Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Colossal Stroller Mistake

I've made a mistake!

This admission alone is monumental. 

Let me give you a little back story.  Before we were blessed via our RE with our little miracle #2, we already owned 4 strollers.  Yes folks, 4, for just our little man, ONE child!  We had our larger first stroller that had the infant carrier attachment, 2 umbrella strollers (one for each car), and my performance baby jogger.  This wasn't completely ridiculous, as each stroller had its specific purpose and place.  When we were expecting Brynleigh, I had decided that I hated my umbrella stroller.  The parent cup holder always fell off and it was a bear to maneuver with any sort of weight on it, and the basket sucked.  So...I picked out a smooth riding combi for my umbrella stroller.  It also had an attachment for the infant carrier, so I thought I was consolidating. 

 Combi Stroller #1
Baby Jogger Performance (that I still love!)

 Umbrella Stroller (mine)
**Not Pictured:  Hubby's jeep umbrella stroller**

Here's what I thought would work...Ty was going to be 4 so I thought he'd never want to ride.  That would mean Bryn and her carrier would be in the stroller, a new combi that was small and easy to drive, fold & carry.  On the small chance that he WOULD want to ride, I could carry Bryn in my Ergo or wrap and push him.  This would save me the financial burden of buying a double or sit n stand, and also save me the headache of doing the research on what to pick (as I take that part pretty seriously, never buying unless I have read countless reviews). 

New combi

So now this gets me to the present.  After trying out other options at the zoo, local amusement park, pool, parks, walks, etc...I MADE A COLOSSAL MISTAKE!  I should have bought a sit n stand right at the beginning, and not the combi.  Although, I reason with myself like this...soon Ty really won't want to ride, but Bryn will be 2 or 3 still riding, so that combi will come in handy as my umbrella stroller.  But...

in 5-7 business days...I will be the proud owner of this...

and I am so excited!  After trying one out personally at Buy Buy Baby, I know it will make my life much easier for this and next summer.  A full year of use is good enough for me.  So for those of you with new LO's...when you think about another...if he/she is 2.5 or older, get a sit n stand!  That's my 2 cents!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Baseball Bash Bonanza

Okay, I confess...I'm illness...a mixture of OCD and perfectionism.  But the result of said illness are some killer birthday parties for my little man, stock full of minute details and a great theme.  This year it was a baseball theme.  I admit, in the past four years I have usually "picked" the theme, for obvious reasons.  This year and last I did actually ask his opinion, albeit swayed him a tiny bit one way or another because of some creative ideas that might have been floating around in my brain.  I also admit that I had planned to "tone it down" this year.  Insert hubby's eye rolling here.  We were going to have less people (yeah right), less food (come on now) and I would focus mostly on the kids who attended (I swear I meant to do this one!).  Most of those changes didn't happen...we had about 40 people, and will be eating hot dogs and brats for the rest of our lives...but...I think it was quite a successful party.  Now, as I type at this present moment, I have vowed that next year I will not throw him a party at home...I will be smarter, and PAY SOMEONE ELSE to entertain and feed them.  But that is now...who knows what will happen come April or May of next year when I'm off planning again.  Ty has gotten four great parties thus far, and we do have another little angel who will also get four years of parties, so my job is not done...not even a bit.  I have to admit I even have a theme in mind for her 1st birthday (yes I'm sick!!!), since we call her "buggie" I was thinking ladybugs?!?   However, as of now...after a fish party, truck party, diego & baseball theme...I'm done throwing large, themed boy parties.  I hope our little man had a great time!  Here are some highlights:

Baseball Decor

The goodie bags with an example blow-up bat.  Do you think I'd give those kids blow-up bats AT the!  The goodie bags had the bat, baseball tattoos, big-league chew and a star-shaped curly straw.
 Table decor - peanuts, popcorn, sunflower seeds & cracker jacks
 My handmade banners
 more table decorations, I decorated with green tablecloths & made a diamond out of athletic tape
 baseball napkins & red, white & blue utensils
 I named every food with a baseball term
 Our "concessions" (more handmade banners, diamonds, baseball termed food...and Granddad at the grill serving up homerun hotdogs, bunt brats & triple-play turkey dogs :))
 Games.  I bought a big blow-up catcher so they could throw balls into the net
 homerun derby
 The best $$ I ever spent...the sports-themed bouncehouse!  It was a hit, even the adults loved it!
 Even the little guys enjoyed some baseball games
 Ty, his friends & his double-layered cookie cake (yum!)
 Make a wish
 candy-filled baseball pinata
 a candy free-for-all
 present opening...he is such a spoiled and loved little guy
 Derrick Rose bulls shirt from Grams & Granddad

Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Baby is 4

To my boy,

Today you turned four, and I remember you coming into the world like it was yesterday.  Four years ago I was a scared new mommy, worried about her new little baby who was whisked into the NICU with breathing problems. It was only four years ago that I really understood what pure, unending love felt like from the first moment I layed eyes on you.  You came into our lives and changed them forever, but I wouldn't want it any other way.  You slept through the night at 5 weeks, mama was your first word, you never fussed when you got a new tooth, but we always knew when you were teething because you stuck your tongue out, and took your first steps just days before you turned one.  When you're sick or hurt only mommy can make it better, you still demand 3 books at bedtime, sometimes you say the darndest things, you're kind, bugs and cars are your favorite things and no matter how hard I try I can't get you to like strawberries.  When you laugh, a big belly laugh, it still brings tears to my eyes, and when you tell me that you love me or that I'm the best mommy in the whole world, I can't believe that you're mine! Tyler, you are an energetic, compassionate, funny little boy who could talk all day if we let you.  You have lit up our lives with a new sense of adventure, and we are blessed to be your mommy & daddy!  We hope your birthday was so very special, because you are the most special and loved little boy in the world!  Happy Birthday, Ty-man!  We love you!

Your very blessed Mommy & Daddy

Just born
 You're One!
Our Cutie is Two

 Today!  You're a big four year old! :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Monumental

I don't want to forget what happened last night, as the memory might get me through the next few months trying to get it to happen again.  ::Drum roll::  Buggie slept from 11:57 pm to 7:45 am....ALMOST 8 HOURS!!!!  Hallelujah!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Post-Partum Body: An Update

 As I've mentioned in previous posts...I thought I was doing pretty well with getting my post-baby body back, considering I am a mommy of 2 all alone M-F.  But...I've been stalled out a bit, and struggling with my emotions on my lack of progress.  So to remind myself how far I've come...I put together this post.

36 hours after birth
 4 days post birth
 2 weeks PP
 3 weeks PP
 1 Month PP
 5 weeks PP

6 weeks PP

7 weeks PP
 9 weeks PP

Although half my wardrobe is  pipe-dream...I'm trying to stay positive. 

The Men in our Lives

My hubs is now a father of two, and I couldn't be luckier!  He's been an even better Daddy than I could have hoped him to be, and he is in love with his kids!  Ty & Bryn are so lucky to have a man that wants to be home and engaged with his family!  Happy Father's Day!  We love you!!

Special wishes to my Daddy too, who is not only a great Dad, but an incredible & loving Granddad to two kids that adore him!

We also love Papa, and we're incredibly lucky to have him in our lives, and the lives of our kids!  Happy Fathers Day!

We are so blessed to have 3 very important Daddys in the lives of the kids!  Bryn, Ty and I love you all! xoxoxo