Tuesday, October 30, 2012

TAT: What Will Santa Bring?

Toddle Along Tuesday has a fun topic this week...possible Christmas list choices for the kiddos.

I couldn't believe how many bloggy moms have already started shopping or ::gasp:: had already finished AND WRAPPED their items.  WOW!   I have barely wrapped my head around Halloween, and it's tomorrow.  Christmas is a lifetime away.  I do keep a running "wishlist" on Amazon with some items the kids seem to show an interest in.  I have been taking notes from all the other mothers on fun, new ideas.  Stop on by TAT and take a look for yourself.  Here are my top three items as of now:

Age 5

1.  All Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Action Figures (I can't believe they're back!)
2.  Avengers Movie (he may not be "old enough", but we know he'll love it)
3. Thor light-up and shoot hammer (not our first shooting item...I've given up)

Age 18 months

1.  BABYDOLL Magic Doll Bottle Set
2. Little Mommy Baby
3.  Kidcraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen



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HHI - August 2012 - Take Two

In August, the fam traveled to SC to celebrate the marriage of my SIL and BIL. After the festivities, we had about 5 days to rest, relax and spend time as a family on the beach. It was heaven. 

Looking at these pictures now, I can't believe how much the kids have already changed, and how relaxed we all look.  Ah summer...  It was such a blessing to have the whole extended family together.  My kids were very blessed to have both sets of grandparents on vacation.  We are very lucky our family is so close, and we all get along swimmingly ::pun intended::  Man, I need a vacation!  Luckily, my other SIL is getting married in Florida in March.  Something to get me through the stressful, dark times, for sure.  Next on our list, Disneyland perhaps?!  What do you think about the minimum age a child can really appreciate Disney.  Three?!  Four?! 

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Why I Might Only be a Summertime Blogger...

I have quickly learned that mom of two + wife + resident house manager & cook + working mom with brand new responsibilities (and lots of them) = the WORST blogger E.V.E.R.  After 5 solid years of blogging, I'm struggling to find the time...clearly.  I really WANT TO be a better blogger, if not for my readers, than for me and the great footprints I leave behind for my children.  It IS important to me to keep this electronic baby book going.  Plus, I like to blog.  But I'm really dropping the ball here.  Will you forgive me? 

I have so much to catch you all up on in our lives. 

I haven't posted the rest of the pictures from our HHI vacay, T started kindergarten and we've had many struggles, frustrations and excitements from that, B is in her first year of daycare.  It's been...interesting, B is talking, running and being a general baby-loving, binky wearing, no-saying diva, T is just finishing up his first outdoor soccer season and starting wrestling this week (oh lord), hubs and I completed a marathon, hubs is now also a tough mudder and we have been staying busy with lots of travel and fall activities.  So much to say...but so little time...more like NO TIME. 

I'll just take a little at at time.  Just make sure you always scroll down until you get to an old post.  Who knows how many I'll be able to squeeze into a day of catch-ups.  Until then, I'll leave you with a couple picture teasers.

T & B in their daycare photos
Our kindergarten man in his AM panda room

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