Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Blog on Fire!

::blushes:: Thank you to the "Memoirs of a Mama" blog for awarding me the Blog on Fire award!  I'm so tickled I have so many lovely blog readers that enjoy reading about the adventures of our family of four. I'm elated to have 50 followers, and have a new goal of 100 ::fingers crossed::  I love these blog awards that are handed out from mama blog to mama blog.  It allows us to connect to and read about more mommy adventures across the blog-o-sphere, and I just love much fun!  So thanks, Kim, for reading and recognizing me.  I love your adorable blog too!

Now the rules for redeeming this award are:

•Write 7 things about yourself
•Pass this award on to 10 other bloggers

About me:
1.  I'm an avid long-distance runner, but never ran competitively in HS or college.  I love the half-marathon distance, but have also completely 7 marathons in my life, so far.
2. I'm a shoe addict.  Most of my shoes come from Dillards or DSW.
3.  I'm OCD, and proud of it.  I'm a 1st child, so the perfectionism is ingrained.  It's annoying to some (namely my hubby) but I embrace it, and roll with it.
4. I'm from Chi-town.  It will always be home, no matter how long I live in OH.  I will always be a Chicago sports fan, for life!
5.  I'm deathly afraid of small spaces, and have severe claustrophobia! 
6.  I literally "laughed out" my second child during childbirth, never pushed once. 
7.  I love rap!  I don't know if it's the urban in me, growing up so close to a large city, or what...but I just love rap.  I like the back-beats, the words...not so much.

Blogs you HAVE TO check out:
1.  Baby W is on the Way ~ my labor buddy and someone who I connect with through this motherhood thing.
2. Up to the Moon and Back ~ my TFASer who has been through incredible loss with baby #2, but is now struggling through the worries of girl #3. 
3.  Our Pregnancy Roadtrip & Beyond ~ Nicole and the going-ons of her and her adorable baby girl, Blake.
4.  Growing up Geeky ~ the blog-famous Mama G and her adorable baby Carina!
5. Ash Rants ~ Ashley and her journey & success with an egg donor
6. Love & Lattes ~ Katie is so creative in her blog posts, and I can't get enough of baby Colin!
7.  Growing a Foosa ~ fellow April '11 mama & fellow runner, with her picture-perfect family, and gorgeous photos!  I very-much respect her frankness on topics, and her humor
8.  Learning to Laugh ~ my girl Heather, and her two kiddos.  She is hilarious!
9.  My Organized Chaos ~ my bumpie turned IRL friend and her baby girl, Payton!
10.  The How-to Mommy ~  I can't get enough of her tips, crafts, recipes, and funny stories.

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  1. Thanks so much, Mrs. M :) I just passed the award along to 10 lovely bloggers. You're the best!


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