My Journey Through SIF

If you've struggled with any sort of infertility, you know it's devastating!  My hubby and I struggled for 14 long months through SIF.  SIF stands for secondary infertility.  My infertility, however, was not just secondary.  I had the same issues with my son, but got lucky having a healthy pregnancy.  My SIF journey was a result of hormonal imbalance in the LP (aka the luteal phase) of pregnancy.  The LP is the time after ovulation has occurred.  My body was having problems creating the necessary hormones needed to sustain a pregnancy, if fertilization was to occur.  As a result, we experienced 2 very difficult miscarriages, and struggled to conceive on our own. 

As a result of our SIF, we sought the help of a RE (reproductive endocrinologist).  He blamed my hormonal issues on my running "habit" and my low body weight.  He asked me to cut down my running drastically, and he put me on hormonal supplements.  During the course of the testing, I was diagnosed with RPL (reaccurent pregnancy loss), MTHFR mutation (a gene that decreased my ability to process folic acid) and a decrease in progesterone during my LP (aka LPD or luteal phase defect). 

I felt broken, hopeless, sad and frustrated.  It was a very hard time for our family.  My dr put me on ovidrel injections in my LP, progesterone, and a supplement to help my absorption of folic acid due to my MTHFR mutation (I was only a carrier).  I was skeptical.  I was also very sad I was unable to give my son a sibling.  We were just preparing to start an IUI when we got the best surprise of our lives, the successful pregnancy of our daughter! 

Although I was skeptical about going to see an RE, using unnatural means to expand our family and spend much time and money on the process, I am so glad we did.  I am a huge proponent of understanding your body, your cycle and your issues, instead of just "letting things happen".  Not all women are capable of conceiving naturally.  It is better to be informed and prepared, then go through the horrible emotional turmoil IF causes families. 

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If you are struggling with IF, there is always hope!