Monday, July 22, 2013

Re-entering the update.

Good afternoon fellow bloggers.  Man have I been out of the game lately.  I'm slightly embarrassed and slightly disappointed in myself for letting it go this long.  I was so good at updating when T was developing, and B, being the second child, had really gotten the short end of the stick.  I royally suck.  I have one more month before school starts again, so I'm going to do my best to bring everything up-to-date, as best as I can remember.

So...for are T & B doing, you ask?!  Amazingly!

T just turned 6 and had himself a heck of a lazer kraze party.  He will be entering 1st grade in August, and I just can't believe I'll be making his lunch for the next million years, and finally getting him off my daycare payroll!  yippee!  He's been playing baseball this spring and summer, and starts soccer next month.  We have finally gotten him to do some strokes in the pool, so that is exciting.  He's becoming a freestyle master.  I'm hoping he'll do swim team next summer.  This summer he's attended baseball camp, a sports camp and will do a fun boys-only camp next week.  T is into Skylanders, wii, beyblades, swimming for hours and just being an energetic boy that never stops.  I swear, he never gets tired...ever! T lost his first tooth last month.  That was a very exciting time.  The tooth fairy is now a very expensive endeavor, definitely going above and beyond the .50 I used to get.  We decided on a going rate of 5.00, since he said his friend Nolan at school got 20.00 (I mean, who are these parents...and can I borrow some cash?!)  We have been making progress on his reading, making him read us 1 book a night.  The next 4 weeks before school starts we will be doing a workbook every morning.  Hopefully that will help his writing, his achilles heel.  I am feeling hopeful that we are making enough progress for him to be successful in 1st grade.

B is now 2 and is my spirited, girlie, musical chatterbox.  She makes everything into a song, literally everything, even waking up singing.  B is very opinionated, she wants to do everything "myself" and knows more words than her brother ever did at her age.  B is also a fish, she loves the water.  She's been taking gymnastics since the winter, will start dance in the fall, and will get a big girl bed around christmas.  She has shown interest in potty training, but we haven't really pushed the issue.  B loves to kiss everyone, dance, play with Minnie anything, she's getting into babies and loves her play kitchen downstairs.  The girl can't get enough of bubbles, and no matter how hard I try, she won't dare get on her brand new minnie scooter I got her for her bday (insert dagger in heart).

They are the lights of my life!  And although days being a SAHM are very hard, I thank God daily I have the opportunity to be with them in the summer.  It's really quality time that I will never take for granted, especially as a working mom.

As far as me and hubs, we have been enjoying the summer months with the kids immensely!  We have taken countless trips to the pool, Kings Island, the zoo, the library, hours and hours playing outside, trips to see friends in St. Louis and my family in Michigan and lots of BBQ and bike riding.  Summer is the best!!!  Hubs is still at his same job, and still loving it (thank God).  I'm working on my courses in the summer and gearing up for another year teaching AP bio.  My college board scores came back with pretty good results, so I'm happy with my first year's effort.  Hopefully next year the load will be lighter.  I also coached track in the spring (hence why I fell off the blog-wagon) and am currently coaching girls' cross country (which I love).  If you don't remember much about me, running is a HUGE passion of mine.  It's part of who I am.  I am a marathon runner.  Although I enjoyed coaching the sprinters in track, distance is where its at for me.  I'm elated to have the opportunity.  I've been fortunate enough to figure out a schedule that doesn't take away any time I have with my kids in the summer.  I run with them either at night when hubs gets home or REEEEALLLLYYYY early in the morning.  It was a sacrifice I was willing to make so as to maximize my time as a SAHM with my kids.  It's been working out great!  Hubs and I also like to do some fun athletic things.  We ran a half marathon together, did a marathon in the fall and just completed a triathlon this past weekend.  

It gets harder every year trying to fit in what we like to do, and stay in shape, but we manage.  It's very important to me.  We've been gardening, are putting in a new patio and landscaping in our backyard starting tomorrow (eek) and also tiled our laundry room floor.  We've stayed busy, to say the least.  

Our family is growing, as I will be an Aunt for the first time come December.  I'm very exited!  My brother got married on NYE (more on that later) and they are buying a house in the burbs.  My parents and in-laws are doing great, and we are just chugging along.  

I gave away all my baby stuff recently.  I cried a little, but afterwards I felt relief.  I think I'm ready to move on with my two beautiful, healthy kids.  I don't think my body or our house, car or finances can take another little one.  I also don't think I have the energy to start over again.  It has really helped that all the new babies are coming into my life, a few close friends are also pg, and that I can communicate with my kids and we can do a lot of new things as a family.  I always have doubts on whether I'm making a big mistake not having a 3rd, but most days I'm really fine with it.  

More updates to come...I have so much to share with everyone.  I'm so glad to be back.  It was so sad...I couldn't even remember my log-in for blogger when I started this morning.  ::sigh:: such is the life of a very busy working mom and coach and wife and athlete.  Just no time for a computer.  I missed it!  I'm glad to be back to my creative outlet.  


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