Monday, April 23, 2012

Milestone Monday & A Product Rave

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend with your families.  I know we did!  Hubs completed a triathlon on Saturday, and the kids and I did our best to be the most awesome cheering section we could be, despite the fact that we were blocks of ice.  It was sooooo freezing and spitting rain the entire time!  I commend Hubs for going through with it because not only was it a frigid and rainy day, but he was also sick!  Way to go baby! 
Sunday we spent time running errands and doing little projects around the house.  We put together this fun little plastic piece of heaven for B and took about a million boxes of baby crap over to my SILs house.  I love to declutter, don't get me wrong, but it was also a bit sad to let it all go.  I'm glad, however, that someone else will get some use out of our baby items, especially the plethora of clothing!

This is the Fisher Price Learning Home and I'm already loving it!  It was a present from B's Grams and Granddad, and I have to say 100% worth the money already.  I could just imagine myself, as a little girl, doing some amazing imagination play with this bad-boy.  I'm hoping B gets many years of use out of it.  HERE is the link to the house!  I was so impressed with all the cool things it could do, with only 3 C batteries.  There is a light, mail slot, shap sorter, clock, address that says the numbers, a ball shoot, doorbell, window that goes up and down, a cute radio, a swinging door and all of these items talk!  Highly recommended!  Amazon (aka one of my obsessions) gave it 5 stars!   I couldn't agree more! 

Besides our new piece of plastic, B is also doing a few new tricks.  She is now pointing to things, saying her version of "thank you" (sounds more like tay do), and has begun to climb
The most amazing thing about B's stair climbing is that she ALREADY can, with no coaching whatsoever, slide on her belly down the stairs.  It took us forever to teach that to T.  I'm thankful she seems pretty timid when it comes to the stairs. 

B also is going through massive teething, acquiring 3 new front teeth all at once.  It's great fun. ::insert sarcasm here::  She has been up repeatedly the last few nights crying out in pain.  Tylenol is now our bff.  The top right one is already through the skin, so hopefully that will ease some of the pain. 

Finally, B has switched from the duckie bath to the big girl bathtub.  T & B have begin to take baths together on some nights (not those when T has sports...aka...too many nights).  They're having a blast.  T even taught B how to blow bubbles.  It was hysterical! 

We also said goodbye to the baby carrier this weekend, finally!  I'm so glad I don't have to lug that huge monstrosity around anymore!  B is in her big-girl carseats now, in both cars, sitting backwards.  She's only 17lbs 9oz, so we're waiting a while longer to flip her around forward-facing. 

T has been practicing his baseball skills frequently with Daddy, and going to practices 3 nights a week.  We're very busy!  His first game is in a week.  It should be interesting.  I'm just praying for warmer weather, as freezing in the cold watching 4-6 yo's try to hit a ball sounds less than appealing.  Then throw in a 1yo squirming around...and I'm going to go bonkers.  I have to also admit I've been using T's baseball time to spend quality time with B and hit the gym.  I'll miss that.  ::sigh::
T also told us this weekend that 3 girls at school want to marry him, and he thought he'd try "eenie meenie minie moe" to pick which one he'd end up with, but it's "not working".  Great buddy, good plan!  That's my boy! 

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  1. So impressed with your husband. And the cheering section!

    We have my youngest's first softball game tonight and yes it is supposed to be 53 degrees at game time. Joy! I think it may be a quick game.

  2. Congrats to your husband on doing the tri and good job on keeping up the cheering section in the freezing rain!

    I wish we had carpeted steps in our house so Andrew could slide down them, but all we have are hardwoods. He can climb up them no problem, but I don't know how to get him to go down.

  3. We love it, too! We got it as a hand me down from my sister. And yay for your husband!


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