Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas in Review

This was a special holiday for the Scherman family...Tyler's first Christmas! We were so excited to share this special time with friends and family. Our celebration started out on the morning of December 23nd with the Scherman family celebration at Mike's mom's house. After hours of present opening and a spectacular breakfast, Mike and I headed back to our house to await the arrival of my family.

That night, we celebrated with my parents (Granddad and Grams) and my brother. We had dinner, drank cocktails and opened gifts. It was so much fun.

See 'n of my favorite childhood toys! I think I liked it more thay Tyler did!Go Bucks! Beat LSU!Ty's new stocking...thanks Grams and Granddad!On Christmas Eve, both Mike's and my families came over and we hosted a dinner and cocktails. Tyler got tired at the end of the night, so I had to open most of his gifts myself, but he did open up a very special gift from my parents, his very first sled. Both our families ooed and aahed as he sat and smiled away in his sled. He loved it! Now all we need is a little snow and we can really try it out.

All those toys...and our son prefers a plastic cup! Practicing for flipcup perhaps?!
LL Bean infant sled from Grams and Granddad! On Christmas morning, we had Tyler open a few gifts left for him by "Santa", but believe it or not we still haven't gotten through all the gifts because his attention span is pretty short and his interest in eating the paper gets in the way of allowing him to truly enjoy the actual gift. After visiting with family for lunch...we headed up North to Cleveland to see Mike's Grandma Neida and Aunt Weeze. We had a lovely meal with them and did gifts again! Ty got some great clothes and we have to figure out where we're going to put all this stuff!!!

Lookin hot Daddy! Early morning fun!

Can you tell he's teething:)
Tyler with Great Grandma Neida On December 26th, we got in the car again and headed west to the Sandusky area to spend a few days with my Dad's family. We always get together in a hotel, since our family is so huge, so this year it was at the Bellvue Hotel and Suites in little Bellvue, OH. It wasn't exactly the Hyatt (understatement of the year!) and had NO ESPN (the nerve)...but we got a laugh (and cry) out of it and it was quite an adventure to say the least. We only see some of that side of my family once a year so it was fun to see how the kids have grown and share our new addition with the already huge crew! We had 2 dinners with the fam and headed home late on the 27th. It was interesting how much more difficult traveling with a baby is (oh the stuff we have to bring and the deviation from his routine creates some challenges!)...and we're exhausted...but blessed to be able to share such a special first with everyone we really love! Happy Holidays!

Tyler, Granddad and Great Aunt Gretchen (a very special person in my life and someone I really look up to)Tyler flirting with my cousins, Jennifer and JessicaOur family picture with Brutus at Chet and Matt's Pub during dinner with the fam. GO BUCKS!

My cousin Kevin and Ty hanging at the beautiful BellvueGrams and Granddad stealing a few more minutes with Ty before we got on the road home

Friday, December 28, 2007

Scherman Family Christmas

We spent the morning of December 23rd celebrating Christmas with Mike's side of the family. It started off as an interesting day when we lost both power and water, and I had to go over to Mike's mom's without showering or washing up. However, it was Tyler's first time opening gifts and we had a blast after we got cleaned up. It was fun spending time with everyone and giving gifts. Although Ty was more interested in eating the paper than what gift was inside, it was still a day full of firsts and many pictures! Tyler got a Fisher Price Rainforest bouncer from his Mimi that he adored, and many other fun toys and cute clothes. He's one spoiled little boy!

Yummy PaperAuntie Cindy and Ty with a cute new onesieDaddy...I want your hat...not my giftFirst time in his new bouncer...and loving it!

Meeting Ella

My good friend Kimmy & her hubby had a little girl, just 2 weeks after we had Tyler. Although they live in LA, Kimmy and I always joke about how Eleanor and Tyler will be boyfriend and girlfriend and how much fun we'd have introducing them to each other. Well...Kimmy and her hubby came back into town to spend time with their families, and we finally got to see each other and introduce Tyler to Ella. It was hilarious! Ella is a very spirited little gal and Ty is very chill and laid back. They were very intrigued by each other and had fun meeting their new friend. It really was a special time to see my long-lost friends and their new little girl. It's a far cry from getting drunk together at Miami, but how amazing was it to share another phase of our lives with each other!!

Hello lover!Tyler kissing Ella's hand...okay...well he was trying to put it in his mouth but close enough! :)Eleanor opening up her Christmas giftElla and her awesome parents

Ty's 1st Trip to Oxford

A few days before Christmas, we took Tyler up to Oxford to spend some time on Miami's campus and do some Christmas shopping. We took him to see the Sigma Chi house, took a jaunt through campus, and shopped and ate lunch "uptown". It was a beautiful, warm southern Ohio day and we really had fun showing Tyler around where Mommy and Daddy met. We even got some yummy, greasy Brunos pizza and bought a few more Miami items for Ty. It was a relaxing day of family fun!
Ty & Daddy in front of the Sigma Chi house

Shopping "Uptown"

Friday, December 21, 2007

He's 1/2 a year!!!

Even though Ty doesn't officially turn 6 months old until Christmas Day, we took him for his 6 month appt today. The doctor was pleased at his development and said the excema looked better after using the cream, so all is going well! He weighed in at 16lbs 12oz and was a WHOPPING 28" long! His weight gain has slowed considerably, which is normal I guess. He's now in the 40th percentile. For height, however...he's in the 98th! Our little man is a bean pole...long and thin like Mommy! Here's hoping that he stays that way and is our little professional basketball player or future Ohio State linebacker! :)

Ty continues to tackle baby food and is probably the happiest child ever! He's a charmer! He's digressed in the way of sleeping, however. He's now waking up 2 or 3 times during the night and we're TIRED and CRANKY. There goes the chance that on my vacation I'd get some much needed sleep. He's learned how to turn his aquarium on and off in his crib and often flips over from his tummy to his back during the night to talk and play...AND CRY! He's trying to form words already...quite a vocal child indeed (another trait he acquired from me who was talking in sentences by 9 months!). He might not look like me but he certainly has my personality...YIKES!
We took Ty to visit Santa at the local mall last weekend and he was a perfect, smiley angel. We got two great shots and were pleased that it worked out well...after waiting in line for an hour. There was one minor mishap...Ty never spits up and right before we were to take the pictures, Tyler spit up all over his cute shirt right in line. Oops! Luckily...Santa held Ty right on the spot where he soiled himself so it all worked out fine...and makes for a great story!
In line to visit Santa
Tyler James and tears here!
Our tired boy (and Buddy) after a long day Christmas Shopping with Mommy
Too many little time

Sippy Cup Adventures

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Introducing Buddy

Tyler has a new little friend...Buddy! Ty and I were perusing Walmart on Friday for Christmas gifts and as I was passing through the baby aisles to pick up diapers...there he was. I have been trying to find a stuffed animal for Tyler for a while now. Everything I have found in the past he is either completely uninterested in, or the material comes off and would ultimately accumulate in Tyler's mouth. When Tyler saw Buddy...he immediately grabbed him and gave him a great big hug, before slobbering all over him..basically solidifying that I would buy it for him :). They were instant friends! After getting him home, Mike and I debated as to whether it was a dog or a bear. We settled on a bear, and named him Buddy. I didn't realize until we got him home that when you press his paw he laughs uncontrollably...and this makes Tyler squeal with glee. It's one ugly stuffed animal...I gotta admit...but Ty adores him so who am I to judge:) Welcome to the Scherman family Buddy!

Giving Buddy a great big hug

He's got some new moves

Tyler has officially rolled over from back to front. It has happened while he reaches for his toys that are just out of his reach. This weekend it happened overnight when he flipped over onto his back during the night and, after some play time, decided he wanted to go back to sleep so he flipped himself back over and fell asleep.

We're still working on baby food. His newest food was bananas...although he preferred sweet potatoes and carrots to the new addition. We gave bananas 3 out of 5 stars! We are going to try peaches and pears next, then pray he'll eat his green veggies and try peas and green beans. It's fun watching him try new flavors and react to the first bite. The faces he makes are priceless!

He is learning more everyday and it's truly amazing watching him explore and discover. Just recently we had him in his exersaucer and we noticed when he got a toy stuck between his body and the seat he cried with frustration. Ty loves the picture of the dog in his exersaucer. We are convinced he recognizes the dog as Callie, who is Mimi's dog. Ty spends weekdays at his Mimi's and Callie has become a regular fixture in his life. He literally gets excited and tries to rip the toy off the exersaucer when we show it to him. He has also begun to make this grunting sound when he wants something, and grabs just about anything within his reach nowadays. Everything goes straight into his mouth! He makes obvious "look at me" sounds when he wants our attention, even when we're clear across a room. He now reaches for me, Mike and his Mimi. It's adorable and I love to feel wanted.

One recent problem we've had is Ty resisting naptime. He screams bloody murder if we try to put him down when he's quite obviously exhausted, then he crashes at night. We hope it's just a phase. We're still breastfeeding, but hoping to wean him within the month. I'm just tired of pumping at work and exhausted by the stress of making sure I can provide enough for him while I'm away. He's already gotten the majority of the benefits of breastfeeding and, although I love the closeness when I'm home, Mommy needs a break. He's ready! We have never given any formula before so we pray the transition won't be difficult.

He's such a happy baby and we tell each other everyday how lucky we are to have him! We are so in love with him and are really enjoying parenthood, even though it's a ton of work!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Trimming the Tree

Our naked tree is finally trimmed and looking good. We cranked the Christmas tunes and decorated our 1st tree with Ty.
In other Tyler news, he's still sleeping soundly in his crib and now that we've invested in a video monitor we are too! Ty is doing a few new things. He is now making various raspberry sounds, with and without his tongue out. It's hilarious...but messy...especially if there's baby food involved. Speaking of baby food...we're working on introducing new foods to him. We had a bit of a setback last week when he came down with a horrible rash and we couldn't pinpoint the cause. I took him to his Dr and Ty was diagnosed with excema brought on by allergic reaction, sweat and rubbing of clothes that are not 100% cotton. The Dr also said he was 16lbs 5oz! We finally figured out that the culprit was actually the baby cereal...and not any of the new baby foods. Now that we've eliminated the cereal completely and gotten ourselves some prescription lotion...all is good and his rash has vastly improved! Phew! So far we've tried sweet potatoes, carrots and squash and they have all been successful. Ty is a big eater and seems to really enjoy eating off a spoon. It really has been an easy transition for him...he got the hang of it quickly and we look forward to introducing more foods soon.
Tyler has also begun to enjoy peek-a-boo-like games and laughs uncontrollably when we scare him. The most exciting new trick Ty has begun is reaching out for me. I almost cried when he first did it. He's also working on sitting up, although it's in the very early stages. I have a feeling...however...when it happens it'll be sudden! Everyday is a new adventure and we're loving it!

Only in Ohio...

Only in Ohio does a 50 ft Jesus root on THE Ohio State Buckeyes! Go Bucks! Beat those Tigers! National Championship here we come!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Visiting with the Frantz Family

Our good friends Melissa and Kevin stopped by this weekend to visit with us. It has been since early September since we've seen them so it was great to see how their two boys have changed since then, especially their 4 month old son Logan. We had a great time taking pictures of Tyler and Logan interacting, as you can see below. The last few times they were together they were so oblivious of each other's presence that it was so exciting to see them noticing and reaching for each other. We hope they will be great friends for years to come, just like Mike and Kevin.
Tyler (5 months), Logan (4 months) and Connor (3 years)
Ty and Logan "hanging out"

O' Christmas Tree, O' Christmas Tree

This weekend we went to pick out our first Christmas tree with Tyler. My family has always had a live tree so I brought that tradition to our family when Mike and I got married. We really look forward to it every year and were so excited to bring Ty with us this time. Thank goodness we went this weekend because the temperature dropped 20 degrees today...brrrrr! We went to the good 'ole Feed Barn and picked out a beautiful 7 foot Douglas Fern 7. Now if we could only find time to decorate it. It's standing "naked" in our living room.