Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Funny Valentine is 10 months

Age: 10 months!  I can't believe we're in the double digits already!  Slow down time...please!

Stats: 15lbs 5oz at last appt.

Size (diapers, onesies, etc.): Our girl is a peanut.  She can still fit in some 6 months, but is mostly rocking 9 months outfits.  I have been growing bored of her 9 month digs, so I've been pulling out some of the 12 month stuff and trying it on for size.  Most of it is too big, but she can still wear it without stuff falling down.  She's still in size 3 diapers, and they're not snug or at risk of being small right now. 

Sleeping: I'm happy to report, after almost 10 months...B is FINALLY sleeping through the entire night.  We aren't even having to get up to put her binky back in anymore ::big sigh::

Eating: I'm patting myself on the back for making it 10 months with EBM.  I did ask my MIL to start using the formula to mix with her cereal, because I'm not sure how long my supply will hold up.  However, right now...we're still a go on pumping at work (2-3 times) and acquiring enough for 1 bottle, then she gets 1 from my frozen stock.  I have 4 gallon bags left ::gulp:: so that will get me to at least 11 months, I think.  As long as I can keep pumping 1 bottle per day and feeling like I'm satisfying her in the morning and before bed, we'll keep going.  I'm flying high with beating my personal goal of 6 months by a long-shot, and also going well past when I did with T.  From here on out...it's day-by-day. 
She's a table food eating machine, also!  She gets 3 meals and 1-2 snacks now, almost exclusively table foods, very few purees.  I do still have a freezer stock of homemade purees, so I'll either give her some here and there when she's not getting enough veggies -or- I'll give them to my MIL to use in her cereal.  Either way, she's all about moving on to big-people foods.  Her favorites include: mango, any berries (she prefers blueberries), sweet potato pieces, any pasta, peas, carrots, yogurt, bread, cheerios, organic blueberry waffles (plain), perrogis, and cheese.  She isn't too keen on ground beef/turkey, so we're looking for other ways to get her protein.  Ideas???

Milestones: We finally have a crawler!  She started army crawling, now she's mixing army and regular crawling.  We're excited, but scared.  Crib was dropped, as she was flipping and sitting up in bed (that is very new).  B waves and makes kissing sounds.  No progress on the baby signs, but I'm not giving up!  B also likes to play peek-a-boo. 

Favorite toys/activities: We are still trying to break the "hair" habit, but she loves her picnic basket (she loves to pull stuff out), basic ring stacker, activity cube, tea set (open/close/open/close...repeat), her Vtech learning activity walker (she likes to open and close the door and it says "peekaboo I see you") and her vtech laptop (she likes to open and close this one too...see a pattern).

To my sweet little girl,
You will be 1 in just two short months, and I can't believe how much joy you have brought into our lives.  Just a year ago, I was preparing myself to be a mommy of two, enjoying the fun, exciting things girls bring, and so excited to finally meet you.  Now I can't imagine my life without our girl! You're one-of-a-kind, and completely different than your brother in basically every way!  You are a girl who only laughs when things are REALLY funny (like big brother, who you find hilarious), have a very unhealthy obsession with your (and my) hair, you are a huge fan of your nuk binky, you love the car and travel happily everywhere we go, squeal with delight and shake your arms up and down when I walk in to pick you up, eat more than your big brother (huge handfuls), you rub your face/nose in my shoulder when you're tired, then rub your nose with your hand (I know it's "go-time"),  your cry is more of a "huh-aaaaa, huh-aaa" than an actual wail (especially when I can't get the boob out fast enough), you would rather be in my arms than anywhere else in the world (mommy 1st!), when you want more food you DEMAND it with frustrated shrieks, you will only let mommy give you a bath, you will play with mommy's keys and cell phone above all other toys, can smile with your entire face (your eyes just light up), pout and purse your lips out like a duck when you are thinking or timid, wave at everyone and everything, despite my begging you will never reply mama when asked (dada only), hilariously love blowing raspberries/spitting (especially in public), and are truly the most sweet-tempered, laid-back baby who prefers to be with mom, but can go just about anywhere without fuss or risk of a tantrum or blow-up.  I'm so incredibly in love with you, baby girl, and am so thankful you came into our lives.

Your Very Thankful & Blessed Mommy :)

Here's what happens when you try to put a month sticker on a 10 month old... (brace yourself for a baby montage extravaganza :) )

What's this thing, Mommy??
 I'm not a big fan of this sticky thing...it's gotta go
 Hmmm...maybe it will taste yummy
 Oh no, I lost it...
 Here, Mommy, do you want a taste?
 Just kidding...I'm outta here.
 What did you do with that thing?  I can't seem to find it. (Mom's last resort)
 You're so silly, Mommy (the first time I successfully photographed those cute lower choppers)
 If I can't have that fun sticker, can I play with your blackberry??
This tastes good.

 Gotta get going...


  1. Yay for sleeping through the night!

    She is just darling - I love how her whole face lights up when she is smiling :)

  2. Love it!!! We need to get together. BBall is slowing - but still on. What is after school like for you?

  3. PS - Have you tried beans for protein (like black beans or chick peas)? If she is good with soy you could try edamame!

  4. Very cute! Happy 10 months :) Congrats on so many milestones!


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