Friday, August 22, 2008

Some new tricks

Here are a few new thing Ty has learned to do as of late. I tried to get them all into about a minute is obvious by the first couple of things I try...he didn't want to do them all but here are a few things he can do now:

says mama, dada, dog, cat, uh-oh, ball, oh-tootles (from Mickey Mouse Playhouse)
signs hi/bye, sleep, more, milk, eat, all-done
gives high-5
gives a "pound"
gives a kiss
we're working on giving hugs and blowing kisses as well as a few more signs (help, book, bath, water)
he also drinks out of a new bigger sippy...thanks Lisa!
goes up and down stairs pretty safely
he finally learned yesterday how to go down our little slide by himself
and he's RUNNING...not walking!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Fun with the Faulkners

This weekend was a special one...the Faulkner family of 4 came to Cincinnati to visit us...and catch a Reds v. Cards baseball game. It was just a perfect weekend. The weather was perfect, we got to be very active with the kids, and we got to have some much-needed adult time as well. We kept very busy making trips to the pool, taking the Faulkner's for famous Cincinnati chili, playing outside, running through the sprinklers, taking walks, going to the baseball game, cooking out and playing with lots and lots of toys! The adults even got to see 6 innings of the baseball game, and the guys golfed 9 holes while us gals chatted away and sat outside for a full hour and a half just the two of us catching up and remembering old times! It was wonderful to have them here and we certainly appreciated that they would travel almost 6 hours to see us with 2 kids and a dog in the car! Now that Ty is older, he can really appreciate seeing his St. Louis "cousins" and had a great time following them around and doing more playing than he's done all summer long! What a great weekend, say the least! We are really looking forward to making these trips more of a tradition...and it will be our turn to travel to St. Louis next. It's really amazing to think back to the early days with Lisa and how things have changed since the days of high we have how life changes...wasn't it just last year we were headed to the Palindrome to go dancing?! I have many many (understatement) adorable pix of the kiddos hanging out brace yourself...and enjoy!

Addison tickling TylerThe boys trying to "share"Addison dancing like a ballerinaTy and Lucas sharing a snack and a drink (or should I say wanting each other's ba-ba's)Fun times at the park...the Faulkner familyTyler giving Lucas a lift in his new push-buggy...and push he didLisa and Addision enjoying the weather and our new neighborhoodBathtime fun for the toddlers who worked up quite a sweat playing outsideThe Faulkner Family at Great American Ballpark for the reds v. cardinals game

Lucas, Ty and Addision enjoying the baseball game...and boy was it HOT! Cooling off after an afternoon at the ballparkThe kiddos hanging out on their last morning together...playing and watching Mickey!

Addison with her princesses...and Lisa wasn't lying...she's obsessed! SO CUTE!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

My Dad turns 30...for the second time!

This weekend we headed to Chi-town to help my Dad celebrate his 60th bday. My mom put together a huge BBQ for him on Saturday night and it was a big hit. There was lots of great food, plenty of booze and far too many tequila shots...but a great time was had by all. My mom did a great job with the party and we were so glad we could make it up. Tyler was a hit, as usual, and amazingly slept right through the remainder of the loud and rowdy party. Here are a few shots (oh that still gives me residual headache pangs from the weekend) of Ty hanging with his Granddad, the birthday "boy".
Giving Granddad his birthday card
Tyler's favorite new game...peek-a-boo!