Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Travelers

Beware:  Lots of photos inside this post!

If you've ever watched the show My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, imagine I'm saying the title in their fabulous Irish accent ::giggles::.  (If you haven't seen it...get to your tivo immediately!!!)  We spent the better part of August and the beginning of September as nomads.  It was both fun and completely exhausting.  I got so incredibly sick of packing up the family, living out of a suitcase and having very little down time.  Since this was our first weekend home in over a month, I finally got around to uploading some photos of our travels.  We spent the first week of August in Myrtle Beach, SC at a condo hubs' work owns.  We took along my parents to put a dent into a long road to paying them back for all the countless vacations they have taken us on in the past.  We had an amazing time!  The weather was perfection, hubs and I got to run together since we had two built-in babysitters, and we just spent some quality time soaking up the rays and relaxing.  Here are a million and one pix (although a small sliver of what I took). 

B's first flight.  She and I flew with my parents, while hubs and T drove down so we could save on airfare and not have to rent a car.  As always, my travels were far from smooth.  I almost missed my connecting flight in Chi-town (and let me mention there was no other flight down to Myrtle Beach from Chicago for days!)  and had to literally SPRINT with B in the ergo from one end of O'Hare to the next (and if you haven't been in O'Hare but have been to Atlanta...they are equally as moronically huge!).  I looked like an insane I'm serious...I looked like a nutcase.  I was crying, screaming at people who got in my way and breathing so heavily I probably sounded like I was near death.  It's a fricking long-ass way from one terminal to another!!!  But...we made it...after lots of tears and begging by myself and my mom!
 We spent most mornings at the pool and most afternoons at the beach.  T was obsessed with body boarding, despite the burning eyes he experienced.  Thankfully, he has the best daddy in the world.  Mike spent hours in the water with him!
 My dad had a birthday while we were there.  It was nice to share that with him.
 T and me on the balcony of the 18th floor condo with the view of the beach
 Granddad and T, oh so cool at the Italian restaurant.
 Daddy and his kiddos!
 My mom (Grams) and lil B
 T body boarding yet again
 B camped out under the umbrella.  We tried a pop-up tent I bought, but it was just too freaking hot in there for her.  This seemed to work the best.  She only came out to the beach a couple of days.  Most days, B spent her time at the pool, then went in with my mom for a nap while we hit the beach with T.
 A little mini-golf was in order, since there is literally one every couple of blocks in Myrtle...and yes, I did golf with B in the ergo (the best mini-golf of my life actually)
 T and I building a sand castle.  Hubs likes the water, I prefer the sand:)  It works out well.
 B and me in the condo
 The fam in the condo pool, aka our home away from home everyday
 I got to spend some quality time with T in the pool every once in a while.  But most of the time, I was on baby duty.
 T and his board.  Surfs up dude!
 Grams & Granddad helping me entertain little miss after we were delayed IN THE AIR (and for a claustrophobic like me who is afraid to was no bueno!) for 1.5 extra hours!!!!    Did I mention I have horrible flying luck?! 
 Flying over my hometown...sweet home Chicago, on my way back to the 'nasti!
Trip #2 was to St. Louis to visit my BFF and her family of four.  Her oldest, Addison, aka T's girlfriend, was turning 6.  We got to attend her party and spend some quality time with Lisa, Bob, Addison & Lucas.  T had an incredible time playing for hours, and I was so happy to spend time with Lisa.  We even got to go on a 9 mile run together and catch up...okay...I talked...she nodded :) 

Here's Addison's gymnastics party

Lisa's Mom (aka Mommy #2) meeting Bryn
T getting his medal
All the party guests!
Sweet birthday girl!
The kids (I got virtually no pix because they were so on-the-go all weekend) enjoying a beautiful night on their cul-de-sac
T, Addison & Lucas (T and Addison were making hearts for their love, lol!)
Lisa reading to the kids before they had their sleepover in Lucas' room
Beautiful birthday girl with B
Trip #3 was to the Lake, aka the "Hamptons of the Midwest" (or so says Giuliana Rancic! lol).  I have to mention, if you watch the show Giuliana and Bill, our lake house was on their show last week.  She and Bill go to visit Bill's sister Karen, who is our neighbor in Michigan.  We have known Bill's family for a long time.  She acts like she and Bill had never been there.  That's a crock!  They come 1-2 times per summer.  Karen and her hubby Mike, he is also on the show sometimes, and their 3 boys have grown up at the lake, like our family has.  But I digress...
We spent a chilly labor day in Sister Lakes.  I was sick as a there are very few pictures.  I was in sweats with a fever for half the trip, then it got chilly.  We spent a lot of time hanging out with my fam inside.  It was, however, really wonderful to see them! Here are the few (and I do mean 3) pix I took...I'm so lame!

We had an amazing time on our travels.  But, I have to admit, we were in heaven just being HOME this weekend.  It was nice to get a few things done, relax and just have some family time. 

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