Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Could it be?

Could the pull-out-your-hair 4 month wakeful period be over?????  B slept from 9pm - 5:30am last night!!!  The ladies in my April '11 group said the change happens overnight, and B will be 5 months TOMORROW!  Could I finally start getting sleep again?  ::says a prayer ::  I hope by speaking about it, I'm not jinxing it ::gulp::...because lately, I've been feeling a little something like this...

Oh please little lady, please STTN, or at least let Mommy get more than 2-4 hours of sleep in a row!  Pretty please!

Oh and on a totally unrelated note...F you post pregnancy symptoms!!!  Today, I broke a tooth! WTF!  The dentist said it was "completely normal to lose teeth while nursing".  ummm...really?  Gross!  I feel like I'm straight out the trailer (thanks Kid Rock) today...::insert guitar strumming::


  1. Oh My gosh....I can't believe that your doc was so no chalant about it. Hope you get it fixed soon... :)

  2. I hope for your sake that the 4 month wafeful period is over. Happy 5 months to Bryn!


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