Friday, December 30, 2011

Xmas 2011: A Photo Overview

Disclaimer:  A million photos to follow.  I tried to edit...but I'm not one for editing anything:) I did leave them smaller than normal, though, so the post didn't seem so overwhelming.  Okay, who am I's overwhelming...but enjoyable just the same.  Here's our Christmas journey.

Christmas #1- Hubs' extended family
 Mommy/T cookie making
 B cookie eating (her cookies of course)
 Christmas #2 - All the Aunts, Uncles & Grandparents on both sides (except my brother who came later that night)
 it was madness!
My parents (aka Grams & Granddad)
 opening their light sabers

 T & B exchanging cute!
 The ladies (Grams, Aunt Cindy, Mimi, me, Aunt Noelle and B)
 The Guys (minus Uncle Brian) Granddad, Papa, Uncle Brent, T, Daddy& Uncle Jay
 Christmas #3 - Christmas Eve at our house

 Pre-slumber preparations for Santa with T

 T's message to Santa...straight from his mouth through my hand (but he did write his name)

 Post-kid adult fun (too much) playing LRC
 Me and my "moms"
 Tebowing for Jesus
Christmas #4 - Christmas Day - my loves with their matching PJs waiting on the steps
 Checking out what Santa ate
 Sweet loot
 love that the kids look like they're opening together
 Uncle Brian unveiling the big Santa present...a new bike for T!
 he had to try it out immediately!
 big gift (and the other gift he asked for repeatedly) a remote-controlled monster truck
 B with her big gift (reminds me of my trips to the dentist or doctor)
 My babes
 B in her PBK anywhere chair from Grams & Granddad
 B surrounded by her loot
 Christmas #5 - Dinner at Great Grandma Neidas
 Great Grandma Neida, the gracious host
Christmas #6 - Hotel fun with my extended family (our family is so HUGE we can only celebrate in a hotel party's true)

B's make-shift bathtime in the hotel sink
 Uncle Brian came with us for the hotel fun
 Annual family bowling
My Uncle, and a Granddad to 6 and 1 on the way (doesn't he look exactly like my Dad?!)
 B and his "cousin"...actually my cousin's daughter, Arley.  They have since demanded additional playdates

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Choo Choo, North Pole Here we Come

This year we headed back to the north pole on our local north pole express.  T was very excited to see Santa, Mrs. Clause and have "warm chocolate" (he gets mad when we call it hot chocolate because he doesn't like it  We enjoyed spending time with our family and our good friends the Frantz family.  We truly enjoy this tradition.

B and I (not my best photo)
 T & Logan
 The fam on the train
 T, B & Santa
 The Frantz kiddos with Santa
 Lily & her mommy, my friend Melissa
 Daddy & B outside of Santa's house
 Sending his letter to Santa
 The fam post Polar Express