Monday, June 21, 2010

Snow Days, etc ~ Jan/Feb 2010

We spent many of the early days of 2010 snowed in. There are a few perks of education as a profession, especially in wimpy southern Ohio...and that's snow days. It's fun to have the opportunity to stay home with Tyler and play in the snow. Although, as I'm sure many of you know, it takes an incredibly long time to get them's worth it watching them enjoy being outside.

My little cutie getting dressed for the cold Oh yeah Mommy...this snow thing rocks!
Posing for a picture and humoring Mommy
Sledding! :)
Wait're suppposed to be pulling ME!
Hot Chocolate time! Don't forget the marshmallows!
Snow Day Take 2...and a new addition...his very own shovel. Thanks Daddy!
My parents also came in town to visit, and see Ty of course. Although it was freezing...we still had a blast!
Balloon fight with Grams

Playing Trains with Granddad
Grams & Granddad's visit to Cincy I also planned my cousin Liz's Bachelorette Party in February. It was difficult to plan a party in a city I've never been to, to a completely new casino...and I was nervous about it. But thanks to tremendous help from my Aunt and another bridesmaid, it was a huge success. We had an amazing time in Detroit and made some really lasting memories for Liz (or E as we call her!). Add alcohol, some penis straws, a penis wand and some of the best gays ever and you've got yourself an helluva party! I was relieved it went well! Being a matron-of-honor is stressful. You really want everything to be perfect for the bride.

Penis wand and boob balloon in our beautiful room
The bride-to-be and mother-of-the-bride
hottie bride ready for a night out
Trying on her gifts
Leah & Liz...future sisters-in-law Mom and me looking hot

Liz & my Aunt Alison with their penis straws
Checking out the casino...hoping the penis wand will bring luck
Liz with Time, Paul & Ronnie....they were a blast!

Christmas 2009 Tidbits

We had a traditional, yet lovely, Christmas. I hosted Christmas Eve again at our house and we had our Scherman Family Christmas at Marcia & Daves with all the kids as well. After a quick present-opening at our house on Christmas day, we headed per Cleveland. We did our rounds with Mike's Grandma and Aunt, then to Sandusky with the ever-expanding Hester clan. Here are a few random pix.

Auntie Cindy & Ty trying out the walkie-talkies My two sisters, Cindy & Noelle, toasting a better year-to-come for them both!
My awesome Bro and I on Christmas Eve.
The Scherman/Fletcher Clan: From left - Cindy, Brent, Noelle, Jay, Marcia, Dave, me, Mike & Tyler
Scherman/Fletcher Kids and our alcohol
Tyler Christmas Morning
Brutus! Go Bucks!Ty's "cheese" face
First time bowling with the Hester clan in Norwalk/Sandusky

Cancun Adventures

In the middle of December, I was fortunate enough to go on a trip to Cancun, Mexico with my two BFFs. It was truly a gift to make memories and spend quality time with these ladies, and I am so grateful we were able to do it. A million thanks to our men...who stepped up to take care of our collective 4 kids so we could relax and catch up in paradise. Love you Lisa & Rina! Truly my soulmates!

Our sweet hotel! We truly didn't have to go anywhere else. It was paradise.

Sushi dinner
Cocktails :)

Lots of beach time and pool time!

Our "nice" dinner the last night. It was so romantic :)
Rested and relaxed mommies!

Christmas Preparations '09

I'm 1/2 a year behind, and that's terrible...but it's been a tough 2010 thus-far. Here's me...trying to make it right and catch up as best I can. Here are a few memories of the Christmas '09 preparations:

Ty and I baking cookies
Children's Academy Holiday Party - Time with Santa
Ty's class singing rudolph the red-nosed cute! Miss Jenn is a saint
Our rudolph
Helping us put up the tree!