Monday, March 5, 2012

The Floor, My Second Home

I have to admit, much of my weekends are spent on the floor.  If I'm not crawling around with B, I'm playing with T (although hubs is the best wrestling mommy can be a wimp),  or folding laundry on the floor or watching the kiddos play together ::swoon::.  I look back at my days at home, and realize I spend most of it on my butt or my knees.  Thank the Lord for two of my most favorite things; 1. my vacuum and 2. this little beauty! 
Oh how I lurrrvvvee this baby! Shark Steam Mop 

And speaking of cleaning products (they definitely get this type-A OCD clean/organization freak pumped up!)...I'm looking to add to my arsenal.  I want a smaller stick vacuum that I can use to clean up in front of our garage door where we track in lots of crap AND underneath B's high chair (she's a messy gal) and T, no matter where he eats.  So, what do you think of these guys?!?  Advice, reviews, other options?!?!

The Shark Navigator or the Navigator Light

I digress...
Our weekend was spent mostly at home enjoying our cuties.  B is on the move, big-time.  She's a crawling machine.  So...up went the gates. ::boo:: We also saw her pull up in her crib for the first time.  That was exciting, and terrifying.  She hasn't done it since, but we know she can now (it's a milestone nonetheless).  

Here are some photo highlights of my time on the floor with my family.

Need some help with that, mom?
I'm on my way, if I can see through these bangs!
B & T playing "fort" (or at least that's what T thought they were doing)

My little man "posing" and acting silly for the camera

My girl and her baby blues
Oh those eyelashes ::swoon::
Hanging on mommy's necklace like a gymnast
Our "party in the back" baby mullet

Hope you all had a fun-filled weekend with your families.  Don't forget about my March blog swap.  You can get details HERE.

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