Friday, April 6, 2012

Myrtle Part Deux

As's a revisit, photo-overload-style, of our trip to Myrtle Beach for spring break, along with my meet-up with my fellow April 2011 girl and former labor buddy.

On the only day that was not beach-worthy, my mom and I took the kids to the local children's museum.  It was tons of fun for T, and equally as jolly-worthy for us science geeks.  We were in heaven. 

 This was a bubble you could make around yourself.  T could get it above his head.  It was so cool!

 Sibling bonding in the tub
 I was also fortunate enough to meet up with my former labor buddy and her cutie pie, Andrew while in SC on vacation.  Kelly, of Baby W is on the Way, and I got very close via the internet through our April 2011 birth month group.  We've kept in touch and followed each other ever since.  I think we would definitely hang out if we lived close to each other, as we're both working, running mommies.  I was so glad she agreed to meet and have lunch with us.  She picked a cute little town called Georgetown, and we ate at an adorable deli on the pier.  Andrew was a bit hesitant of our little flirting hussy, but they shared a pickle during lunch, so I think it's all good.  I head back down south in August, so I'm hoping I didn't scare off Kelly enough so we can get together again.  I know I very much enjoyed our meet-up!  Kelly is someone that I can now call a friend.   
 Here's a peace offering...have my pickle

 More beach fun...

 B just wanted to kick her feet furiously.  No lounging with mommy.
 My boys. mom was there too...she just hates being photographed.  Gotcha mom!

B loves her Granddad
 More about our trip home later...

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  1. I DEFINITELY would like to get together again when you're back down this way. Can't wait to get to see you and B again although I'm sure by then we'll be spending most of the time chasing them around. :)


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