Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Random November

I know I've been lax about updating the blog yet again...but it's been such a busy winter season I have just found the time to upload all the pictures from the past 2 months.

We have been busy with our fiesty 2.5 year old. He had a pretty big growth spurt as of late, growing almost completely out of his 2T pants, as well as going up an entire shoe size in a matter of weeks. He is now speaking in complete sentences, often times saying things we have no idea where he heard or learned them. He often calls for us "come on guys, hurry up" and has begun to say at the dinner table "I don't want it cause I don't like that". Mealtimes have been a struggle. He just doesn't want to stop long enough to eat. So we have been resorting to timeouts to get him to behave at the dinnertable. He is now completely out of his booster seat and sits in a big boy seat with his Diego placemat, so that makes it much harder to keep him at the table. He just started to refuse to sit in his booster...so we make it work. We have also been chugging along with potty training, however it's been a battle everyday. I just don't think he's ready yet. He has now started standing up to pee, which is adorable, but #2 has only been done 2 times thusfar on the potty.

Our other milestone in November/December is the transition to a big-boy bed. It went very smoothly and we are glad to have all the "baby" items taken down and put away. I found an incredible deal on a set from JC Penny (pictures to come soon) that is ALL BOY! He's been great with staying IN his bed (thusfar) and takes naps successfully as well. I'll take 1 of 2...no potty success (ugh how I hate those diaper bills!)...but the big boy bed is a success.

Other than that, Mike and I are still chugging along at our jobs. My cheer season finally came to an end, so that leaves more time for family and my other interests, which is nice. We've also been doing some small household projects and seeing family often. Here are a few random picturs of November.

Ty putting himself in timeout and saying "leave me alone Mommy".

My coworker Jesse and me at a friend's wedding
Hager and her hubs Geoff on their wedding night
My boys during a lunch together on a day I was off
Ty helping us with household projects...and getting into trouble
his most favorite thing to do...read!!! He loves books and often times pretends to spell out words and read, most famously T-I-T. Don't know where he got that from, but it's really embarassing when he does it in the cart at Target or grocery shopping. :)