Monday, September 12, 2011

Milestone Monday

T started taekwondo this week.  Lets just say I pondered ADD medication after watching him "participate" in class.  I have questioned my idea to put him into martial arts.  I'm hoping he learns some restraint and discipline ::says a little prayer:: or at least doesn't embarrass his mommy week after week by running circles around the group, doing fake karate moves or being unable to "stick like glue" when the teacher asks him to stop wiggling.  ::sigh::

**yes, that's my little man in the red.  Mommy and Daddy agree, spending $58 big ones on an outfit for an activity we aren't sure he will stick don't think so!

T also showed B the ropes in his old high chair.  He was helping her take it for a test drive.

B started rice cereal this weekend.  We decided to start cereal when my MIL (who watches B) said she was wailing after her 5oz bottle in the afternoon, and had drank as much as 8-10oz in one feeding all of a sudden.  She really enjoyed the cereal.  We decided on Earths Best whole grain rice cereal.  It's a hit so far, and seems to be appeasing her mid-afternoon freak-outs. 
This one cracks me up...she's lapping it up like a dog! 
T helping Daddy feed B.

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