Tuesday, June 19, 2012

TAT: Dear Loves of my Life,

If I took the time to write a letter to you both, I fear it would be pages and pages long.  I have so many wishes for your lives, your journeys and your experiences.  I hope you don't experience many of the lows your daddy and I did throughout life.  I pray you DO get to experience many of the fun and exciting events we were able to be a part of.  But there is so much...I just don't know where to start. 

So instead of writing a novel, I will sum my wishes up for both of you into my top 3:

1.  I wish you an insurmountable amount of confidence and conviction, yet the ablity to be humble.  Being confident in yourself will help lessen so much hurt you might experience, both as kids and adults.  I have struggled all my life with self-confidence.  It has affected my ability to be involved in many aspects of my life, it's made personal relationships difficult, it's allowed me to be taken advantage of or have my feelings hurt more times than I can count.  I wish none of this for you.  Be strong in who you are.  Always know you are a blessing to the world, and don't let anyone put you down.  Be confident, but humble. 

2.  I wish for you both to be polite and respectful to others.  As a teacher, I see so much disrespect and bullying.  I can't believe how much pleasure people get from others' pain.  It breaks my heart, and makes me worry so much for the future of our nation and what you both might experience growing up.  I can't believe how needy, demanding and self-deserving kids are today.  I want you to grow up with manners, kindness and the ability to stand up for others.  This is a principle your daddy and I live by in our own lives, so I hope you learn from our example.  Choose kindness.

3.  Be a lifetime learner.  You will never stop learning things, so don't stop being open to bettering yourself.  Education in all aspects of life is so important.  Although education in the classroom is vitally important to your daddy and me, you also have to have street-smarts.  If you are open to new experiences during all stages of your life, you will never stop growing and maturing as a person.  Try new sports, travel, change jobs/careers, don't be afraid of a challenge, meet new people, try out new cultures/religions, be worldly, read, watch the news and stay up on current events, don't block out one subject in school because you aren't good at it, get involved in life.  You never know when life will end, and you never want to have regrets.  Sometimes we also have to do things that we know are the right things, even though they might not be the easy things.  Get educated.  Love learning! 
We love you!
Mommy & Daddy

P.S.  I love summer!  This is from our adventures at the pool yesterday!  :)
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  1. Well written! We need to connect!

    1. I'm much more free next week! Ty is in camp all week this week and we're preparing for his 5th bday!

  2. This is so beautiful. Seriously, I loved reading this!

  3. Very good points to make and great advice. I also have trouble with self confidence and I pray that Andrew does not take after me in that way.

  4. Hi! I found your blog in Bloggy Mom's hop. This is a wonderful post. I find it amazing that someone can have so much hopes and wishes for another as much as moms (like us) to their children.

    I am looking forward to reading more from you. :)

    ~Rose from Grown-Ups For A Day!


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