Wednesday, February 15, 2012

PYHO: Because I Work Hard

I'm thin.  I admit it.  I have been blessed with good genes.  My parents are not overweight, my brother is at average weight and I've always been "tiny".  However, age has caught up to me like everyone else.  I have that loose skin that just won't bounce back on my stomach, my belly button doesn't even slightly resemble its younger version, I have spider veins, busted blood vessels and ingrown hairs resulting from carrying two amazing kids (so worth it, though!).  My body shape has been altered due to childbirth.  I'm not the "old me".  My metabolism isn't what it used to be (unless it's being helped along by breastfeeding...bonus!).  I'm not 100% happy with my body...but who is these days?!

However, I'm incredibly sick of people judging me because I didn't gain and not lose the baby weight.  I'm just fed up with those people that slough off my hard work and dedication so they can make excuses for themselves.  I'm annoyed with those that crab to me about how easy it must have been for me to bounce back and how lucky I am to have good genes.  I do have a great start, but, DAMN IT, I worked my ass off (literally) after both pregnancies to get my body back.  I still have to work incredibly hard to maintain.  It was very important for me to feel like ME afterwards.  Plus, I'm a marathon runner.  I have a lot of patient dedication as a result.  I have resolve, I make a commitment, and I don't waiver (which can sometimes be slightly annoying to the people around me...but take it or leave's who I am). 

When I say I worked really hard, I mean, I was consistent, a bit manic and regimented, from the very beginning.  I worked out my entire pregnancy (both times).  With T I ran until 32 weeks, with B it was 35.  I was walking on the treadmill at an incline of 10 the day before I had B.  I was that crazy pregnant woman getting the bad looks from the older crowd, the "she's crazy" faces as I lifted weights 9 months pregnant.  I didn't care.  I wanted to lay down and give up so many times, but I kept going, because I'm a stubborn, type A, workaholic that wouldn't take no for an answer.  Screw you body, you can do do it. 

I didn't just ::poof:: return to my original size and shape.  Not even close.  Those skinny jeans took months to even get over my hips.  I made getting back to the old me a huge priority.  I went for a run just 2 weeks after having a vaginal birth with T.  I was back in the gym 9 days after having B, even starting P90X shortly after.  Today, as exhausted (understatement of the year) as I am as a working mother of two, I MAKE myself find the time.  I pick a weekly schedule and I do my very best to stick to it.  I get up at 4am 2-3 times per week to run.  I drag myself onto the treadmill 2 times a week AFTER the kids go to bed, dead tired, frequently begging myself to just blow it off today.  I get up on my Saturday mornings, while the rest of the family snuggles in bed, to religiously attend my spin class.  I spend the day of rest (Sunday) working out at least a hour.  I work my fricking ass off!  It DOESN'T come easily to me.  I'm so sick of people making excuses for themselves by throwing me under the bus.  I have worked hard, and will have to continue to work hard, to get back and maintain.

So...don't be jealous of me.  There is nothing to be jealous of.  I'm a crazy, manic, regimented workaholic with an endorphin addiction that I just can't kick.  Do I sometimes wish I gave myself some slack?  Probably.  But will I change?  Probably not.  It's because I work hard...that's why.    

This is my HS friend, a fitness guru, and her new pregnancy fitness DVDs!  Shameless plug for Sara! (and yes, she was actually pregnant and looking THAT good!)

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  1. You worked for it, you deserve props!

  2. You look awesome - including now and you deserve it!

  3. You go girl! Instead of judging you people should be asking you for advice!

  4. Such good stuff! FAQ for me is, "How do you stay so skinny and run a bakery?!" It does get annoying. People are trying to be nice, but I could have written this post. Good genes...yes, but I workout all the time. Same thing...Sat. morning while the family is snug, I'm at the gym. I love it! You look great, you are healthy and have a great balance!! Love your blog!

  5. You all rock! Thanks for the support! I'll just keep on truckin'.

  6. I wish I had your dedication. I've had a hard time finding the balance and being able to get in all the workouts that I would like to do. You look amazing and you should be proud.

  7. I also wish I had your dedication! high five for the 4am runs, that is completely amazing to me.

    i'm nowhere near as fit as you but also get comments from friends because i was back in regular jeans a couple weeks after giving birth. i really understand some women are dealt crappy genes and making the commitment to change your lifestyle after pregnancy and lose the weight seems impossible to some. for them, I don't think it's necessarily your jean size they're envious of, just your sheer commitment, drive and desire.

    you're absolutely just in your feelings. you work your ass off and deserve the results. just know that even though you're getting some hateful comments, know you're probably inspiring more than you know.


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