Sunday, January 20, 2008


Here's our latest Tyler update for month 6...he'll be 7 months on Friday! Can you believe it?!

Tyler has begun to babble and he loves the letter B. It's his first consonant. He is also doing W and L so far, maybe D...we can't tell sometimes. We are holding our breath for the first real word, and working on baby sign language as well. He can also sit up for much longer periods of time and can play by himself on the floor sitting up. The big new trick this week was Tyler flipping over from his stomach to his back during the night to play (as usual) but then flipping back over to his stomach and putting himself back to sleep! We were so excited! Usually we have to get up and either change his diaper, feed him or flip him back over and put on the FP aquarium until he fusses himself to sleep. We were so relieved that it was possible, finally! He has what we call "Mommy syndrome" now. If I'm in his line of sight at all...he wants me and he lets us know it! It's both cute and annoying when I want a moment and need Mike to hold him. Being a FT working mom...I always worried he wouldn't know who I was if he was with someone else all day long...but boy does he! :)

We've also slowly moved into 2nd foods. I'm still breastfeeding...but we have introduced 2-3oz of formula to his feedings when I'm at work, and begun to dig into the frozen stock. I can't replenish as fast as he goes through it so when it's's gone. I think we can make it 1 more month at least (which will be 8 months...way past my initial goal)...if my supply holds up. We're playing it by ear. I'm trying not to stress about it. I am mostly continuing because it's easier AND cheaper! The formula (even the 4 or 5oz/5 days a week) is expensive enough. If we can stay away from the expense...the longer the better!

Tyler is really getting his own personality and it is more evident everyday. We love to just watch him learn and explore. It's so evident in his eyes that he is learning something new or discovering how something works. We are also going to transition him to a bigger carseat. He's just too big for the carrier now and since he's sitting up better...we're going to start the slow transition this week. I am eager to get him out of the carrier in some ways (it's so heavy and hard to maneuver) but in other ways I'll miss the convenience of it. I guess we'll see how it goes.

Tyler will make his first trip to Mommy's hometown of Chicago this coming weekend for Auntie Pam's 30th birthday. I'm so excited to show him around and have him meet some really important people in my life! It will be my first time ever away from Tyler overnight. I am already a tiny bit freaked out about it...but I know I have to do it sometime. Gotta "rip off the bandaide" I guess! :) Wish me luck!

For some reason Ty loves to attach to my chin. He thinks it's hilarious! He only does this to me and...I's weird...but entertaining no less. The video below is Tyler playing with a cheese wrapper. We spend all that money on toys and this simple object can entertain him for 20 or 30 minutes. Go figure!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Splish...Splash...Ty's Takin' A Bath:)

Tyler has moved to the big bath, but since he can't quite sit up with 100% efficiency, we are using this blow-up duckie bath in the meantime (how cute is it!). He loves it! It even quacks when you squeeze its funny! He has also recently started playing with toys in the bathtub and doesn't want to ever get out of the tub once in it. It's a fun time for the whole family watching him experience something new and be so excited about it! He's definitely a water baby!:)Doesn't he look like a different baby with all his hair pushed back?!Discovering all his new bath toys (thanks Great Aunt D)Kickin back relaxin'
(I had to pick this picture..there were others better) because his little wee-wee was mostly covered and Mike didn't want that on the internet in case Tyler wants to be President one day:)

Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday, January 7, 2008

Starting 2008 (UP)right!

Tyler is sitting up on his own. He's getting better at it everyday, but he definitely has some spills and doesn't quite understand how to shift his weight without falling over. It's a big milestone and we're excited! Ty is also holding his own bottle (when bottle-fed by his Mimi) and working on a sippy cup. He's getting SO BIG! We can't believe what a little person he's becoming. It's like watching a miracle in action...AMAZING! Now if only we could get him to eat his green vegetables without gagging :)