Saturday, February 11, 2012

Doin' the Slithering Snake

Here's some baby book worthy proof that Brynleigh is, in fact, crawling just shy of her 10 month birthday.  It's so amazing to me how different that B is, compared to T.  By this time, T was crawling like the wind, pulling up on everything in sight, and starting to use a walker to take his first steps.  B is content just slithering along on her belly and folding herself into a pretzel to get what she wants. 

Note the one-armed technique

Video proof...excuse the dog...and my annoying voice...

So I don't forget, B rolled herself from her back to her tummy while fighting naptime today, then she fell asleep.  We had never seen her do that before.  Also, when I went to get her after her nap, there she was (for the first time ever) sitting up in her crib just smiling away at me.  Dropping the crib went to the top of the list today!

And of course and extra look at that adorable face :)  ::smooch::


  1. She's so precious. My guys turned 10 months on 2/7 and they do about the same amount that she does. DS1 was standing and taking steps at this age. It's hard not to compare. The twins are pretty tiny I guess it goes with being preemies. Eh She's doing great and right on target!

  2. She is just so darn cute! I love her little grins and big blue eyes - adorable :)


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