Monday, April 16, 2012

Brynleigh's Secret Garden 1st Birthday

B had her first birthday party on Sunday.  When I first started planning her party, it was a bug theme, given I've called her buggie since she was in my belly.  As I began shopping for the decor, the bug theme evolved into a flower and bug theme, and B's Secret Garden was born. It was the girlie birthday party I always dreamt of throwing for my little girl.  I am a sucker for themes, and this was no exception.  Here are the highlights:
This chalkboard was hung on our door.  I also had pinwheels and balloons out there, but I forgot to take pictures of them
 This basket was filled with seed packets, and was by the door for each family to take on their way out.  It said "Thanks for fluttering by to celebrate the birthday of our little sprout"
Pictures of B from month to month
 Dessert table
 Dirt cake (thanks MIL!)  So cute!
 The food and the amazing tissue followers (thanks T, for the help, they came out great!)
 My fruit kabob flower pots
 Bees for the kiddos.  I also made P,B&Js and had keebler granola "bug bites" in snackpacks
 Buggie crackers
 Kiddie favor bags
Love the spring flowers with the lemons and limes in the jars (I just kept my pasta jars for a few months)  I got the hanging/sparkly flowers from Hobby Lobby
B's seat for her cake smash
 I was most in love with my banner.  Her name now hangs over her closet, as I couldn't bear to throw the whole thing away.  I loved it!
Loved how these cookies turned out. 
 More tissue paper flowers
 This was a garden stepping stone (ladybug).  I had the party guests all sign it, then it'll go in our garden.
 B's cupcake cake.  Yes, I made it...or I tried.  :)  Purple ones were yellow and the pink were chocolate. 
 You can see her onsie in this picture (thanks Etsy!)
 Happy Birthday to you...
Brother helped blow out the candle
Cake smash time.  B showed no fear! 
Present opening 

Gift from Mommy & Daddy
 Mommy and her girl (yes, I'm wearing toddler sunglasses, and they fit! lol)
Hubs, sweet birthday girl and me
 The gals, and B with tired eyes.  It had already been a very eventful day.
I have a ton more photos of family, friends, more present opening, and lots more cake smashing...but I've probably already bored you (if you're still reading).  Thanks for checking out our Secret Garden.  I hope one day B will appreciate it:)  Right now, I had a blast planning it for her!  Happy Birthday, sweet girl! 

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  1. Love it! The decorations are great and the food looks yummy! I am glad that you had fun. Now we need to get together!

  2. Oh looks like the perfect party. Everything was beautiful - especially the birthday girl!

  3. Wow!!!! You could be an event planner!!!

    1. Thanks Em! I have to say I was told that repeatedly by friends and family on Sunday. If I knew I could actually make a living, I would do it in a second. I love this stuff!

  4. Kristin you did an amazing job with the party!!! Everything is beautiful! I totally understand the exhaustion one has after the planning!! B is adorable!!!

    1. Thanks Lynn! I hope I did you proud with the cupcake cake:)

  5. What a fantastic party! Everything looks amazing - great job!

    Andrew's birthday present was the little trike, too :)

    1. how funny we both bought the trike. Does your little bucket on the back rattle? Mine does. Wondering if I put it together correctly.

  6. Awww! It turned out perfectly! All that worryying paid off! It looks beautiful!

  7. So fun, and SO cute! Great job....everything looks wonderful (and delicious)! : )


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