Tuesday, March 6, 2012

TAT: The Best of Us

Dear T & B,
You are both the lights of my life.  You are the best things that have ever happened to me!  I pray nightly that the traits you received from me and your Daddy bode well for you in the future.  Hopefully your genetics will be good to you.  If not, I hope our nurturing skills will help you develop into the best you can be (which is all I ask for).  I am so proud of who you have already become.  I look forward to watching you grow into yourselves and develop your own distinct personalities.   

I hope you inherit the following from Mommy:
1. a love for learning - education is so very important, and I hope you realize that early on and love it as much as I do.  Treat school with respect and take it seriously. 
2. a kind heart, willing to go out of your way (sometimes at a fault) for others
3. determination and drive - you can do it, Mommy knows you can!  She did!
4. creative and crafty - I hope at least one of you will want to sit down with me to make an invitation, do a pinterest craft, enjoy school projects, even if you're not good at it
5. rhythm - oh please say you got this from Mommy, and not your Daddy ::eek::
6. willingness to try new and exciting foods and travel to new places, being adventurous - I promise to support that time in your lives when you want to live in a new country (Mommy did!).  I will try to control my anxiety and be there for you (as my parents were).

Lets pray these Mommy genes have skipped you:
1. perfectionism, uptight OCD - it's a tough weight to bear
2. anxiety - It's very scary to lose control to an anxiety attack.  I hope you never have to experience it.
3. easily embarrassed and uncomfortable in unfamiliar situations - get out there and sell those Girl Scout Cookies, chocolate bars, don't be like Mommy (I had to ask my little brother to do it)
4. verbal diarrhea - need I say more
5. overly sensitive - I get my feelings hurt a lot.  It would break my heart to see you in pain.
6. road rage - although I already see some of this in T.  I promise to try to reel it in a bit when you're in the car with me.

Daddy has some great traits I hope you received:
1. patience and able to put things in perspective - he's strong like oak, a very calming force in our house
2. flexibility - he goes with the flow while Mommy panics
3. loyalty - to friends, family and work
4. handy - he can fix anything and I hope you both can be self-sufficient in that respect
5. spontaneity - I suck at this!  I hope you can be more like your Daddy!
6. faith - go to Church with Daddy!  Mommy is trying to get on board (I really am).

Sorry, Daddy, but I hope T & B don't get your:
1. close-minded view of food and drink - I hope they are more adventurous and willing
2. willingness to explore social media - get on board, hubs...please!
3. stubborness - oh lord!
4. sarcasm (from us both...they're in trouble)
5. no respect for the arts (I hope they paint, write, read, sing, play an instrument, participate in drama, dance, the works!)

Although I know genetics play a significant role, I hope you can learn to control the negative traits better than we do (as it's hard to change at 30+) and let the good flourish.  I hope we can give you a solid base on which to grow into a child that can stand on their own two feet and be strong in your beliefs and convictions.  We love you so much, and we're already proud of you! 


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