Friday, September 2, 2011

Family Friday: An Unexpected 4 day Weekend

Today around 5am I got a call from school.  There was a water main break and there was no water at the HS.  We had no school!  Whoot Whoot!  So I've been spending a glorious day with my sweet girl!  T went to school, as it's better for him to have routine and be active, but B and I are just doing errands, resting and getting ready for our next travels.  She is also experiencing her first moments in the jumperoo, which seems to be a hit (for a short while).  She is so much fun.  I couldn't be more jealous of my MIL right now, as she gets to spend every weekday watching this princess explore.  Despite my eye infection, and a much-needed trip to get some antibiotics today...this is exactly what I needed!  ::sigh::

a little self-portrait (excuse the crazy hair!)
B with her new face expression...tongue action
 Disclaimer:  I was unaware that at this time B had exploded out of the back of her diaper.  We are currently washing the jumperoo cover and had to give B a bath!  Yikes!


  1. Love it! She is beyond adorable :)

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