Tuesday, February 7, 2012

We're in the Army Now

...and no, I haven't joined up (although I respect the armed forces incredibly).  B is now doing the army crawl, and has been for a week now.  It has been a long time coming, and I would be lying if I said I wasn't a tad bit concerned she wasn't choosing to be mobile.  I'm overjoyed she's making progress.  Since I'm trying to document her milestones, I also wanted to mention that she got up on her knees yesterday and crawled to me (regular-style) about 3 times.  I was so pumped!  It's amazing how one simple milestone can get a girl jazzed.  Now only if we could move her past her 1 sign ("milk"), I'm determined, and have her FINALLY say mama.  It's kinda humorous, or heart wrenching ::whatevs::, that when I say "mama" to her, she replies with a resounding "dada" ::heart breaking in two::

On a completely unrelated note.  My hubs always has the best intentions.  He is the best Daddy a girl could ask for in terms of our kids.  I can't even explain what an amazing guy he was this weekend when I was laid up on the couch sick for DAYS.  I'm blessed.  However, sometimes I just shake my head at day-to-day decisions he makes.  ::God love him::.  His newest "blunder" involved a trip to the local library.  I know, I know...it WAS very cute he took the kids to the library while I was sick.  I agree.  I REEEEAALLLYYY appreciated it...and take credit for the idea, thank you.  However, what he came home with...well...I wasn't as pleased...

On the surface, it looks like a great pick...as T (reminder...he's 4.5) is OBSESSED with the "superfriends" cartoons right now.  He's all about Superman, Batman, Flash, Silver Surfer and Ironman.  He's a big fan of the Green Lantern.  So...this...
looked like a great find.   Until we heard "son of a bitch" as T was watching the cartoon for the FOURTH TIME (yup, 4 times in 2 days)...and I went down to check out the cover and saw this...
William Baldwin (Actor), Mark Harmon (Actor), Lauren Montgomery (Director), Sam Liu (Director)
Rated: PG-13 Format: DVD
ummm...does anyone see the problem here??? We're really great parents.  Ugh.  Oops.  Needless to say, I have hidden the DVD and it's going back to the library...stat!  Oh, and did I fail to mention T decided to "play" with the other Spiderman DVD we brought home and snapped it in half.  Yep...we're "that" family.  I can't wait to explain THAT ONE to the public library.  ::sigh::

So now we're in the Army...AND...we have the mouths of sailors.  Here's hoping T doesn't say "son of a bitch" next time he falls down on the playground at school.  ::crosses fingers::


  1. LOL - same thing happened to us a few weeks ago, we thought we bought a perfectly innocent Batman dvd, never thought to look at the ratings on the back - it was a totally inappropriate PG-13 movie! Lesson learned!

  2. Opps! Sorry, but I had to laugh because I see this as something that will totally happen with us down the road.

    Congrats to B on the army crawl! Andrew never even did that - he just rolled around everywhere until he finally decided to crawl.


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