Friday, September 14, 2012

17 Months of Awesome With our Girl

I still can't believe I have a girl!  I also can't believe it's been 17 months since she came into our lives.  I can't imagine one second without her!  Happy 17 month bday little lady!

Size:  growing out of all 12-18 months and size 4 diapers.  Moving into 24 months fast.

New words since 15 months:  bow, teeth, eyes, nose, Tyler (Twy-wur), shoes, hello, no, mine, yeah, knee, down, bunny, Gram, Granddad, Mimi, Papa, cat, I love you, kiss, awe, thank you mama, pee-pee, potty, grasshopper (no, seriously), dude why, spoon, I pretty
P.S.  This is what a blog post looks like of a working mom of two who's trying to keep it all together... ::sigh::  Hoping to return to normal blog-posting-dom one day.  :)

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

TAT: My babies & me

I have two kids.  I also have two very different relationships with them.  I've embraced the "role" I play in each of their lives, for now at least.  I also try to spend quality one-on-one time with both of them on a regular basis, so that I might keep that bond strong and unique. 

I became pregnant with each of my babies in very different ways, at very different times in my life.  As a result, I felt differently when each one arrived.  They fulfilled different roles in our lives as a growing family.  They are also a boy and a girl, so my relationships have evolved as a result of gender.

My son, T, came along early on in our marriage.  He wasn't a surprise, we were trying, but we weren't in a hurry, either.  It was an exciting and nerve-wracking process.  At that time, I didn't realized I had fertility issues.  I was unaware how lucky I really was to become pregnant with our son.  Everything about that experience was exciting and new.  It was pure and I was very naive.  When he was born, and for almost four years after, he was the prince.  He was our one and only, and the only grandchild on both sides.  He was the center-of-attention for a long time.  He's still my baby, but only when he's hurt, angry at his true "buddy" (Daddy) or wanting to be held.  He's independent and strong-willed.  He's me.  Because of this, we butt heads on occasion.  But, when we lay in bed together cuddling, he's my baby again.  He looks to me for warmth, stability, comfort, reassurance, and positive reinforcement.  T is always trying to please me and is always concerned if I am proud of him.  I am, and I tell him so often.  I may not be his preferred playmate, but I am confident I'm his first choice when he falls (literally or figuratively).  It warms my heart that he freely says "I love you mommy" without prompting.  I tell him I love him more times that is normal in a day.  He's my little man.  My boy.

...and now

My daughter, B, came about in a completely different way.  I wanted her SO BADLY but nature was preventing me from having another child.  We did everything in our power to have our second.  It was a roller coaster ride of ups and downs for 16 months.  It was painful, scary, unnerving, frustrating, and quite an adventure.  When I became pregnant with B, in my opinion, she was a miracle.  A marvel of modern science and a complete extra gift in our lives.  When I found out she was a girl, it was the cherry on top of an already stellar sundae.  With B I wasn't so naive.  I had experienced loss, I knew the trials and tribulations of pregnancy, I remembered the hardships of labor and the recovery process, I was aware of the sleepless nights.  I worried I didn't have enough love left for her.  I was afraid T would resent me for splitting my time and energy.  I was afraid a large part of my pregnancy.  I struggled to connect with the fetus early on.  I was afraid to get too attached.  This is such a stark contrast from our current relationship.  She is my shadow.  We are so connected that I don't feel whole without her now that I'm back to work.  She needs me, all the time.  I'm her one-and-only source of comfort and her safe place.  I'm not naive about how our relationship will change over time.  I was a moody, difficult girl growing up.  I wasn't so nice to my mom all of the time.  But right now, I'm milking these perfect and simple moments, and storing them for those difficult times.  So I can get through them with a whole heart.  Until then, she's my sweet baby girl. 

...and now :)
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Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Wedding in HHI

A new blog post...yes's a miracle...and a 3-day weekend!  phew!

My SIL got married a couple of weeks ago.  It was a destination wedding, and we decided to make a week-long vacation out of it.  I just love HHI!  It was perfect weather, all our family was there, and the wedding was gorgeous.  All-in-all, it was a perfect end to my time at home with the kids.  ::snif, tear::  I'll make two posts out of this vacay, so we'll start with the wedding photo dump first. 

That brings me to why I've been bloggy-challenged for almost a month...I went back to work!!!!!  Boo!  This is a whole other post within itself.  Did I mention how pay-challenged teachers are?!  Man, am I underpaid for how much work I've done in the past 2 weeks.  I'm already ready for another vacay.

I had to start a day after we returned from our trip, and I've been trying to keep my head above water ever since.  Treading water sucks, and it's a complete suck on my blog time.  Boo!!  Not to mention that both my kids have caught those nasty, naughty and freakishly strong daycare germs after only a week in.  It's been quite an say the least.  We're surviving. ISH... 

I have so much to update you all on.  I'll spread the post dump out over a few days, so as to not overwhelm ya.

Enjoy...and come back for more later:) 

The wedding locale.  It was hot but gorgeous!  A perfect day!!!  I think it was all my SIL dreamed of!
 The cutest kids EVER!  :)  My doll-babies. ::swoon::
 The bride and groom (love them so much!)
 it's official...and notice I had to remove myself due to B's diva-like antics :)
 Me & my love
The "kids"...the sisters/brothers/spouses
 My little man
the reception spot
 The most amazing (and good looking) parents in the world...mine!!!  They joined us for the wedding and were an incredible help with the kiddos!  I'm so lucky to have them!!!
 The fam
 My loves and me
 My boys xoxo
 This girl ADORES her big bro (or bubba as she calls him)
 dancing with his princess
busting a move with T-money
 Mr. & Mrs. cake cutting
my dancing queen
Nuff said

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