Monday, September 19, 2011

My Depressing Supply

In the past week, my milk supply has taken a nose-dive, and I'm devastated!  Things were going along so well, and all of a sudden I'm only pumping about half of what I was the week before (I was pumping 13  to 15oz now I'm only pumping 8ish).  I am also concerned B isn't getting enough, as her sleeping hasn't been good...we're not making I through the night.  But...I'm not giving up hope.  I plan to do the following before I throw in the towel and dig deeply into my freezer stock:
1. Stop working out as much and increase my calories.  I'm dropping weight too quickly because I'm training for a I need to increase calories quickly!
2.  Make sure B is eating from BOTH SIDES every feeding and start double-pumping.
3. Add an extra pump session or two to my day (::sigh::)
4. Eat more protein and drink more water!
5. Pick up some supplements from a local Whole Foods (probably Fengreek and Alfalfa) and get to poppin some pills!
6. Try to destress and sleep more (yeah right!)
7. Read Mama G's "Pep Talk to Lefty" to both my boobies frequently!
8.  I detest mothers milk tea...but if worse comes to worse...ick...
9. Do some praying and positive thinking!

Any ideas that aren't on the list for how I can boost my supply???  HELP!


  1. Sorry about your decreasing supply. :( Have you tried "lactation cookies?" I've seen recipes floating around online. Maybe they'd help! Good luck :)

  2. I'm in the same boat as you, but unfortunately I don't even have a freezer stash to fall back on since he refuses to drink it :(

    I'm drinking that nasty tea like it's going out of style and popping fenugreek. Keeping my fingers crossed that it works for me (and you!).

    I'm curious about the lactation cookies, too. And the woman at the vitamin shop mentioned something about blessed thistle?

  3. Posted earlier but it didn't come up! I sear by Motherlove, More Milk Plus. It's amazing! My LC recommends it to everyone. Take as directed, and you will see an improvement, for sure! Good luck momma, you are doing awesome!

  4. I know it's an OWT but oatmeal worked for me. If you can stomach the steel cut oats - they are best. There are plenty of overnight slow cooker recipes out there. Also add some brewer's yeast for an extra boost!!


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