Monday, April 9, 2012

Our Easter Best...kinda

I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately with all the sports with T, B's party looming, tons of family birthdays and the normal daily grind of life as a working mom of two.  So...I completely SUCKED when it came to being the Easter Bunny, this year.  This holiday was put on the back-burner...which I am not very proud to admit, considering it's a pretty big one.  You'd think that last year, when B was only just over a week old, I'd be a bit scattered and unprepared.  However, last year we had our secret mom. 

I did the very best I could...even if that meant coloring eggs at 8pm the night before, and cracking 4 of the 16 we made.  Oops.  I was concerned they wouldn't even dry before it was hiding time.  They did, thankfully.  Then I was a stressed out wreck prepping for church, because I got beyond frustrated taking pictures of the kiddos (aka not a good one in the bunch and lots of outtakes I'm not gonna post).  I don't know why, but I got so upset B wouldn't keep her bow on, or her shoes, or sit still to be photographed.  I also completely forgot that I might need something to wear Easter Sunday as well.  Oops again.  Needless to say, I was combing my closet praying something old still fit...then running back and forth between the laundry room and our bedroom, trying to look halfway presentable.  The kicker of the entire day was that B had the biggest blowout poop we have ever encountered as parents, while still in her pretty WHITE dress.  Fun times.  Oh, did I mention we weren't home when it happened.  Thanks God I had packed a change of clothes for her.  I think we smelled up hubs' aunts' entire house!  It was disgusting. 

Despite the less-than-perfect holiday, we still had a great time with family, ate lots of candy and attended a very lovely church service.  God is good. 

Leaving carrots for the Easter Bunny
 T's note
 Coloring, even if it was last-minute.  The pinterest idea of using egg beaters worked wonders!  Yippee pinterest!

 Hubs and B even helped, kinda...
 Our best attempt at eggs...some of them.
 The morning of...looking at the paw print the bunny left
 Egg Hunting

 Yippee, he found his basket! 
 So pumped about his iron man and baseball glove
 Candy for breakfast?  Yes please!
 The 5 seconds B was in her bunny ears.  I tried.  ::sigh::
 The best of about a million attempts at a photo...::double sigh::
 Lame photo shoot attempt...but isn't he the cutest?
 Trying to take cute pictures...

 Headband?  Gone.  Shoes?  On their way off.

 The kiddos with Mimi & Papa (seconds before we realized B had poop up to her neck.   Sweet.
 Easter Egg hunt with the fam

 T's loot
  Hope you all had a lovely holiday!  I know we did! 


  1. So many cute pictures! You guys all look great!

  2. I think your holiday looks great. And I know you want that perfect picture for this year (heaven knows I know picture frustration!) ten years from now you will so appreciate all the crazy pictures you took in the attempt of the perfect one.

  3. I think your pictures came out great. And you did better than us at preparing - I dyed Andrew an egg on Easter Sunday!

  4. We didn't even dye a single egg. Not a one. I think you got some great pictures and great stories you'll enjoy sharing with B as she gets older!

  5. You ladies are making me feel better. :) Thanks! Sarah, I don't think I dyed eggs with T when he was that worries. I only feel like I "have to" do it, because T believes in the Easter Bunny and understands now.

  6. Wow it looks like you had an amazing easter and tons of fun. You are such a beautiful family :) Thanks so much for stopping by my blog earlier in the week and I am now following yours.

    Laura x


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