Monday, October 29, 2007

Tyler's 4 month Appt

Ty turned 4 months on the 25th and today we went for his 4 month appt. We were so eager to get him weighed and measured and see how he was growing. He's now 15 lbs 5 oz (60th percentile for weight) and 26 1/2" in length (90th percentile in height). He's a tall baby, which explains why he's growing out of his onsies so quickly, we can't snap them under his legs due to his height! His head is still in the 10th percentile but my mom's side of the family (including myself, my brother and my mom) all have small heads so it's no surprise really. The doc said all is well, he's growing well and looking good. We got the green light to let him sleep on his tummy (which he prefers) and to start cereal again when he doesn't seem satisfied with breast milk. Otherwise it was 4 shots and 1 oral vaccine and off we went. We go back again near xmas for his 6 month appt. We both can't believe he's already 4 months old! Time goes by so fast. We are looking foward to his first Halloween on Wednesday and will post pictures of him in his first costume later this week! Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pickin' Pumpkins

This weekend we went to pick pumpkins at a local farm. It was Mike's first time going to a pumpkin patch, so I was excited to bring this tradition from my family to him and our new family together. It was a cold and rainy morning but the rain let up just long enough for us to take Tyler out to pick our own pumpkins, pet the animals and take a hay ride. The farm also had amazing finger foods like homemade cider, warm apples with carmel and whipped cream, pumpkin pie, and all kinds of other fall fare. It was such a great afternoon together. We can't wait to go back next year!

In the pumpkin patch trying to find a pumpkin that wasn't rotten :)

How about those melons?

Tyler on the hayride

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Poop on Michigan

Here are a few new cute pictures of Tyler. He's growing like a weed and is just coming up on 4 months, however all of his clothes are 6 months and up! He's now finally able to push himself up on his hands when he's on his tummy (Tyler hates tummy time!). He's also always chewing on his hands, not just a finger or two but his whole fist...and sometimes both of them at once! It's hilarious! He sticks his fists in his mouth then babbles away. We gave him his first haircut this weekend. He had one very abnormally long piece on the right side of his head and his bangs were in his eyes (he has the gift of great hair and lots of it!). Mike was convinced he looked like a girl so I gave in and we cut it and kept it for his baby book. It actually looks much better, and even though I don't really like to admit I'm wrong much...Mike was right!

We finally got to put Ty in a very special Ohio State onsie we received as a gift. The onsie says "poop on Michigan" (which is hilarious!) and he looked adorable in it...until he literally POOPED on Michigan even before the game began (gotta love that yellow, seedy breast milk poop). Oh well, at least we got some pictures! Go Buckeyes...#1 in the Nation!

Tyler showing his leg strength. He's a beast! Who would have thought I would have such a big baby!

This makes me laugh!

Fun in his favorite bouncer! That's his laugh face!

Daddy with his little Buckeye fan! (prior to the actual pooping episode!)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Exersaucer Fun

Tyler's new favorite toy is his Exersaucer. Because he has such strong legs, he can easily stand if he could only hold his head up as well and as long. He laughs and watches as Mike and I play with all the toys, but he's not quite able to push the buttons and actually "play" with the toys. He has figured out that the seat moves in circles and often moves himself around from toy to toy. We did have to put a pillow under his feet because he's not quite tall enough to put his feet on the floor.

Ty has also recently discovered his feet. He loves to raise his legs and grab his feet and toes. It's hilarious to watch his little discoveries! He is so close to rolling over that he puts both legs and arms to the side but can't quite get over. We are eagerly waiting for that big step to happen. He's our little angel and we couldn't enjoy loving him and watching him grow more!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Visit from Grams and Granddad

My parents came in town this weekend to see Tyler. They hadn't seen him since Labor Day so they were so excited to see how much he has changed. We really had a nice, relaxing weekend with them and really loved seeing them interact with our growing boy. They are so in love with him and were amazed at all his new tricks and the little personality he is developing. We can't wait until we can spend time with them again. Tyler loves his grandparents very much and misses them when they go away! If only Indiana weren't in between Illinois and Ohio...darn! :(

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Discovering Oatmeal

So for the past week Tyler has been waking up every 2 hours and crying throughout the night. We are not sure why, but we hypothesized that it was because he was hungry and not satisfied by my breastmilk to sustain him through the entire night (since he's such a big boy and now in size 2-3 diapers!). Since he has pretty good head control and is incredibly strong, we decided to sit him in his high chair for the first time. We also thought we might try giving him a small amount of oatmeal before he goes to bed to see if this helps him sleep more soundly through the night. Here are a few pictures of us feeding him his first oatmeal, as well as his first time sitting up in his high chair. We were so excited and had so much fun with it. We hope it helps...stay tuned!

As I am sure you can imagine, there was more on Ty than I think got into his mouth. He was really enjoying himself though!

Loving his high chair and the new tastes and textures!

Mmmm...thanks mommy!

I think my hand tastes better than this bland, soupy stuff!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Great Grandma Neida turns 80

On Saturday nite, Mike, Tyler and I helped Mike's grandma celebrate her 80th Bday. The family met at Buca di Bepo and sat at the famous Pope table. Mike's Aunt and Uncle were in from Cali for the celebration so they got to meet Ty for the first time. Since we were all together, we also celebrated Mike's Aunt Weeze's 60th! It was fun to spend time with family and celebrate two milestone bdays. We are so glad Ty has such a close-knit family around him. It made me miss my family even more than I already do!!!

The family with the pope head...kinda creepy huh!?

Auntie Cindy being silly

Daddy and Ty hangin out
The bday gals with Tyler

Mike's Aunt Nancy and Uncle Jimmy in from Cali for the fete

A few firsts

We've had an eventful couple of weeks. Tyler has had a few first in his life. Ty got to go to his first professional sporting event. We took Ty to the Cubs v. Reds game on September 28th. It ended up being the game that clinched the pennant for the Cubs so it was very exciting. We have some pictures from the game that I will post soon! Also, I was stricken with a terrible cold and, unfortunately, Tyler got it. His right eye swelled up so he could barely open it and he was coughing and sneezing. He didn't get it as bad as I did, thank God, and was better in a couple of days. Having your baby get sick for the first time is scary though, as I am sure many of you know. We didn't sleep much because we were afraid he couldn't breath through the night.

Tyler also went to his first Loveland varsity football game (that's the high school where I teach). It was homecoming week this week, also known as hell at the high school (for me anyways!!!) :) We decided to take Ty to the homecoming football game this past Friday night and he was great! Even with cowbells, fireworks, 50 cheerleaders, the band and screaming fans, Tyler was a great little guy. He was definitely in sensory overload and crashed hard when we got home. It was fun, though, for me to show him off to my school friends. My cheerleaders haven't seen him since he was about a month old so they were fawning all over him (see below pictures!). We lasted until the 3rd quarter and then we threw in the towel when Ty started falling asleep.

We took a pix of his swollen right eye, poor sick boy! :(

Tyler and my captain, Hannah, at the Loveland football game

My JV squad and our little stud

We didn't have any Loveland gear so we resorted to putting him in his Sox onsie, bought by his Uncle Brian (and Sox superfan!). It was a bit painful for me (a Cubs fan), especially during the playoffs, but we needed a black or orange outfit for the game. We took this picture so Brian could see his nephew in the outfit before it doesn't fit him anymore. (painful as it was!)

Baby Jogger

My sweet hubby got me a baby jogger for my "push present" back in July. Those of you that know me well know how much I love to run, so this gift was perfect for me. He surprised me with it all put together and I could not wait to get Ty into it and try it out. We had to wait, however, until he had more head control, and until it wasn't stifling outside. There was one day last week where it wasn't 90 degrees, so Tyler and I went out on our first jogging adventure together. It was quite a workout. Ty seemed to love it once we got started, and we had fun spending time together. Here he his before we set out on our journey.

He doesn't look too happy but he fell right asleep when we got going.