Thursday, April 19, 2012

It's Got to be the Hormones, Right?!

So I'm weaning B, and my body is basically saying a big "F-U" to that idea.  I'm breaking out like a teenager (I'm not kidding, I have like another chin growing right now), cramping like all get-out, and a freaking hormonal mess.  I'm praying that my emotional ups and downs, and admittedly a bit of depression and overall yuckiness, is, in fact, that of my hormones changing as I stop BF.  I'm hopeful it'll all iron itself out over time.  If it's not...all I have to say is...oh crap! 
Exhibit A:
Yesterday, I picked up T-man from daycare, and all was going smoothly.  See HERE for why I'm praising the whole "going smoothly" thing.  So, I was feeling pretty confident about how our night would go.  T seemed like he was in a good mood, and when I checked his paper I noticed he miraculously napped that day.  Could a smooth temper-tantrum-free night be in our future?  Until....T told me he had something special to show me in his backpack from preschool.  I handed the backpack to him and he pulled out 3 adorable handmade bracelets.  Yes, I do think bracelets made from pipe cleaners and uncooked spaghetti are swoon-worthy, so sue me.  (see...hormones again!). 

T then went into his explanation of his artwork.  "This one's for me, because it's orange, and I like orange" (understandable).  "This ones for Brynleigh because it's so small and cute" (I get that) "And this one's for....(wait for it) Daddy" (ummmmmmmm....)  "I didn't make one for you because I forgot you were in our family" (shock, sadness, hurt.  Hormones?!). 

Instead of just shrugging it off and telling him it was no big deal, I pouted.  I seriously pouted.  I'm in my 30s, a mom of two, a molder of minds...and a big fat B.A.B.Y.  I also didn't let it go later.  When he would ask my opinion or ask me for milk, when he hugged me goodnight, I would make a comment like "oh, you remember me now, huh".  Shame on me.  He's fricking 4.5.  Get over yourself.  Seriously. 

So, hence the title of the post.  Please tell me it's my raging and changing hormones that I can blame for this immature and irrational behavior!  Or...just lie...because you might bring out the scary hormonal crazy-person again, and she's a fricking mess.

On a positive, less bitchy, note...I had an absolute BLAST at book club last night.  Although we do discuss the book, kinda, it's mostly just a bunch of my mommy friends that get a chance to just be women for a night, have a few drinks and some laughs and enjoy time away from our kiddos.  We discussed this book...
which I highly recommend!  It's very disturbing, but also thought-provoking and powerful.  The book has already been made into an indie-sized film, that I'm dying to see!  Click HERE for the amazon reviews. 

Next book club selection is this...
It sounds smutty and raw!  I'm excited to start reading.  Click HERE for amazon reviews.  The next book club is at my house.  Anyone have ideas for a smutty, dominatrix-esque cocktail I can serve my guests?!  I'm all about themes, as you know :)  

Happy Reading! 

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  1. I feel you on the break outs, crappy AFs, and hormones. We need to commiserate!

  2. I just had my IUD removed too and my hormones are going nuts. I'm growing chin HAIR. Hair. Ugh.

    On another note, 50 Shades of Grey... OMG. I am like 20% through it and I must have the mind of a 12 year old because it makes me blush and giggle.


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