading camp and I cried all the way to camp after I dropped him off. I dread going back to work in 4 weeks but have no choice! We just love him to pieces and I love watching him grow daily!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Baby Update

Tyler in his bests for his first outing!
Family photo at Michele Frantz' wedding Little dapper cutie!
Daddy and his little reds fan...unless they're playing the Cubs!
Ty and Auntie Kelly before she moved to NYC :( snif!

This past weekend we took Tyler out of the house for an extended period of time for the first time ever to attend a wedding for a family friend. It was much harder than I thought to get ready to leave (babies require a lot of stuff) and I did pump a bottle just to be sure we had a back-up in case there was no place to feed him. Thank God I did pump because stupid me didn't realize that the dress I got to wear to the wedding was linen (= doesn't stretch at all) and had no zipper so it made it virtually impossible to breastfeed without taking the dress completely off! Needless to stay it was interesting when I had to feed but overall the wedding was a success and Tyler was so good. He slept through most of the wedding and almost all of the reception. We've realized that Tyler prefers white noise to silence. He sleeps best in the following situations: when there is talking, music, the shower is on, the dishwasher is running, the hairdryer is on, the tv is loud or things of that nature. It's odd...when he falls asleep downstairs at night and then we all go up to bed and we put him down in his cradle..he wakes up immediately. He doesn't like the silence.

Otherwise we are trying to get him on a schedule and he's definitely doing lots of new things everyday. He is more alert and its obvious to both Mike and I that he is recognizing our voices and seeing things in focus. He looks at his mobiles and loves his playmat. He is also able to pick his head up when he's on his tummy and move it from side to side before he loses control of it. He is getting longer and that is obvious from how his onsies are fitting. He has also recently gone from NB diapers to Size 1's. We've also determined that he prefers pampers to huggies because of the netting that sucks all the poop and pee away from his body more efficiently. He is still only crying when he's tired, cold, needs a diaper changed or is hungry. We also think he's having a growth spurt because he is always wanting to feed! I am still breastfeeding and it's been very successful.

On family news...I had mastitis last week and had to get antibiotics to combat the flu-like symptoms I was experiencing as a result of the infection. I had a 101 fever for 3 days and Mike stayed home with me a day to help me take care of Ty. He is just amazing with Tyler...a natural. He always said he was nervous about taking care of an infant but he's just so good at it already. I don't know what I'd do without him! We had a few more visitors this week: my cousin Kevin and his kids Kenny and Ana came, Borsky and Laura stopped by for dinner and to see Ty and Kelly came down to see him before she left for NYC. Otherwise...life just revolves around Tyler!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tyler is 2 weeks old!

Me right before we left for the hospital and HUGE!
In the hospital after the epidural...obviously! Tyler right after delivery!
Our first family photo...isn't he so cute?!
Coming home from the hospital 6/27.
Tyler's first bath...he screamed the entire time!
Ty's favorite napping spot...on Daddy!

Today I started our Scherman family blog. Tyler turned 2 weeks old yesterday and it's been an amazing 2 weeks. I still can't believe he's been here for that long and that he came out of me!!!! He's doing great! It's challenging being a mom but I wouldn't change it for the world! I am completely IN LOVE with our son and can't believe how much he's changed in just 2 weeks! It will be extremely hard to leave him when I go back to work at the end of August and miss all the fun things he does (when he's awake) during the day.

Tyler arrived June 25th at 8:42pm and weighed in at 9lbs even and 21" long. He arrived after 22 hours of labor. I had about 10 hours of cervidil which started my labor 45 minutes after administered. I labored until 1pm the next day and then got my epidural. Tyler arrived after 20 minutes of pushing and had a bit of trouble breathing so they took him to the NICU to be monitored for 3 hours. It was hard to be away from him and not hold him when he was born. He came to stay in our room around 11:30pm and I successfully breastfed him! We left the hospital on Wednesday night June 27th. The entire experience was amazing! I still can't believe that he came out of me...even though I got to see it with my own eyes! Mike is an amazing Daddy already. Everytime I watch him with Tyler I want to cry. He is so in love with his son it's just so cute! I have fallen in love with Mike all over again watching him with Tyler!

Today is day 2 of being alone with Tyler during the day. My parents left over the weekend and Lisa (who came to see Tyler for the weekend) left Sunday. With Mike back at work I was left alone for the first time since Tyler was born and I was pretty scared! Things are going well. I am learning to juggle Tyler and daily activities. It's hard to find time to shower, make myself coffee or lunch, do laundry, clean the house and just do anything besides feed Tyler, change diapers and entertain him when he's awake. I am obsessed with taking pictures of him and talking with friends on thenestbaby.com about things going on with my newborn. It's also great to have good friends who are also mothers as resources. Without Melissa, Lisa, Kimmy and others I would be lost! Thanks! I am also calling my Mom a million times a day and have promised her to send at least 1 pix of Tyler a day so she doesn't miss anything! Having her stay with us the first 2 weeks was just amazing! She kept us fed, cleaned, laundered, and sane. I don't think we could ever repay her! It was also amazing to see my Dad with Tyler. It was so clear that he was completely in love with Tyler, and even shed a tear or two when he and my Mom had to go back to Chicago and leave Tyler. I am so blessed to have parents who are in love with my son already and just pumped to be grandparents. Tyler will surely be in love with his Granddad and Grams!

Other news this week...Venessa and Jimmy Laskey had their baby July 4th. Erica Marie was 6lbs 10oz and is a beautiful baby girl! Tyler can't wait to meet his new friend. Additionally, Kimmy and Josh had their baby girl July 8th. Eleanor arrived at 8lbs 3oz and 20" and she is just adorable! I am sure Tyler and Ella will be great friends for years to come!