Monday, July 23, 2012

Ripping off the Triathlon Band aid ~ Sister Lakes 2012

For those of you that are new to my blog, or infrequent readers, I have a bit of a running obsession.  Okay, I'm IN LOVE with running.  I would definitely call myself a runner with an occasional inkling for a triathlon challenge here and there.  I'm not a triathlete.  A few years ago (2009) I was training for the Steelhead Half Ironman 70.3.  A friend of mine and I were going to do it together.  It was going to be a huge check mark off my athletic list of to-do's in life.  I was pumped.  I was in some of the best shape of my life, having just run my personal best at the Columbus Marathon, and I was training like a madwoman.  I also only had Tyler to take care of, a great baby seat on my bike, and an awesome baby jogger.  It was doable.  I was doing it.  Until...the bomb hit.  I had done a sprint tri for training, which went well, and two weeks before the big 70.3 I did an Olympic distance.  This wasn't as say the least.

For those of you that aren't versed in tri's a quick and dirty cheat-sheet:
Sprint ~ 500m swim, 12 mi bike, 5K run
Olympic ~ 1000m swim, 25 mi bike, 10K run
70.3 Half Ironman ~ 1500m swim, 50 mi bike, 13.1 mile run

There I was on the open water lake swim of my Olympic tri, and I couldn't catch my all.  I thought I was having a panic attack (as I am claustrophobic and open water swims are very hard for me), so I took down my wetsuit and swam with it half-on, but I was still one of the last athletes out of the water.  It was unlike me.  A paramedic stopped me to tell me I was blue and I needed to stop.  I didn't listen.  I continued, and finished, the tri...IN LAST PLACE.  I fricking WALKED the 6mile run.  For a marathon runner who was pretty much done with 70.3 training, that was PATHETIC!  When I finished the tri (in a pathetic 3:47) the paramedics checked me again and said I had water in my lungs and they recommended I go to the hospital immediately.  Fast forward a bit and I found myself transported via ambulance from an urgent care to the local hospital for a 3 day stay with double pneumonia!  Awesome.  We weren't even in our home city, and we had a 2 year old.  Did I mention it was 2 weeks before my big half ironman I'd been training for FOREVER.  Great.  I couldn't even go up stairs without being out of breath.  It took me months to recover!  The 70.3 didn't happen (bye bye training and registration fee), and that last place finish on the tri scarred me for life. 

Fast forward 3 years and 1 baby, and here I was at the start of another tri.  I was petrified.  I was definitely feeling the panic from the last tri experience.  I knew I had to push through this, or I would not be able to do open water swims again.  I needed to rip off the band aid...and I 1st place in my age group, 7th overall girl and 32nd overall of almost 300 participants in the sprint distance. I was pretty pumped.  My time was 1:22:47.  I swam in 12:43, biked in 39:30 and ran in 25:48.  I ran across that finish line pumping my fist in the air.  I had done it.  I had pushed through my fears.  It felt amazing!  Hubs also completed the triathlon in 1:35:22.  I was so proud of him and really happy we did it together.  Next challenge...Chicago Marathon.  I think next year I might try that pesky Olympic distance triathlon. 

Hubs on the bike. 
 Me finishing the run
 At the finish line
 Me and my first ever 1st place medal.  It was only for my age group, but I was pretty darn proud anyway.
 Me and my #1 fan!
So anyone want to join hubs and I next year?!?  We'll provide the lodging :) 

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

B ~ 15 Month Stats


I'm a little late to the party for her 14 months stats, but B turned 15 months today!  I just can't believe how fast time is flying by.  Summer is going wayyyyyy too fast! 

Sizes:  All 12-18 months.  Her 12 are getting too small, but her 18 months are too big.  Diapers are size 4's exclusively.  Shoes are all size 4's, but they're still big.  This girl is all belly!! 

Stats:  19lbs, 15.5oz and 31" (10th percentile for weight, 70th for height)

Words:  Mama, Dada, Brother (sounds more like ba-bur), good doggie, shoes, bu-bye, please, tank ooo (thank you), more, wa-wa (water), feet, book, ball (but she says, up (or utt in her language), no no no (always 3), cheese, nana (banana), poo-poo, uh-oh & ni-ni

Knows the following body parts;  feet, belly, nose, eyes, mouth, ears, & hair
Can identify the following; flowers, balls, dogs, bananas, blueberries, cars, shoes & cows
Knows the following animal sounds; dog, cat, horse, chick & cow
Knows the  following signs; more, please, thank you, fan, book, night night, diaper, no, up, milk, eat, water, poop
Can give a kiss, high five, wave, say bu-bye and hug
Started walking as of 07.12.12

baths, walking, playing with her learning house, dancing & singing, eating (a lot), babbling,  pretending to talk on the phone, swimming and splashing, showing her belly, taking off her shoes, drinking water out of water bottles not sippy cups (lots of it!), playing with/pulling her hair, reading books, throwing things on the floor, feeding the doggie, following and playing with her brother, balls and balloons, climbing on everything, smiling, being tickled, playing peek-a-boo or being chased & being with mommy all the time!

milk (weird, I know), any veggies, anything in her hair (they immediately get thrown on the floor and we've lost more than we've kept), sitting in the cart, shopping :(, watching TV (believe me...I've tried), having her clothes or diaper changed, being quiet & the swing

Our little diva has a very strong personality.  She knows what she wants, when she wants it.  I will say she's become much happier the past two days after she became more mobile and in control of herself.  I can't believe how fast she's changing.  It's amazing!! 

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

And...She's Off!

Big news!  This happened today at T's gymnastics class.  She took off by herself over and over again!  I think we have a walker, folks!

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday ~ Focus on the Good

Despite three very difficult SAHM days in a row, I'm trying to focus on the really amazing moments!
The story of how a huge hole was made in the faux-painted dining room of a friend we were visiting today will have to wait.  ::deep breaths::

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I'm Having a "Mommy Fail" Day

Some days home alone with the kids are amazing, perfect and smooth.  I feel like super mom.  We have a wonderful day, and when hubs gets home, we're all hunky-dory. 

Other days are an epic fail.  Today I felt like a horrible mom.  It was like every last imperfection reared its ugly head.  On days like this, I start to highlight my mistakes as a mom, I internalize them and they eat away at me.  It's days like this that I have a mini nervous breakdown, as my daily failures pile up. 
I'm struggling with a lot of minor issues with both of my kids right now.  I can't seem to figure out how to be successful or make positive changes in these areas, and it's starting to get to me.  I can feel myself cracking...  

With T I'm about ready to pull my hair out with his inability to hold his pee at night.  He turned 5 in June, and my 5 year old still wears a pull-up.  ::hangs head in shame::  I have tried it all.  I have let him sleep in underwear, threatened privileges, offered rewards for repeatedly dry days, you name it.  I am about two seconds away from shelling out some major dough for the little wet sensor that the Leaps and Bounds catalogue sells to help wake a sleeping child when they need to pee.  I'm at my wits end.  I was yesterday.  I HATE YOU PULL UPS!   
T is also trying to exert some independence in his dress.  I know this isn't a big deal, but for a type-A OCD mommy like me, I even pick out his underwear to match his outfit.  I'm having a minor struggle with it.  He's wearing silly bands to bed, sweat bands to the zoo, argyle socks and gym shoes outside to play, shirts that he's grown out of, and it's driving me bonkers.  I know this is something I have to get over...but man...
T is also a show-off.  He is not my son when his peers are around.  When it's just the three of us (me and the kids) at the park or zoo or wherever, he's a well-behaved rules-follower.  He stays with me, holds my hand without protest, listens when I ask him to do something/or not, he's very easy to deal with.  When he has a friend around on a play date, he's the worst listener E.V.E.R.  I think I say his name about 300,000,000 times when we are out with others.  I have to constantly remind him to stay with mommy, he has a huge issue with using his "inside voice" always talking wayyyyy too loudly, and he doesn't listen to me.  It's infuriating.  Don't get me started on the epic failure that was our zoo play date yesterday.  I was exhausted by lunch.  Today he got in trouble within the first 2 minutes of his first swim lesson of the season and had to sit out.  2 minutes he lasted...  I guess that cannonball was much more important than listening to his teacher.  ugh. 

I feel like a failure when I can't make progress on these issues with my 5 year old.  I'm losing my mind, and sadly my iron-clad patience I am so proud of.

B is also driving me bonkers today, as much as a 14 month old can, of course.  She is IMPOSSIBLE to shop with...a frigging nightmare!  If I don't have an IV drip of snacks for her for the duration of our trip to the grocery out!  Today I was one of those moms that opens the package WHILE she is still shopping.  Yep, that was me.  Ugh.  B throws everything on the floor after allowing it to entertain her for 2.2 seconds; binky, my phone (twice), the grocery list (three times), 2 books I picked up to appease her, a snack, another snack, yet another snack, just about every non-breakable grocery in my get the idea.  Then she tries to sit up in the cart, throws her head back and screams when I won't let her, oh...and she poops...EVERY FRICKING TIME!

My little hulk!
I'm also feeling like a big fat failure when it comes to feeding my kids.  I am a cheap ass.  I admit it.  I pack lunches for me and the kids daily.  I also feel more in control of their diet when I pack.  I despise fast food, albeit we do eat it once in a while.  But, seriously folks, how many fricking types of sandwiches can I come up with in 1 week.  I'm so sick of feeding them things between bread I'm ready to scream!!!!!!  I'm running out of ideas.

I also feel so guilty if they don't get a variety.  My pantry is a who's who of every healthy snack alternative for kids over the age of 1 year.  It's insanity in a cabinet.  
If I feed them the same veggie or fruit in a period of 2 days, I feel like I'm depriving them and setting them up for failure.  Did I mention I was a health nut?!  Yeah, I am.  But, how can I eat healthy if not one of the other 3 people in my house eats veggies?!  No wonder B is stopped up! 

Speaking of veggies...what fricking veggies?!  T eats at total of 3, and 2 of those are cold and with about a bucket of ranch (carrots and broccoli).  B eats a total of zero...yep...zilch.  My 14 month old gets NO fresh veggies in her diet.  I am a freaking failure.  Every once in a while, I can get her to eat hummus, and the other day I hid small carrot pieces in her eggs (but it took her about 4 bites to find them and throw every last one on the floor).  Otherwise...this is how she eats her veggies. 
I'm mortified.  Why can't I get my baby to eat veggies at such a young age?  Usually they aren't so picky now, right?! 

Can you tell I've had a rough day?!  Sorry for the massive mommy fail vent, but sometimes a mommy has got to get it all out.  Oh, did I mention I screamed out in frustration in the car on the way home from the grocery store.  My eyes welled up with tears, I had to tell myself to breath and I shook.  I really gotta stop letting things fester.  Clearly, this isn't working for me. 

So am I an epic mommy failure?!  Anyone else share any of these, or similar, struggles with their kids?  Please share, so I don't feel like a complete crazy lunatic.  ::breath::

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Unique 4th of July 2012

As I'm sure many of you were struggling with, the 4th fell on a weird day this year, Wednesday.  Boo!  Because of the placement of the holiday, we were unable to get out of town like we usually do.  I have spent a total of two 4th of Julys at home in my whole life.  We have spent the 4th in Michigan at the family lake house every year.  Because of this drastic change, we didn't really know what to do with ourselves when the holiday rolled around.  We toyed with the idea of going either the weekend before or after, but it didn't really work out for the rest of my fam. Cincinnati we stayed.  It was different, but good.  Now, don't get me wrong, we haven't had the most perfect 4th of Julys in Michigan, like our aptly named "4th of July from Hell" of 2008.  Read about that HERE!  Ugh!  What a mess that was.  But then we have 4th like THIS ONE and THIS ONE.  I just freaking love The Lake <3. is our very vanilla, but enjoyable 4th celebration this photos...

hours spent at the local pool
 We brought along T's good buddy, Landon.  It was a nice test of if we could handle 3 kids.  I think we did swimmingly :) pun intended :)
 Our swimming diva
 What's a 100 degree day at the pool without a little Spongebob popsicle...and a messy and staining one at that!
 My patriotic kiddos
Some age-appropriate "fireworks" with Uncle Fred
 The Cross Family, us and Uncle Fred lighting fireworks
 Our two little superheros were there to rescue anyone in need of assistance
 Daddy and his princess enjoying the display
 Miss Kristie giving a sparkler "tutorial"
 good ole sparkler fun
B and me (looking tre old...ick...this was the best of 4) need anti-wrinkle cream...stat!  recommendations?!
 B and new addition, baby Liam

Happy Birthday, America!  How did you spend your 4th of July?

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

TAT: Summer Fun

My hubby and I were just talking about how awesome it is that I get to essentially live a double-life.  I get the perks of a career 10 months out of the year, but get to spend 10 amazing weeks as a SAHM with my kids in the summer.  It's definitely a win-win for this girl!  We are definitely over-scheduled, over-playdated on-the-go during the summer, but it's the way we like it.  We go go go from about 8:45am until about 2, then we come home (with snack in hand) and B has a 2 hour nap, T has his "quiet time" and mommy has a moment to eat lunch, sit down and then proceed cleaning house/laundry/etc before daddy gets home.  It's a perfect life, and I'm IN COMPLETE LOVE with it!  This summer T is taking gymnastics and swimming lessons.  He did 1.5 weeks of 9-12 camp as well.  We also just finished with baseball.  B is starting a music class next week, and she just comes along to watch T.  We have passes to the zoo, Kings Island Amusement Park and the connected Soak City Water Park and we hit every park/water pad imaginable.  I pride myself on finding new ones.  We do parks, walks, playing outside, baby pool action, shopping, crafts, lunch with daddy and the in laws, lunch with just mommy and the kids at someplace special, reward runs to Target, indoor play at swings n things or other bounce house places,  library trips for story time and books/movies and the usual once a week grocery shopping with cookie reward.  The kids love to go to the gym play area while mommy hits up a couple of classes a week (Tuesday and Thursday) and we pool it like crazy to 2 or 3 different pools.  We are busy and I am so incredibly blessed to have this time with my loves.  Here are some randoms that I haven't posted before:

both my kids are water babies! 
 T up to bat in his last baseball game of the summer
 He was so proud of his first trophy ever...and his doritos :)  I truly believe on of the only reasons he plays every game is the snack afterwards! lol.
pool pool pool
 checking out the zoo
 sand and water table...and that damn binky again!  argh
 I love summer, mom:)

Hope you have had time to enjoy your loves during this hot, but gorgeous summer!  Whatcha been up to?  Go link up with Melissa @ Growing Up Geeky and share your summer fun!

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