Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Random July 2010 Moments

We have had a fun-filled summer.  I have truly enjoyed being home with Tyler.  Three is a very fun age, it's like having a built-in best friend at home instead of a baby to watch.  It's been such a joy to have this gift being home with him, for an extended period of time. 

We did an impromptu trip up to Dayton for a minor league Dayton Dragons game.  It was a great idea, and really fun...despite the million degrees.  We sat on the lawn for $7.00, can't beat that price!  Ty also "caught" a foul ball!  What a moment that was.

Ty & Daddy check-in out the line-up
Mommy & Ty

One random stormy July day, Mike & Ty decided to run in the rain.  It's definitely a simple pleasure.

I also signed up Tyler for gymnastics at the locale workout facility.  The Tiny Tumblers class was a blast for Ty, and a great 45 minutes of entertainment for Mommy too.  Mike's mom, Marcia, also enjoyed attending with me frequently.  Tyler love the class, his teachers, his buddies and all the cool equipment.  I was so glad I sprung for the class. 
My cutie just  a random day in July

July 4th ~ Another Perfect Weekend at the Lake

As always, the Scherman Family headed up to Sister Lakes, Michigan for the 4th.  We have had only perfect weather at the lake this year, and this weekend was no exception.  What a perfect place to spend time with family, enjoy the fireworks from the boat, eat good food, and just relax.