Wednesday, September 14, 2011

OMG, She's 5 months!

Baby B is 5 months!  I can't even believe it's been that long since my water broke in my classroom and I quickly became a mommy of 2.  I could not be more in love with my little girl.  I still can't believe that I even have a girl.  It still blows my mind!!  I was convinced right up until she made her debut that it might be a little Nolan or Bryce Thomas.  But Brynleigh is a dream baby!  She is SOOOO GOOD, unless she's hungry, then we get our ear-piercing screamer!  We are so blessed.  Here's what's up with our growing and changing 5 month old princess:

Age: 5 months today!  :)
Stats: I plan to have MIL help me out with her weight (I don't own a scale). 
Size (diapers, onesies, etc.): B's 0-3 month clothes have been since packed away ::snif:: some without ever being worn.  She is in 3-6 or 6 month clothes (which are 3-6, essentially).  They are a perfect fit right now.  The changing weather has forced me to buy a couple extra warmer 3-6 outfits, but we've gotten good use out of her summer 3-6 so far.  She is comfortably in size 2 diapers, with no plans of moving up as of now.  B still has skinny legs and is still our "peanut".
Sleeping: We have been struggling with the classic 4 month wakeful period the last 3 weeks. That's been very tough since I'm back to work full-time.  I have been waking up with her 2-3 times per night.  However, just 2 short nights ago, she went back to sleeping 9/9:30 - 5/5:30.  I'm hoping we've kicked the 4 month wakeful to the curb!  Mommy is tired!!! 
Eating: Still FOD when I'm with her (usually 1 time before work & 2-3 times afterwards).  I pump 2 times at work (which I hate, but I'm being successful).  We did introduce rice cereal to her this past weekend.  I think I'm gonna get some mum-mums from Target for her to suck on (rice flavor), and quite possibly start baby food soon.  She's definitely ready, as she grabs for our food and is very interested. 
Milestones: Rolling both ways (front to back first, then a couple days later back to front), rice cereal, using her binky (Godsent!!!!), and her giggle scream
Memorable outings: We went to St. Louis to see friends & tonight will be her first baseball game...go Cubs!
Favorite toys/activities: she's actually PLAYING with toys now, which is fun.  She loves rings, her playmats (our and the one at my MILs), lovie, rattles, anything that makes crunchy noises (like wipes or a chip bag), mirrors, her binky, and her feet.  It's fun introducing all of T's old toys to her a little at a time to see what she likes.  We have her in her jumperoo now too.  Baby Einstein gym is next on the list.
Funny moments: B has this squeal when she's happy.  It's hilarious.  She's also grabbing hair and parts of our face, and she thinks it's hilarious.  B is finally reacting to getting tickled or giving a zerbert (sp), which is fun! 
Looking forward to: Starting baby food will be fun.  I really enjoyed introducing new foods to T, so I am sure I will have a great time with B.  We also got some professional pix done when she was almost 4 months, so can't wait to get those back and share them with you.  I am also pumped fall is almost here!  I love fall activities, football, chili, pumpkin spice lattes, outdoor runs, etc.  Woo Hoo Fall!  I think I might try B in the baby jogger (with me actually running) soon.  Stay tuned!

We spent B's 5 month birthday at the Reds v. Cubs game.  B even made it on the prompter during "kid kam" time. 


  1. And if I could do math... Says the math teacher. OMG I need sleep too!


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