Thursday, May 29, 2008

Next Stop...1 year!

Tyler turned 11 months this past weekend, the same day mommy turned OLD...the big 3-0 (yikes)! We were lucky to spend a spectacular weekend up at the Burkle family lake house in Michigan hanging out with my parents (Grams & Granddad) and my brother (Uncle Brian) along with his girlfriend Therese (oh...and 3 lively dogs!). Ty now has 4 teeth (two top and two bottom) and is eating everything in sight. He's doing his first few baby signs and is learning to both walk and clap. He's also quite a ham...entertaining everyone at dinner each night with his laughs, funny faces and attention-grabbing sounds. He's in need of his THIRD haircut and is growing out of all his 12 month clothes quicker than we can get him in them for a time or two. He's growing with leaps and bounds...literally...and can really move up a flight of stairs! Our baby will be 1 on June's gone so ridiculously fast it's unreal! Warning: Lots of pictures below!

My friend Shanon, teaching Ty to color at my b-day dinner in CincyTy has also learned to point cute!Chillin' after a walk around townChecking out his first toad...he's definitely a boy:)Relaxing with Granddad at the lakeGrams & TyHe was happy...I swear! My mom dumped out toy she kept at the lake for all these years and he looked like a kid on ChristmasAs mentioned in the below post, I also had the pleasure to shoot down to Chicago on Sunday to meet the gorgeous little Hendrix David Gustafson. It was really amazing to see Marina & Corey as loving new parents and I am so happy for them. The first year goes so fast guys...enjoy the early days (even though you're sleep-deprived!)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Baby G is finally here!

Now that the proud parents have already announced his arrival to family and friends...I feel I can post that my best friend Marina & her husband Corey had their son today...just 1 day after his official due date! Hendrix David Gustafson made his arrival at 4:45am this morning weighing in at 7lbs,4oz and 19" long. From what I hear...all are doing well and over the moon over their new little man! We can't wait to meet him and Tyler is very excited to meet his new little buddy. Photos to come later! Later is here...scroll down!

I was lucky to be only an hour and a half away this weekend (we were up at our family lake house) so I jetted down from Michigan to meet baby Hendrix. I was so excited to see him and the new parents. He is just beautiful! He looks just like his Daddy with Mommy's nose. The little peanut was an angel while I visited and it was so fun to hold a newborn really made me realize how big Tyler actually is now! My how far we've come in 1 year...and how fast it has gone! It feels like just yesterday we were in that position. The new parents are doing awesome with their beautiful baby and I was so thankful I got to come down for a short visit to share this special time with them and give Hendrix lots of love and kisses (and bring lots of COFFEE to the tired parents and grandparents!)

The door to their condo! How cute!
Corey bought this cake for his baby boy! Adorable! Testing out his good set of lungs for Auntie Kiki
Corey says Hendrix has his feet and they were quite a sight so I had to take a picture of them...he's going to be a basketball player I think! Already giving Daddy a high-five (notice Rudy snuggling with his new brother!)Mommy and her baby boy!Hendrix & me...he's so tiny!

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Dreaded 30!

This past weekend was a special best friend from college, Amy, and I had our big 30th birthday bash in Chicago. It was such a blast. My weekend started out with a relaxing day of pampering and hanging out with friends. Amy and I worked out and caught up, then I got to get a pedicure with my sister-in-law and a latte and take my time getting ready. I had sushi with my family at Rise, I was dying for some great sushi (God knows they don't have good sushi in Cincy)...Thanks Dad for dinner! Then we headed across the street to Sopo for the party. I have to thank my brother's girlfriend, Therese, and Andrew for going out of their way to make it a perfect night for Amy and me! It was awesome! I also want to thank everyone that came out that night to help Am and I celebrate our milestone birthday...especially Marina who came out 4 days before her due date with her lovely p's in tow, my parents "Friday night crew" who came down to the city for a few drinks to celebrate, and my brother-in-law and sister-in-law as well as my Aunt for coming all the way from Cincy & Toledo to celebrate with us. It was truly a special night. My lovely hubby even made us a 6ft banner and my mom got us a beautiful cake! We had a blast. I wasn't feeling so hot the next day, and am still recovering today (I think I'm too old to party!) but it was worth it! Thanks everyone for making my 30th special and thanks to Amy for sharing her birthday celebration with me! Love you girl! One last thanks to our babysitter, Julia, who looked after Ty while we all went out to celebrate. I used to babysit Julia when she was just 2, now she's a sophomore at Miami and for me it was (as Oprah would say) a full-circle moment...or just another way to make me feel really old:) Thanks everyone for making my bday one to remember!
Dinner at Rise with the fam The birthday girls with our cake, banner and balloons at Sopo
Mom and her friends (the "Friday night" crew!)Muma, Poopie and me (Marina's fabulous parents are so special to me!! I was so excited to see them)
Gorgeous mommy-to-be, Marina, Pam, Kelly and IBlowing out our candlescutting the cakeMy Aunt Alison & sister-in-law, Cindy partying it up!
Mike, me and CindyMy fabulous, thoughtful hubby...who really made my day special...thanks baby!

Pizza, Pizza

The Frantz family invited us to the opening night of a local pizza place, Deweys. Deweys is the only pizza this fickle, pizza-loving, Chicago girl really likes here in when I found out it was Dewey...and free...we were in! It was a great time testing out the new locale in the area and hanging out with friends and family...not to mention ENDLESS FREE PIZZA and leftovers!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tyler's First Date

A couple weeks ago, one of my good friends from college, Kimmy, was in town with her daughter. Ella and Ty are only 13 days apart so it's reallyfun to get them together. Kimmy and I had brunch with Shanon and Gretchen, so we could all catch up, and it seemed almost as if Ty and Ella were on a date. It was clear Ella wasn't having any of Ty's "moves"...her mommy and daddy have taught her well:) We tried to put the two kiddos on a park bench to take pictures of them together...but it wasn't as successful as we had hoped.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

When Pigs Fly

This past weekend was the Cincinnati Flying Pig marathon and, although I was certainly not ready for the full, I did run the half marathon. It was a beautiful day of 55, perfect for running...and I ran my personal best of 1:42:20, just under a 8 minute mile 13.1 times over. I was certainly proud of myself, considering my goal was just to finish without stopping. I now feel ready to tackle a full marathon again and will sign up for one in the fall. Better pictures to follow!
My parents also came in town to see Tyler and watch the run. We had a great time walking around at the Expo (my Dad loves those freebies!), going to a carbo-loading dinner with Mike's family and my Aunt and Uncle, and getting up bright and early (the run start was at 6:30am) to head down to the marathon. It was a lovely weekend of Tyler-centered activites and quality Grandparent bonding time.
Playing in the box our new coffee table came bday present from my parents!Tyler's inventive and new way to use his walker :)