Wednesday, April 4, 2012

PYHO: For Them or For Me

Are you a perfectionist?  A listmaker?  A bit OCD?  You're not alone.  Keep reading, then go visit Shell @ Things I Can't Say and link up to Pour Your Heart Out.  No judgement, just honesty.

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know I am a bit of a, shall we say, perfectionist nutcase.  I have been this way my entire life.  I was always a color-in-the-lines type child. 
My hubs and others might call me a neurotic, OCD, type-A, list-making, craft-obsessed fool.  I can't deny it.  Such "tendencies" spill over into most things in my life, including that of my childrens' birthday parties.  I tend to go a bit insane overboard with my themes.  I can't deny it.  I like to throw a themed party.  I think I was either a gay wedding planner in my previous life, or I missed my party planner calling in this one.  I obsess over details and get incredibly excited about crafty diy parties.  I would like to think I go through all the stress of planning every little detail for my kids.  I would like to believe that I am doing it so they can look back and remember how amazing each birthday party is.  That is most definitely my original intention.  But as I am nearing yet another milestone birthday, the first birthday of baby B, I am starting to question who these parties are really for.  It's sort of a fabulous sick high that I get from pulling off a theme-dripped event with as much diy and as little green as possible.   

If you don't believe me when I say I love on...
Exhibit A:  T's 1st Fish-themed Bday
Exhibit B:  T's 2nd Trucks Bday
Exhibit C:  BFF's baby shower
Exhibit D:  T's 3rd Bday aka Diego-land
Exhibit E:  T's 4th Baseball Bash Bday
not to mention my SIL's Tiffany-themed bridal shower (pre-blogging) and countless others...
I don't even think the pictures do justice to the obsessive details that went into each party.  I think I'm also getting a bad virus that won't go away. 

I have an illness.  I'm not proud of it. Or maybe I am....   I don't know.   

pics on Sodahead

With B's party, the theme will be Secret Garden.  It's all things spring, flowers and bugs.  Problem is...if you go into any store I normally obsessively frequent (aka my mecca...Target) there are a million-and-one cute decorations for half-off, Easter/Spring ideas, colorful and beautiful flower's a non-stop spring-themed blow-out.  I.NEED.TO.STOP.  I think I need a support group of some sort...some kind of OPPA...obsessive party planners anonymous.  Aside:  Don't you totally have the song OPP in your head now..."ya, you know me".  I digress...

Regardless, I'm going ahead with my ideas for B's birthday, regardless of whether she'll know the difference or not (thanks, Hubs, for reminding me again and again).  So...just to wet your are a few pinterest (another obsession) ideas I'm floating around for the extravaganza.  Stay tuned...


  1. I love the following too:
    1. Lists
    2. Organization
    3. DIY
    4. Themed parties
    5. Crafts

    Hee hee!
    PS I love the new signature!

  2. Oh it is definitely all about us! But that is okay! I love this theme for a party. I can't wait to see the pictures!

  3. I bet your parties are amazing!

    1. Probably not amazing enough:)'s an illness.

  4. Those party ideas are fabulous! I love those balloons. Just remember to breathe! Party planning+perfectionism=mommy meltdown!

    1. which is why my hubs is insisting I pay someone else to throw my son's 5th in June. I just can't do it. :(

  5. I wish I was more organized like you. Andrew's party was kind of just thrown together and I was stressing about it not being good enough. I was afraid people would judge me for not having a nice little theme for his party.

    1. No one judges. I'm just neurotic. :) I was very impressed of the dino cake!

  6. It will be perfect! And I really think no matter how perfect or imperfect a party is the first one is always for the family!!!


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