Saturday, March 17, 2012

Next Stop, One Year (B)

Little B turned 11 months on the 14th.  She's such a great baby, when she's not sick.  B is also the exact opposite of her big brother, in basically every way.  Although some skills are honed from being the parents of T, we're learning lots of things from scratch with our timid, petite, vocal little princess.   We're having a blast, and can't believe how fast a year has gone being parents of two! 
 Age: 11 months.  1 year milestone is next, and I can't believe it's flown by so fast!  Wasn't I just pregnant?!

Stats: I'm totally guessing...maybe 17 lbs?!  I'll confirm when I get to a scale.  I don't own one.

Size (diapers, onesies, etc.): We have introduced a lot of 12 month clothes, finally.  She's still fitting in the majority of her 9 month stuff, I was just bored.  Plus, it's been amazingly warm here, so I've been able to use lots of the hand-me-down items from my neighbor I never thought she'd get to wear (her baby was born in October, so some clothes are opposite seasons we need).

Sleeping: When she's not sick (which she has been much of the last 2-3 months) she sleeps really well now.  We usually get her down between 8:30-9pm and she sleeps until 5:30am, or so.

Eating: I'm still BF, but we're hanging on by a thread.  On a good day, I pump 3-4oz, not enough for even 1 bottle.  On a bad day, 1-2oz.  Thank God for our frozen stock.  She's only getting about 3 oz of formula a day in 1 bottle.  I BF in the morning, she gets a mixed BM/F bottle, a full BM frozen bottle, and I BF her before bed.  I'm taking it one day at a time.  I original goal was 6 months, then 9, then 10, then 11.  I'm hoping to make it 1 more week.  I have spring break in a week, so that would be a perfect transition time for us. 

I'm contemplating switching her to soy milk first, because it's more easily digested, then going to whole organic cows milk.  We shall see.

She eats table foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner now, with 1-2 snacks in between.  She's a great little eater!  Her favorites are still yogurt, cheese and she loves her fruits and peas.  I'm still struggling with proteins she will eat.  I'll just keep trying, I guess.  She has already gotten peanut butter and honey, so no issues there.  We're still giving her a prescription laxative every few days to help her digest. 

Lots of waving, and saying "Heyyyyyyyy" when I arrive to pick her up.  She's also started to consistently pull up, and this weekend she took her first unassisted steps with the walker (big step!She's a huge wiggle-worm in the bathtub, trying to crawl out, and crawls away without being dried most nights.  She can stand up in her crib or the pack n play, and can transition to and from sitting to tummy to sitting then standing really easily now.  We are getting ready to transition her out of her carrier (thank God), since the weather is warmer and she's getting so big her legs are about hanging off.  B can use her sippy cup and hold her own bottle. 

Favorite toys/activities: CrocWagon with blocks that make noise is #1, her vtech walker is still big on her list, any electronic device, Tyler's toys (cars, guys, etc), my lip gloss, her activity cube, rolling snail, her "purse", and all the usual toys from last month. 

Here are some new photos of her from the last few days
 Our first day in a dress with no tights!  yaaaaa!
 Here favorite fake food item from her Picnic Basket toy.  She carries it around everywhere.
 The back of her hair is finally filling out.  Not sure what to do with it now.  As a mommy of a boy, we just cut it into a cute boy cut (he had 3 cuts before now).  With's just wild.  What do I do with a girl's hair?!?
 B does have a favorite, me, but no one can make her laugh like her big brother.  Sometimes I catch them holding hands in the backseat after I pick them up after work.  ::swoon::
 B is incredibly cautious, the opposite of her big brother.  She is timid, and scared and not into some activities that her big bro was.  Case and point, this swing ride lasted about 2.2 seconds.
 We got our sand and water table out and added sand, no water yet.  B loved standing up and taking toys away from her bro.
 It was a little tricky letting her "play" but not "eat" the sandy toys. 
 New skill, pushing herself around with her feet on her dragon. 


  1. Adorable! I can't wait to hear more about the party! I need to know where you get her shoes too. Are you up for coffee after school? Other than Tuesday, I am open!

  2. She is just adorable (as always)! And you have done so great with the breastfeeding. I didn't realize the pumping had gotten that bad. You've done an awesome job and should be proud.


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