Monday, February 13, 2012

A Date, a Craft & a Lazy River Kind of Weekend

I can't believe the time has come to start planning B's first birthday party. Where has the time gone? I'm kind of a nutbag when it comes to planning themed parties. I go a bit, or hubs would say wayyyyy, overboard when it comes to my crafty ideas. I decided B would have a spring garden themed party, which sprung (pun intended) out of her nickname Brynleigh Bug and the fact that she was born in the spring so close to Easter. I went a tad, okay completely, overboard buying spring themed items at Hobby Lobby ::swoon:: and this weekend I made her invites with materials from my other craft love, Michaels. So...without much further's my handiwork...

On Sunday, we took the kiddos to the local community center to get B in the water before she starts water tots with her Mimi in a couple of weeks.  She hadn't been in the water since she was a tiny baby, so we thought we should take her a couple of times to lessen the blow.  It's also a plus that T gets completely stoked when we take him to the pool.  He's a fish!  I was happy to finally feel comfortable in a suit after almost 10 long months recovering, so that was also a load off.  Needless to say, T was in heaven and B was in absolute hell!  She was terrified.  I felt horrible she was so afraid, literally clinging to me for dear life.  I forged on, and once we got in the water up to her shoulders and went around the lazy river a few times, she seemed to relax a tiny bit.  T, on the other hand, has no fear.  He even jumped off the diving board (at 4.5) into the deep competition pool.  He's such a fearless boy!  It's quite amazing how different raising a girl is from have a boy.  I'm in awe of the personality differences already...but that's a post for another day.  Here are a few pix of our Sunday splashing around. 

B in her new suit from Target.  I love the green so much on her.  Ooooo, and can I also mention my fabulous new Kate Spade Diaper bag that was originally 345.00, but I got for under 100.00 at the outlets, on major clearance!  Score!
 B and me in the lazy river

My loves and me enjoying our Sunday in the water

 Little miss princess exhausted from clinging to me

T man with no fear on the diving board

Hubs and I also got a date night out of the weekend, our second since B arrived almost 10 months ago.  It was wonderful to celebrate V-day with my hubs at Bonefish.  He even wrote me a love note.  Yes, folks, even me...the V-day cynic...can appreciate a good old-fashioned love note.  It was the perfect gift.  My hubs also always sends me flowers to work, which I admittedly enjoy showing off to my coworkers every year:)  We ended our night with a movie, we opted for the Safe House instead of The Vow, which ended up being a great pick.  Give me a little Denzel mixed with some yummy Ryan Reynolds, some Mike n Ikes and some alone time with my hubs, and I'm a happy happy girl!!  All in all, it was a fabulous weekend of library visits, house cleaning (which makes mama so happy), swimming, craft time, and lots of playing with the kiddos.  Life certainly is good! 

How did you all spend your weekends?  Anything you are looking forward to this week? 

We are headed to Chi-town this weekend to see friends and family, and although I wish I could just wish myself there and skip the ride through Indiana, I can't wait!


  1. I'm in full 1st bday party-planning mode myself! Where has this past year gone??!!

  2. Love your invitations! And that reminds me that I need to get my butt in gear with planning something for Andrew. I can't believe he'll be one in less than 6 weeks :(

    I'm sorry that B didn't love the water, but hopefully she'll be a water bug like T in no time.


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