Sunday, April 27, 2008

10 Months

This Friday Tyler turned 10 months. Mike and I still can't believe he's been here this long, yet we can't imagine our lives without him here! I can't believe that he'll be 1 in just two short months! My time does fly by. Here are a few highlights of his 10th month.

Discovering...Tyler is EVERYWHERE!Bubbles (note the Mickey Mouse t-shirt...he's obsessed!)
Playing! Ty can now entertain himself for extended periods of time. While we were at Lisa & Bob's Ty got to experience his first playroom and he was so stimulated we realized we needed a playroom now more than ever! Here he is in Lucas & Addison's playroom (note...Mickey again!)"So over" baby food. Ty is now eating almost exclusively table foods. It started while we were in St. Louis and now he's really eating just about anything we give him. He loves brown rice, peas, corn, perrogis, cheese and watermelon! It's a fun time!

Climbing begins!Dada! Ty has finally said his second word...Dada! Mike could not be happier and Ty just adores his daddy!

1. Ty has 2 new teeth. I know most babies get a few bottom teeth before any uppers but Tyler now has his two front teeth. The right (his right) one is in farther than the left...but they're both in their way in! How funny!

2. Walking...with his push walker. Ty is a pro now at his push walker. It's just a matter of time before he takes his first steps. :)

3. Sippy cup. We took out the valve just to try it out and Tyler drank down 3oz of water in a flash. Now if we can only teach him to use the valve...we're working on it!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Play Date

On Wednesday, Tyler and I had some last-minute visitors. My good friend from college, Kimmy, was in town from LA to visit family and friends, so she brought over her daughter Eleanor (who was born on July 8th, just 13 days after Ty). Kimmy isn't in town very often so we try to take advantage of any second we can steal her away from her family, so we can catch up and just spend some time together. We hope to spend some more time with her and Ella on Sunday for brunch as well! We had a really nice visit, although it was impossible to catch up enough since we were crawling around on the floor after toddlers the entire time. It was also really hard to get a good picture of the two of them actually looking the same way. Here's my attempt. Learning to shareAlready getting into trouble togetherWe also had a few other special Aunt Alison and cousin, Elizabeth came to see Tyler and came bearing gifts from their trip to Mexico. We had a relaxing time catching up! Thanks for making the trip guys. I wish we could see you more often!

You can find me in St. Louie

So last weekend we took a road trip down to St. Louis for a 1st bday party. My best friend Lisa had a wonderful party for her son, Lucas. Although the occasion was a special one in became even more special when all my close high school friends also made the trip down. It was the first time we were all in the same place with all our kiddos and husbands and it was such a special time! It's really amazing to look back on when we all first met and hung out back in high school and how many phases of life we have all been through, moving, weddings, new homes, babies and more babies. It was just a perfect weekend seeing old friends; Pam, Lisa, Marina, Becky, Venessa and was a pleasure...lets do it again soon! Here are a few pictures of the kiddos and the birthday festivities. Between us we have 7 kids and we will welcome 3 new babies to the group soon...can't wait to meet all of them (May (Marina), July (Becky) and October (Venessa))! I also want to note that Lisa & Bob just bought a gorgeous new house and we want to thank them for letting us invade it for the weekend. It' s just beautiful, congrats guys! Jimmy & Venessa's Erica...look at those eyes! Watch out Jimmy...she's a heartbreaker already!Lucas, the birthday boy, and Lisa & Bob opening all the gifts!Lucas and mommy

Lucas with one of his froggies (frogs and bugs was the theme)

Pam & RyanAdorable Mia & Louie (I would say 1/2 of my pictures from the weekend were of much fun!)Future American Idol 2023, Big sister Addison

Smile Mia (how cute is this!)Ty learning to play with other kids (he's with Mia here)

Tyler & Lucas hanging out in their pj's with Lisa (can you tell Lisa has food :))

Monday, April 21, 2008

Open House

So last week we put our house on the market. I know...I's not a great time to be selling a house (we must be crazy)...but we decided..what the heck! After Tyler and the plastic explosion began we started to realize that we didn't have as much room as we originally thought in our fabulous first house. We started crunching the numbers and realized that we would probably save more money buying a bigger house when the market was down a bit than we would on the back end of selling our house...if we could sell our house and make enough for a down payment that is. begins! I had forgotten...probably much like pregnancy much it sucks to live in a house you are trying to sell. We had our first open house this past weekend and I just about lost it while I was preparing the home, packing away pictures and decor, and cleaning like a mad woman! I am hating every minute of wiping myself out the door everyday...trying to keep Ty's toys from taking over the family room, the animal shedding under control, and wiping down every surface before going to bed every night just in case we have a showing. My only saving grace right now is our open house turnout. I was feeling pessimistic (yes me...shocking I know...hint of sarcasm here) about our open house right from the start. It was raining and a bit chilly and I was convinced that no one would show up. I am happy to report...I was wrong! 7 people showed up to see our house, and one nosy neighbor, and 2 of the 7 came back a second time with other family members during the two hour open house. It was a good sign...but no offers thusfar. It has only been 24 hours since the open house and still no offers...but I am now slightly optimistic. It doesn't help...however...that Mike and I stumbled upon the most perfect house yesterday...and I've practically moved into it in my head already (sigh!). Here's hoping something happens soon!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tyler the Toddler

Tyler is officially a toddler. He's crawling like the wind and pulling up on everything vertical. It's amazing to watch his transformation. Ty is also so close to walking. He can walk while holding our fingers and is getting better everyday at walking with his push walker we got him for Easter. Of course, his favorite and most dangerous activity is when he gets going in his walker. He literally rams anything and everything, including me, the dog and any open door. He pushes anything that rolls along with him and moves at unbelievable speed when he sees the fridge or pantry open. Ty also decided this weekend that he was "so over" breastfeeding and started to refuse to feed from me. It was both sad and liberating at the same time. I would much rather he refuse me than me have to refuse him as he screams for food. This is the best way to wean and he was obviously ready to do so. I'm coping okay. I miss the closeness and I'm in a bit of pain, but things are moving along fine in that department so far. Such is life! On a more exciting note, Ty is eating more and more table foods lately, even enjoying taco meat the other night. We're enjoying trying new things with him and it's clear to us he's getting bored with the baby food and is ready for the next stage of sustinance. We welcome the change.
Eating taco meat...yummy! I was really surprised he liked all the spices.
The last three days have been 65-75 so we've been enjoying the warmer weather. Ty had never experienced grass before so I took him outside to check it out. At first...he wanted nothing to do with it and looked both confused and disgusted that I just sat him in it. Although he made some awful faces and cried a bit, he did finally take the plunge and crawl over to much as he didn't want to put his hands down on the grass. It was hilarious to watch! :)

Friday was also Mike's 31st bday so on Sunday we went with friends and family to BD Mongolian BBQ for dinner. Mike recently lost 26 lbs, so it's a nice treat for him to have an all-you-can eat night out:) Mike's best friend, Kevin, his wife and two boys joined us as well. My how far these two have come...from 5th grade to a wife and kids!