Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Sick Baby Arsenal

So you're kiddo is sick.  It sucks.  It sucks even more when your LO can't tell you how he or she is feeling.  As a parent, you have to make the decision when it's time to take your baby to the doctor.  Often, I guess wrong.  I hear those dreaded words from our ped, "it's a virus", pay the office visit copay and shuffle out the door feeling deflated and without hope for answers or help.  It's amazing how, as a parent, you pray that they bring out that prescription pad and write you a ticket to a better baby(aka "the pink stuff"). 

However, as a science geek, microbiologist and now science teacher, I'm no dummy when it comes to the foreign invaders.  I understand that antibiotics don't do a lick for those pesky viruses.  Regardless, I still curse the fact that the all-knowing doctor can't give me the answers I want or the chance to help my baby.  This is the position we found ourselves in twice in the past month.  This week both B and I were stricken with a doozy of a virus (quite possibly the virus called Hand, Foot and Mouth...not to be confused with Hoof and Mouth).  We have both had fevers off and on for days (and I mean we're on day 5).  It's frustrating! 

I'm no expert, just a mommy of 2, who's been through just about all the sick germies daycare has to dish up.  Although this isn't an all-inclusive list, here's my Sick Baby Arsenal (in no particular order) that I recommend all mommies have available, when faced with a baby who has to just fight a virus without the aide of the pink stuff:

1.  Gentle Vapors Plug-in Unit with Night Light (and don't forget to buy a pad refill pack OR TWO)!
This saved us on the nights when B just couldn't stop snotting everywhere.  It also helps calm coughs.  Although it does seem potent when you walk into the room, I swear by it.  I think I'll use it when T has a snotty nose next time, as well.  The nightlight is nice, too.  I recommend plugging it in about 20 minutes before bedtime.  I believe they last 6-8 hours, which is plenty to get lots of vapors in the room for B to get some shut-eye.  It's as easy as unwrapping the plug-in unit, grabbing a pad, carefully open pack and try not to touch pad, stick pad in the unit, plug in and the pad warms up.  The nightlight is blue, which was hard to get used to, at first, but I just turn off B's normal nightlight on nights we use this.

2.  Little Colds Baby Rub
I rub it on her chest, back and the soles of her feet to help open her airway.  I love the Little Remedies products!

3.  Boogie Wipes (I prefer the Grape scent)
I also stuck a pack in B's baby bag that goes to my MILs, and she told me they are saviors.  No more itchy kleenex or wet paper towels trying to get the crust off.  These saline wipes work wonders, and I love the smell!!!  They come in a handy portable pack or a big cylinder wipes container.

4.  Hylands Homeopatheic Tablets ~ I like the Vitamin C and the Tiny Cold when kiddos are sick, Teething are great ones too!  
They have a great honey elixir for coughs of 12 months+, and some other great products for older kiddos and even moms! It just makes me feel proactive, when an antibiotic isn't the answer.  I might be nuts, but I swear her snotty nose gets better and her sneezing subsides when we use these products. 

5. Froose! 
Judge, if you must, but when your baby is so stuffed up that they won't take in any liquid at all, I would have given her just about anything she would actually drink or eat.  My last resort, Froose Perfect Pair mixed with water.  I am a HUGE FAN of my local Whole Foods, which is where I found this 100% juice product in tiny little juice boxes when we were trying to regulate B's BMs.  I was soooo glad I had it in the cabinet when she got so sick and stuffed up she was not even making wet diapers.  I was so worried about her dehydration, that I felt this was the answer.  I felt great about the product and it was very successful.  So equal parts Froose and water in her bottle...and success.  She kept it down (Hallelujah)!  Read about this product on their website HERE

Hope you all had a wonderful, germ-free weekend! 

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