Friday, June 26, 2009

Truck-Themed 2nd Birthday Party

This is going to be a long hang in there! On the 20th of June, we hosted a 2nd birthday party for Tyler in our backyard. It was a truck-themed event, as Ty is pretty much obsessed with all things trucks! I went with more of a construction theme and made the black tablecloths roads and the centerpieces trucks of all sorts. I also decided that instead of doing BBQ I would make something Tyler really loved, so I went with Italian (or noo-noo's as he calls them). It seemed to be a hit. It was also fun this year because Tyler could play and run around with all of his friends. Last year he was just beginning to walk. The kids blew bubbles, played with their pails and shovels (that was their "goody bag") in the sand, ran through the sprinkler, and had a blast on our new swingset. I was pleased with the party...and glad the stress was over. Ty seemed to have a blast too...which melted my heart! Now we have to figure out what to do with all this plastic. I think it's time to box up some of his baby toys and call amvets:) Here are some pictures of the party for those of you that couldn't make the trip. His cute truck cake and my attempt at a dirt cake in a truck!Some of the decorOpening gifts with his buddies Connor and Logan (and Daddy too)Mimi and Auntie Cindy looking onHis cute Miami backpack from Mimi and Papa DaveSprinkler fun with his friends (thanks Uncle Brian and T for the cool gift!)Bubbles with TA tired, wet boy after his party...getting ready for a LONG nap!My fam, who were an incredible help during the partyAs far as Ty goes...he's just the most amazing and loving little boy! It's incredible how much he has changed, and how blessed I feel to see it all first-hand since I'm home over the summer. His vocabulary has gone into overdrive in the past few weeks. It's amazing! He is also the king of repeating every word, no matter how I have to be very careful these days with my road rage:) Here are a few new things he does/says that I find funny or entertaining:

"oh my" or "oh geez" or "oh boy" or "oh yeah", he kisses my boo-boos (and his own) often, gives the biggest hugs, sings twinkle twinkle little star in the grocery store...loudly, sings spongebob square pants theme song in his toddler language and it's hilarious, he says "whee" every time we push him on a swing, when I come into a room he says "hi mom" like a teenage boy (hilarous!), kisses the dog and hugs her everyday, he tries to whistle for cincy (it's more of a screech but it's adorable), "hi Cinc" or "good girl" or "go potty Cincy" because he loves his doggie, he has to go into the bathroom with us and say "bye bye poo-poo bye bye pee-pee" and flush (it's really fun when we're in public bathrooms and he's announcing to whoever is listening that Mommy is going pee-pee and poo-poo even when I'm not), Ty can count to 10 but never says the number his counting starts with 2. When he counts to 3...he says "two, three, two", Ty is swimming and jumping in the pool/lake without any adult help (he has no fear!), says "thank you mom" without being prompted, he's obsessed with shoes and is very particular with which pair he wears everyday, Ty lines up everything...his cars, books, whatever, in perfect lines (thanks to his OCD mom...oops), when he has poop he backs his butt up to us and says "oh poo-poo mommy, yeah poo-poo" then he grabs is diaper caddy and brings it to us (now if only he would sit on the darn potty!), he can throw his dirty diapers and anything else we ask him in the trash (handy!), he'll randomly come up to me and say "I wuve ooo" and gives me a kiss (heart melting!), when he farts he says "oohh" then whispers "I toot ma-ma", calls milk "mop" and it's too cute to try to correct just yet, when we take his shoes and socks off for the day he smells his feet and says "oh pee-ewww, stinky feet", he washes himself in the shower and follows the prompts we give him on what body part to wash (he knows every...I mean every...part), when he can't find me he says "oh mama, where are you?".

There are so many more great things...a million...but I am sure I have bored you thusfar, if you are even still with me. I just can't believe he's 2! Time truly flies when you're having fun, and we certainly are having a blast with our little man! We love him more than words...and can't believe he's not our baby anymore.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Random June

June has been a busy month for us, full of random laughs, big events, and firsts. Tyler is a classic toddler. He's constantly on the go, climbing everywhere, and talking and doing things that make us laugh constantly. Here are a few pictures that correspond to some of those randoms.

Tyler's last day at daycare for the summer
Our little fish loves bubble baths and swimming pools. He's now jumping off the side of the pool by himself and thinks he can swim. He wants no help from Mommy...even though he still needs it. He even practices his strokes in the bath frequently.This was priceless! After one of my evening runs, I was doing my abs on the family room floor and look over and Ty was doing them with me...hilarious!
Trying on all my bike gear and sippin' on my camelback.
When I was at Home Depot ordering our new fridge, I turned around for a second and Ty was climbing in the display cute!
Hours of fun with one of his new toys...a sand and water table. Thanks Kimmy for this idea! Ty loved Eleanor's when we were in LA!
His "cheese" face

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Swingset Saturday...and Sunday

What was I thinking?? Another of my crazy ideas that will remain in infamy is deciding that Mike and I would give Tyler a swingset for his 2nd birthday, along with my parents. I found a great deal at Walmart and was pumped when we found it at one of the local Walmart Supercenters, after many phone calls and trips to various locations. I sent Mike to get the boxes and he came back with 3 huge boxes full of WOOD! It looked daunting...but luckily I have the handiest guy seriously I I wasn't worried. Mike spent an entire night after work arranging and labeling the wood and various screws, bolts, etc. It was quite a sight (wish I was smart enough to take a picture...but I wasn't)! We thought...oh 1 entire day should do it...yeah right! I had to attend Loveland graduation on a Saturday, and Mike was going to start tackling the swing set while I was gone. When I got back...there was not much to see...I started to get very nervous! After two long days and some change...we finally got it done, and it looks fantastic! Tyler is in love with his made all the work completely worth it with one excited squeal and broad grin! How cute is this? Ty helping Daddy. I just hope he ends up with one ounce of Mike's handiness!My boysThe first time Ty saw the finished productslide fun...he can do this for hours...literallybig boy swingthe finished product...well...there are actually monkey bars too...but we figured we could leave that to another summer, as he's to young right now anyway.

Friday, June 12, 2009

31...and Still Fun!

Memorial Day weekend was my big 31st. I thought at first that it would come and go without a problem, I mean what's one more year after thirty. However, as it crept closer I started to feel more and more depressed. I definitely think 31 was much harder than 30 for some reason. Maybe because I am now officially "in" my 30's! We spent the weekend in Sister Lakes, as usual, and were blessed with perfect weather. I feel so lucky to still get together with my parents and brother every year on my birthday weekend, the perks of being a memorial weekend baby I guess;) Ty loved the water and was a dare-devil jumping off the seawall with and without our help. He's definitely a water baby...the water was not exactly warm. Ty also loved the speed boat and my Dad's new gift to himself, the pontoon. He got lots of attention from my parents, his Uncle Brian and my brother's girlfriend Therese. I also got to swim in open water in preparation for my upcoming triathlons, which was helpful...and not fun at all:) All in all, it was an excellent weekend full of family, laughs and good memories. Here are a few random shots of the weekend. The fam enjoying the LakeTy and Daddy jumping off the seawall Our cool dude in the tube Loving his little pool...notice no suit (he always wanted to go in when he was not in a suit!)Quality time with Uncle Brian......and Grams and Granddad with their monkey:)Uncle Brian teaching Ty to drive the Mastercraft right (notice the beer)...and he was REALLY joke!Daddy and Ty on the boat loving the speedGiving hugs to "T" brother's girlfriend. She's great with Tyler and he loves her!Hanging with Granddad in the Lake on a beautiful Sister Lakes day

Monday, June 8, 2009

Boogie and Bike

Yes I know...I'm very behind on life around Mason, OH...but I swear I have great reasons for being a horrible blogger. The end of the school year is the busiest time of year for me hands down! Anyway, on the weekend of May 15-17 we had lots of events going on. I chaperoned the Loveland High School prom with a few friends from school. We collectively decided to leave the guys in our lives at home so as to not bore them to death. We grabbed dinner and then headed downtown to watch the Jr and Sr classes boogie down at their prom. It's always interesting to see such high school "milestones" from an adult perspective. When it was prom time around DGN, it was a BIG DEAL. I remember it as quite an event. But, looking at it from an adult perspective was funny. It just looked like any other dance throughout the year, except the dresses were more elaborate, the underclassmen weren't invited, and the event was downtown. Regardless, it's always fun to see favorite students, gossip about dresses or dates with fellow staff members, and shake our booties when the lights go down and we are able to hide ourselves in the corner. It was a good time!!! Here are a few pictures of me with some of my former students/cheerleaders.

The next day was our first triathlon...yes I did say Mike and I did this one TOGETHER! The Tri for Joe takes place at Coney Island and benefits Downs Syndrome research. It was a sprint tri which consisted of 700m swim, 18 mile bike and 3.1 mile run. We finished it and were both happy with our performances. The only complaint we had was the weather and the water temperature. It was only 45 degrees outside and the water was probably not quite 60 was FREEZING!!! After our hearts restarted upon entering the water, we survived, and it was really fun to finally have Mike there with me on one of my physical challenges. I am hoping he got the bug and will continue them with me in years to come.