Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring Ahead

What amazing weather we had this weekend!  It was incredible to get the kids out in the beautiful sunshine to play, and do a little spring cleaning.  I just wish I could spring ahead to summer, so I could be home with my kiddos enjoying the weather every day.  I can't wait!  2 weeks till spring break and then 1 more quarter of school.  ::whoot:: 

B got to experience her first ride in the push buggy.  She LOVED it.  She bounced around and giggled the entire time. 
 T very much enjoyed giving his sissy a ride.  My heart exploded.  It's these moments when I realize how much I wanted to give him a sibling, and why SIF was so painful.  Watching them interact just makes me giddy with happiness.
 B is taking to the road...and gotta love my shadow.
 A few new B-isms this weekend were playing peek-a-boo, saying baba for brother, getting incredibly hard to wash and keep seated in the ducky bath (might be time to transition to the big bath), new toys (I kept some back from Christmas) and finally pulling up consistently! 

She loves her crocwagon.  It was a huge hit!

 Although she prefers her walker backwards, we are elated B is showing interest in pulling up and standing, finally.
 T got a haircut this weekend, went to the library and got a ton of pre level 1 and level 1 books for us to work on his reading, went to McDonalds playland with Mommy and B, made the entire congregation laugh at church, played superheroes with his buddy Landon, brought home a very good report card from preschool (thank the lord!)and gave himself a good shave.  LOL!

I am still trying to process the great loss I experienced, recently losing a former student I was very close to.  It was great to get together with some students and then some colleagues to share happy and fun memories of Jake, and just be there to support each other.  The services are Tuesday.  I'm not good at dealing with funerals.  That will obviously be very difficult.  It's just been hard for me to relive such a similar tragedy to that of my best friend I lost when I was just 15.  Opening old wounds is never fun.  Thank God for my family, as they give me a reason to be bright and cheery every day, spin class and a good coffee always help too.
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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