Thursday, September 15, 2011

Blog Business may have noticed that my blog is under a bit of construction.  I've been playing with new fonts, pictures, formats and adding new features.  Right now it's a bit of a mess.  But...bear with me.  I'm working on it in my very limited free time, and those moments when I'm attached to my pump and locked in my classroom alone at work:)  (imagine lots of 1-handed typing). 

Also, I am looking to rename my blog.  I would love some help from you, if you have creative minds!  Here are some important facts about me, to help you come up with some ideas:  I'm a teacher (working mommy) of 2 little blondies.  My DS, Tyler, is 4, and my new baby, Brynleigh is 5 months.  I am a long-distance runner, workout-aholic, and I love football, reality tv, cooking and SHOES!  Any ideas for creative and catchy blog titles???  TIA!

Finally, I am very excited to have 47 followers now!  Thanks for reading all about my crazy life.  I'm really excited to reach my temporary goal of 50, so if you know anyone that might be interested in my blog; working moms, fellow teachers, running addicts, etc...please pass along my blog info.  If you haven't clicked "follow", please consider becoming a regular follower.  I have big ideas for my blog, bigger and better, that I hope you'll enjoy!  Thanks again for following!  :)


  1. I'll be number 48!

    If you have any questions about layout issues feel free to ask. I did my own layout and if I can help I am more then willing to.

  2. Oh thanks Natalie! I'm wondering 3 things: how to create my own personalized background, how to get a photo behind the title & how to center my photo and my LOs tickers. Thanks!

  3. are some ideas on where I'm going with my title...
    "Running the household of 4, in heels"...see...I'm sooooo not creative! :(

  4. Shoot me an email and I can try and help you.

  5. I'm follower #50! I love it!! Your children are adorable, I look forward to reading more!

  6. Blog title ideas...I'm not creative either.
    Married mom on the run with a job and two kids...and loving it!
    Mom on the run to a different kind of finish line (because u already have it all)
    Mama needs a new pair of shoes...I work, run, and love my husband and kids!
    Married Mom running past the finish line


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