Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spring Break

This week Mike, Tyler and I joined my parents on Sanibel Island in Florida for a little R&R over my spring break. It was Ty's first trip on an airplane which was both exciting and terrifying for Mike and I. He did pretty well, considering he was getting over a terrible cold and he's now a mobile, antsy, talkative little 9 month old boy. Needless to say, Mike and I were both exhausted after tag-teaming on the flights down and back...but it was completely worth it! We used just about every trick in the book to keep him calm...bottles, puffs, cookies, toys, tylenol, singing, name it! :) We had an amazing vacation and can't thank my parents enough for including us for the 3rd year in a row. It was a true joy watching Tyler experience his first trip to the beach and in a pool. He just loved the sand and didn't eat too much of it. Ty also loved his new floatie from Grams. It was quite a contraption (see below pictures) and he spent quite a bit of time in the pool just floating and splashing away. We had a great time! Now if only the weather here in Cincy would warm up a few degrees it would finally start to feel like it's spring. Oh winter blues:(

This is where we stayed...views of the beach from the dock leading from the pool to the beach

View of the pool and Gulf from our condo porch. It was perfect! Thanks Mom!

Tyler's first day on the beach!Dipping our toes in the was freezing and Ty cried almost immediately! But we had to get the picture!Checking out the sandCheck out the shades:) He's one cool dude!Ty and Granddad in the condo pool in Tyler's new fun floatie (highly recommended!)Can you tell he's teething?! That tongue just wouldn't quit!Grams and Ty at our first seafood dinner (can't get any better than crab and mojitos!)The fam on the beach Enjoying day 2 of the beach. Striking a pose :)Hanging on the porch in our condo with GranddadStartin' early...that's our boy:)Mike and I enjoying a cold, much needed drink (take's Mike that has the strawberry daiquiri and not me!)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Tyler is, unfortunately, very sick on his first Easter. However, it didn't stop him from having a blast opening his Easter gift...a push toy for our mobile little man. We didn't get to spend time with our families because we didn't want to share our germs with everyone (I'm also sick), but we had a nice quiet day at home. HAPPY EASTER ALL!

A quick visit from Mimi & Auntie Cindy

Tyler is 3/4 of a year

So on Tuesday Tyler turns 9 months. I can't believe our little baby is rounding the end of his 1st year. Time sure does fly by! We went for his 9 month appt this week, since we'll be on Spring break in Florida when he officially turns 9 months. Here are his latest stats:
Height 28.5"
Weight 17lbs 14oz
He's a healthy little man! In other news...we are now only doing 2 breastfeeding sessions a day (morning and bedtime) and I have officially hung up my breast pump after 9 months (good riddance). I think it will find a nice new home at the Gustafson household and resume it's normal functions shortly...but for's retired!!! The other big piece of news to report is Ty's first official haircut. We took him to Cookie Cutters where we got to pick what vehicle he sat in and kids that get their haircut at this kids-only salon also get to pick their own DVD to watch when they get their haircut. We didn't pick one for Ty since it would not hold his attention for more than 30 seconds. As you can see in the pix was the car's steering wheel that kept him interested as his hair began to disappear. I have to admit I was a little traumatized when his hair was all gone...but he desperately needed a style and hair always grows back (at least that's how Mike comforted me). The difference is dramatic...but I'm sure I'll get used to it:) At least we can see his pretty blue eyes now.
Here's the new do :)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Moving at Warp Speed

Tyler has had a few big milestones as of late:
1. He's pulling up on EVERYTHING...and I mean everything...including my leg, the dog, his rocker, his walker, the coffee table, the stairs, the name it!
2. He's cruising (walking around the coffee table holding on and around his crib)
3. A tooth has appeared...FINALLY! One lone tooth has poked out of the skin on his lower right side. Ty definitely has been having teething pains and drooling up a storm as a result...but we were glad one finally appeared.
4. The crawling is now in warp speed and we're constantly running after him. He's definitely figured it out.
5. I think I saw my first baby sign. We always do the sign for "more" with him during dinner and I swear he did it a couple of times. I'm now even more determined to make these things work.

"Mommy...where's my puff?"

Gettin ready for spring break!Playing drums on pans (thanks for teaching him that Granddad!)

Hanging with Grams and Grandad

My weekend in Chicago for Marina's shower was also very special because Ty got to hang out with his Granddad and Grams. We have been lucky to see my parents every 4-6 weeks since Tyler has been born, which is very important to me. I want them to be a huge part of Tyler's life and watch all his little changes. I think they were pretty shocked when they saw how mobile he was and how alert and interactive he's become. We had a great time hanging out with Ty's grandparents (and Uncle Brian too!).

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Celebrating Baby G

Hot mamma!!

On March 8th all our close friends came together to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Marina & Corey's baby boy, due May 21st. We can't wait to welcome him into our growing group of kiddos. It's really amazing to watch my closest high school friends go through all the phases of life. It's even more amazing to go through all of these amazing moments together. The baby shower was held at my parents' house in DG and was a spring theme with a boy twist (turtles, frogs and bugs). Carol, Pam, Lisa and I had so much fun planning the event and being creative with our theme. It was a great success and Marina and Corey got some great swag for there baby boy G. Although I had to drive through a snow storm to get was 100% worth it to see the excitment on my friend's face as she prepares for the next big step in her life! We can't wait to meet you baby G!!!

The proud parents to be!
Lisa, Marina and I...finally it's not me or Lisa that are's Rina!
The cute cake (nice work Pammers!)
Opening gifts with the Abuela-to-be

Becky (preggars with her 2nd) hanging out with Ty
Corey practicing his Daddy skills
The cute decorations!

My bug creations :)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

A day at the park

Today was our first trip to the park in our neighborhood. It was the first day over 50 in a long time and, with the sun out, it was just warm enough to take Tyler out after a long winter indoors! It was his first time on the swing and I think he warmed up to it. We took him down the slides and crawled around on the jungle gym too. It was wonderful for all of us to get out of the house and get some fresh air after a tough winter! We hope this weather is an indication that winter is finally loosening its grip!