Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's Potty Time...Kinda

Ty has been resistant all summer to sitting on the potty, locking up and screaming when I tried to get him to sit down. I had all but thrown in the towel when one day I asked Ty if he wanted to sit on the potty and he said "yes". I was elated! Although we use a bit of bribery (gummy bears) he continues to sit sporadically on the potty. It's usually at night and in the morning, as he has continued to refuse to sit on the potty at daycare. I think it's the lack of gummy bears :) However, we are thankful for some progress. This week was a big one, as Ty told us that he had to go "pee pee" and asked us to take off his diaper so he could sit. His diaper was dry, he sat down, went pee pee, and then asked for a diaper. It was a sight I felt like I'd never see. Everyone keeps telling me he's still young and boys train later, but Mike and I are trudging on with trying. Hopefully it'll catch on one of these days and we'll be free from the expensive prison of diapers. Here's hoping!


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