Monday, February 27, 2012

Our Weekend at Home

Stricken with a pesky virus since Tuesday, we were holed up at home trying to get in some family time.  B did say her first two-syllable word, "doggie", and did her second baby sign, "doggie".  Stay tuned later in the week for my post on why I'm a baby signing believer.  Here are a few photo highlights of our low-key weekend:

We got out the tunnel, and B loved it!  No fears here.
 T was a great big brother, cheering her along...and even giving her a tutorial. 
 We tried kid-friendly recipie #3 from pinterest (obsession!)...spaghetti monsters!
T was soooo proud of his eating them...he wasn't too fond.  ::sigh::
 T also needed to find a handy place to put his lightsaber ::giggle::

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