Thursday, February 9, 2012

10 Reasons Why I HATE Valentines Day

10.  I'm not very fond of the color red, and red and pink together???  Who thought of that combination?  I realize that it's the colors of the heart and life, but...what about purple??  I'm a purple girl myself.

9.  It's a "Hallmark Holiday".  Lets face it, some big-wig in the card industry got together with some big-wig in the candy industry, and they INVENTED this God-forsaking day.  Then the flower big-wigs wanted in...and voila...V-day.  ::gag me::
8.  I'm not into flowers...they die.  What kind of gift is that???  Such a waste of money, IMHO.  So, since flowers are the "go-to" gift of this cheesy holiday...I'm SOOOOOO not into it.
7.  Boxes of chocolate are just so frustrating.  I'm sorry, I like my chocolate where I can see it, or at least labeled with its contents.  All this guessing...hoping I don't get the one nasty coconut chocolate in the box...I'm just not wanting to participate in their silly little chocolate mind games.  No thank you.

6.  All my favorite restaurants are IMPOSSIBLE to get into in and around this silly "holiday".  I have to aslo admit, that when hubs and I DO go out to "celebrate" V-day, I people-watch a bit.  I notice so many couples (not us of course :) ) that just look so miserable, like they forced themselves to spend time together because the holiday says they have to.  SAD.   

5. Why do we have to have a special day in which to say "I love you" to the ones we love.  I learned early on in life, when I lost my best friend when I was 15, that you don't waste an opportunity to tell people how much they mean to you.  I hug and kiss freely, multiple times a day.  I say I love you to anyone in my life I truly care, cat, kids, hubby, parents, family, friends, colleagues, students, whoever and whatever.  I don't feel the need to buy a 5.00 card to express my love to each and every person in my life on 1 special day.  LAME.

4.  Sappy, lame, dorky Valentines Day commercials. ::gag:: ick.

3.  Stress over what to get my sweety.  I am a normally "high-strung" person.  I admit it.  But the pressure I feel to come up with some special, heart-felt, sappy, creative gift for my hubs an ADDITIONAL time each year besides the obvious (birthday and Christmas) is just stress I don't need in my life.  Every year I beg hubs not to exchange gifts, and every year he DOESN'T follow the rules.  So...I end up looking like the thoughtless schmuck who didn't disobey and still get him something thoughtful.  So every year I stress, contemplate and try my best to guess and IF he'll actually follow said "no gifts" rule, or if I will, yet again, look like a meanie for doing so myself.  WHAT TO DO...WHAT TO DO???

2.  Does the US really need ANOTHER holiday that contributes to obesity in this country (specificially for those poor kids who already have wayyyyy to much sugar in their daily diets).
Think about it...Halloween...candy....Thanksgiving...glutinous feast...Christmas...more food....What's up with that???

1. Kid Valentines!  This list was spurned out of my hatred for said chore as I was rushing this morning trying to slap together preschool valentines that look like I made some sort of effort.  I'm sure all the SAHMs will have their creative pinterest-worthy valentines out in full force today...and my lame-o Walmart bought superhero valentines with a tattoo and random dum-dum stuck to it (to show effort) will pale in comparison.  But, I admit...I forgot!  I mean, what school has a Valentines Day party on the fricking 9th!!!!  The kids ARE in school on actual why must they make me remember ANOTHER day on my already full calendar.  I was definitely cursing those tiny, hard to manipulate, pointless things this morning.  Not to mention, T wanted ZERO to do with helping me put them together for HIS friends.  Oh, and I failed to mention I have to do this AGAIN for daycare, and that's 23 kids, not just 12.  ::le-sigh::


  1. Do you feel this way about Mother's and Father's Day?

    1. not as much hatred, but I guess I do think it's a bit silly. To each his own. I wish I could get more into V-day, but I think I'm just missing the sappy gene.

  2. I am very anti-valentines day!! I hate it with a passion. I also am missing the sappy gene.


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