Tuesday, March 20, 2012

TAT: Our Top Pre-K "Stuff"

Those of you that have been with me for a while know I have a rambunctious 4.5 yo boy.  He's energetic, easily bored and always in need of an activity or playmate.  This may not pertain to you now, but one day you'll have yourself and talkative, stimulant-craving Pre-K'er.  So...here are my top 10 Games/Activities to have on hand, when dealing with a preschool-aged kiddo (in no particular order):

10. Activity Books
Coloring books just won't cut it with this kid.  We needed books with word searches, dot to dots, age-appropriate puzzles, mazes, and the like. 
9.  Leapster Explorer or pad
I like this product because they are easy to play and usually educational in some way.  The Explorer and pad play the same games, which is a plus.
8.  portable DVD player
We have one in each car.  For long trips, or extended time in traffic, this is a must.  I, however, refuse to use it for normal trips to the grocery store, school, etc.  It's a privilege!

7.  kid games on your iPad, Nook, Kindle, iPhone, etc.
Here are some T loves (some are $$, some free):  BlastMonkeys, 9Innings2011, Smurfs, SpongeMarble, Turkey Blast, Angry Birds, Super Why!, Helicopter Taxi, Jelly Cars 2, The Pianist, 3D Mini Golf, Toss It, Action Bowling, Scribble Lite, Memory Match, Freshwater Aquarium, Cut the Rope, Plant vs. Zombies, Smack Talk!, Alphabet Animals, Pocket Frogs, SkeeBall
6.  board games
Here are our favorites right now;  Candyland, Memory (they have character or regular), Chutes & Ladders, Trouble, Don't Break the Ice (Scooby Doo version), Operation, Uno, Guess Who (we have the electronic), Mousetrap, HedBanz, Pictureka
5.  bubbles & chalk ~ Can't go wrong with these simple tools.  Not exactly hours of fun, but definitely 20 minutes, or so:)

4.  nerf guns - I was so anti-guns, until I had an active little boy who would make just about anything into a gun.  Then, I gave in.  They're fun for the entire family.  There is definitely a more "age-appropriate" nerf selection.  I prefer the below...a Nerf Reactor!  We have two, but I think we need a couple more (especially when B gets older).  They're fun, and not at all violent.  He has one that shoots suction cup darts too.  Just make sure if you buy a suction cup Nerf gun that he/she can pull back the mechanism, as some of them require some muscle. 
3.  matchbox cars and track, or a road carpet to drive on
To say T has a car obsession is an understatement!  He's nuts about matchbox cars.  We have hundreds!  It's always nice to have some track on hand, as well.  Sadly, we have 3 road carpets (mostly hand-me-downs).  They allow the kids to use their imagination, and build cities.
2.  Legos
...and if you can swing it, a lego table!  We got ours for free from a family member.  It's a great place to actually STORE the millions of legos.
1. A power wheel
Judge if you must, but my kid LOVES this toy!  He and the neighborhood kids drive their jeeps around, he can drive it over the grass when hubs is mowing the lawn (it has off-road capabilities), he gives rides, plays make-believe with it, and he still uses his bike and scooter just as much.  We've even loaded it up with pool stuff to take down to our neighborhood pool in the summers.  You can get a pretty good deal if you catch it on sale in the winter (which is when we got ours at Walmart...online...site to store) or on amazon.
The one below is the one we own.  I recommend if you have two kids, or more, or plan to have more than 1, get a vehicle that can hold more than 1. 
  What's on your list??

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  1. This is a great list! We have a three-and-a-half-year-old, and she would love some of these things!

  2. I'm so glad to hear they still like bubbles when they're 4.5. I also love Candyland and Memory and Don't Break the Ice and can't wait until Liam's old enough to play.

  3. I love board games with kids in general....and with the 'big kids'. Always a fun time and some of my favourite memories of my childhood in fact.
    Glad I swung by from Bloggy Moms!

  4. ooooh i'm totally going to come back to this post in a year or two when e's a little bit older. you have some great suggestions!


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